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Words From the Heart: Shifting

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 This week’s download is about letting things shift.  

This week’s blog post is about What Supplements I’m Taking to Help Me De-Stress and WHY, and How I Prepare for Retreat Hosting (I’m hosting the Journey to the Heart retreat on Saturday!).  

And now, on shifts… I stared at my closet last week thinking: “this needs a shift.”   

I promptly sorted through things that needed to shift in my closet and in my space – how it needed to be reorganized, what needed to be altered, what needed to be donated, and what needed to be discarded of.  I have had this peculiar pattern in the last two years of getting these spontaneous pushes of energy where I’ll feel called to edit, organize or do a big release in my life in some way.   

It feels totally aligned and inspired action when it happens.  I’ll get a clear insight of what needs to go, stay, and shift.  

I always know that when this happens, it’s a small, external part of a greater shift that’s happening within me.  

If there’s one thing that we can count on, it’s shifting.  

We can count on the fact that just like earthquakes rumble below us, shifts will eventually happen.  

Just take a look at the sidewalk below you next time you are out for a walk and notice it’s cracks. 

Shifts are inevitable.  

The more in tune you are with your own cycles and rhythms, the more that you will start to notice, see, and feel these shifts within you.  

You may not always know what the outcome of the shift is or where it’s leading, but you can surrender to the mystery and trust that the shifts are leading you forward.  

The shifts help us to form into a new version of ourselves.  

They show that we are evolving, growing, and changing, which shows that we are in evolution, instead of stagnation.  

Sometimes the shifts are more nuanced, and sometimes they are palpable and affronting.  

They show that you are on the right path.  This week, ask yourself and journal:

  • What shifts am I noticing in my life?
  • What edits or changes, big or small, am I being inspired to make?
  • What area of my life do I feel like a shift is happening, or upon me?
  • Is there any shift in my life I’m resisting?

It’s a new month! New shifts are upon us.  If you want to ride the waves of shifts that are happening, Metamorphosis is open again for enrolment for a late-March start date.  If you want to connect back in with your growth practices and tools, the Circles this month are on March 3 at 5:30pm EST, and March 30 at 8pm EST.  You can join here – some of you asked about doing one-off or drop-in circles, so have now made that an option for you.  Community, connection and belonging is so important right now.  Come and join us in Circle.

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