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You Deserve to Thrive. 

It's Time to Create Your Best Life.


You are meant to truly thrive.

I know what it's like to find yourself in a life you thought you wanted, only to feel unfulfilled and uninspired.

I also know what it's like to want coaching, but with someone who understood my intellect, career challenges, and could cut the fluff. 

I actually never found it, which is why I became the coach I wish existed at the time.  

It was not long ago that I found myself in my dream career as a lawyer, only to realize that I was unfulfilled despite all the external markers of "success". 

I understand not only what it's like to want to find more ease, happiness and confidence as a powerful woman in male dominated industries, but also what it's like to find yourself down a career path or lifestyle and seeking something different.

My coaching niche is around helping high performing women learn to connect with themselves more deeply and navigate  the transition from where they are now, to creating a life that feels more meaningful, authentic, and aligned for them. 

I work with individuals who are ready to get to their next level, redefine success and create a new chapter for themselves by digging deep, taking action, and following their intuition in the process. 

It's never too late to begin a new chapter.

I would love to support you in creating yours. 

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My coaching program includes both strategic coaching sessions and intuitive healing and embodiment sessions.  Sometimes we need more support to come up with a plan and gain clarity (the strategic), and sometimes we need to connect more deeply with our intuition, heal subconscious blocks, and to uncover and shift the ways that we limit ourselves (the intuitive).

We need the intellectual, but we also need the metaphysical, and my aim is to help you truly embody the person you want to be while also strategically building out the next level of your life.

Sessions take place on Zoom, and can be recorded if you wish.

I mix the strategic and the practical, with the spiritual and the feminine.

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i've spent the last 7 years helping women discover their purposes, find their passion, and radiate joy.

Nine years ago, I was a lawyer who knew that she had a purpose but wasn't sure what it was.

Despite the external markers of "success," I felt stuck and unclear on what my purpose was. I felt like I was going through the motions, lacked passion, had no energy, and felt unfulfilled.  

For a while, I had no idea my purpose might be, other than an inner knowing that the life I was currently living was not it. 

Eventually I committed to discovering my purpose, and went on an inner journey of exploration to discover that. 

I created what was my "next level" of success, but defined in a whole new way.  Success was a life of meaning and purpose, in alignment with my values, and where I got to naturally use my gifts each day and live in flow while having ample time for freedom and exploration.

I now live my "dream life" every day.

And - none of this was by accident, which is why I love supporting women and taking them on their journey to build theirs out too.

How My Coaching is Structured

Coaching is best shared in a 6 month time-frame, to create a container of growth, connection and transformation, especially during times of change and transition. 

Coaching sessions are typically at a cadence of once or twice a month for six months. 

In unique cases, I offer one-off sessions and packages.

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