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I recently flew into San Jose, Costa Rica on my way to host another retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica.

I was in one of the longest customs line I have ever seen. This is only a minor inconvenience and test of stamina to stand with carry on bags, but isn’t every day that you are travelling a day that really brings up your need to *practice* mindfulness and staying centered?

I had a connecting flight, which was the only reason that I was concerned. If I missed that flight, it meant I would have to book a night in San Jose and re-book my flight to Nosara, which the airline company definitely would not do for free, so was going to be out-of-pocket much more than expected.

So I’m in line, watching my mind future trip to possible scenarios of missing my flight, and also trying to figure out when I would have time to eat as my stomach grumbled not even a few minutes into the line.

In all of this – I decided to look over into the line and saw…

My sign!

A rubber ducky.

Please see photo above.

Of all places! This random guy right by me in line with a rubber ducky sweatshirt.

You can note that not only was it random to see the rubber ducky sign while in line in an airport…but…rubber ducky sweatshirts? I didn’t even realize that such artistic masterpieces were made.

I saw the “sign”, relaxed, and laughed a little to myself.

What Happened After I saw the Sign

With myself feeling more levity from seeing the sign, I relaxed.

The older man standing behind me who was so agitated, I decided to soften to and turn around to commiserate with.

He was on a solo adventure too. His wife had decided to stay home for their animals.

As we started to chat about Costa Rica, travels, and life at home and why we were both traveling without our partners, we moved up a bit in line.

As we turned one corner, an employee of the airport opened up one of the restriction ropes and ushered us to come through to a different line that was 1/10th of the size of the one we were in.

We both went through.

Then I realized everyone in line with me had white hair.

Another man joked “Oh I see now – this is the line for all the fogies!!”

I had been ushered into the much faster line for seniors, because I had been chatting with the man and the airport person thought we were travelling together.

Universe pulled through. I knew I would have time to get to my flight.

Thank you Universe for the sign!

I got to the front of that line quickly, but then realized that my health pass to Costa Rica had an issue that needed to be verified.

I was told I would have to go to the back of the line, get on a random bus to take me to another part of the airport for verification of my documents, and then return.

I was defeated. Curveball from the Universe! All gains in line lost! Missing my flight for sure!

I flowed with it and surrendered to what was happening.

I got on a weird bus that took me to an unknown part of the airport.

Luckily, I got through verification quickly and was back on my way.

Once I arrived back at the line, I explained to the airport employees that I had just made it through the line, but had to leave for verification.

They pointed me to yet another line where they were putting a collection of randomly selected people into. Those with young children and pets this time, mostly.

I managed to get into that line, got through customs, and made it to my flight just on time.

Signs Show Us To Stay Present, And mostly, to TRUST

This rubber ducky was the sign I needed to just go with the flow and trust that the Universe would help me get on my flight if that’s where I was supposed to go.

All was well, and I felt an ease during the whole thing once I saw the sign.

Why my sign is a rubber ducky

My sign is a rubber ducky because I thought it was so random. I don’t often see rubber duckies in my life – even though I know that many of you see them often and send them to me!

When I chose it I thought “what would be the most random sign to see?” and that’s what I chose!

I’ve since seen this sign any time I need to know that all is well, and to trust in my path.

Examples of Seeing My Sign

When I first left law and was nervous to jump into the unknown, I went to the spa on my very last day of work. It was a fancy spa because I was to treat myself, and when I arrived, they had two rubber duckies in bathrobes at the reception. Totally out of place in a fancy spa, but also so cute. A sign I was okay, all was well and I made the right decision.

When I first joined a Mastermind that met in LA, I questioned whether the investment was the right decision for me. Once I arrived in LA, I would take a taxi to where the meetings were each day, and each day passed by this massive graffiti rubber ducky each day. It was the right investment, it helped me grow my business and my confidence massively.

When I first launched Metamorphosis, Chris and I went for a walk to the water. En route to the water, I looked down and there was a rubber ducky sticker on the pavement below me. It was a sign that the program was the right decision, and remains my “signature” six month coaching program to date. I love it so much (you can join it too!! Its’ open for registration right now).

My first trip going to NYC solo with no plans, years before I would move there or meet Chris, I stayed at a hotel that I had actually bought as a gift for my parents who ended up not being able to go. I used the non-refundable NYC weekend myself instead, which is why I found myself there in the first place. When I got to the hotel, I noticed that right beside the lobby was the NYC sugar factory which has…MASSIVE RUBBER DUCKIES as its symbol and has them right in the window as well as throughout the store.

This was a massive sign that there was something “for me” in NYC, I just didn’t know at the time it was.

It was a sign from the universe that something was unfolding for me in NYC, based on the random way I got there in the first place by my parents last minute cancellation of a non-refundable trip, and I trusted that from there, there was something I was supposed to do in NYC.

Now, 6 years later, I see that was the first seed toward a life I now live…where I would eventually meet my future husband in NYC, and choose to build a life and a family there.

There are so many other times, but those are big ones!

I don’t see rubber duckies often at all – only usually in big moments like this.

When I see them, I feel a visceral YES or PAY ATTENTION in my body.

Why I chose the Rubber Ducky

I chose this because I thought it was so random and I would not see if often!

How to Choose Your Sign

I would recommend to choose your sign by thinking of something random that you don’t usually see – for example, a purple elephant, or maybe a word, or a flamingo.

Think of something fun! However, make it something that you don’t usually see.

You might already have a sign of something that you see often in random places, like hearts, or repeating numbers.

I think it’s more fun to declare a new sign, however, to make it really clear for you when you are looking for a sign.

How to Ask for a Sign

Okay, now that you have a sign!

Here’s how to use it….

You can have a yes or no question and ask the Universe to give you the sign if it’s a yes or a no…but don’t kid yourself! If you don’t see your sign, that’s your sign, girl!

You can also set the intention for the Universe to show you your sign when you need to know that you’re on the right path, or that all is well, and to trust.

What Signs Teach Us

You are not meant to shoulder the world alone – the Universe is ever present, always available, and always ready to support and guide you.

Signs are an incredible way for us to connect with this knowing and to receive that support and guidance.

Do you have a sign? Do you have questions? What are fun stories about your signs? Let me know below in the comments!

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