Private coaching

Let's Dive Deep Together  To Build You a Life of Purpose, Passion and Fulfillment

You don't have to figure it out alone.

You have a purpose.  Let's uncover it.

We all have a unique purpose, and when we live our purpose, we feel fulfilled, passionate, and lit up by life. 

When we are not living true to our purpose, we often feel disconnected, lost, or drained. 

If you feel like you are not living your purpose, particularly if you find yourself in a life that seems "good" on paper, or if you have no idea what it is, then coaching is a good fit for you. 

How it works

biweekly 30 minute online coaching AND EMBODIMENT sessions

This cadence of sessions will keep you motivated and ensure that you move forward feeling supported and clear on your next steps after each session.

Sessions take place on Zoom, and can be recorded if you wish.


These sessions focus on deeper healing, incorporating soul connection and work, compassionate inquiry, meditation, and IFS. 


Coaching sessions mix the strategic with the soulful.  These sessions integrate both the masculine (doing, planning, structure) with the feminine (intuition, flow, magnetizing) energies to help you come into alignment and gain clarity on your purpose.

i've spent the last 5 years helping women discover their purposes, find their passion, and radiate joy.

Nine years ago, I was a lawyer who knew that she had a purpose but wasn't sure what it was.

Despite the external markers of "success," I felt stuck and unclear on what my purpose was. I felt like I was going through the motions, lacked passion, had no energy, and felt unfulfilled.  

For a while, I had no idea my purpose might be, other than an inner knowing that the life I was currently living was not it. 

Eventually I committed to discovering my purpose, and went on an inner journey of exploration to gain that clarity, and then to transition from my life and career as they were, to what I live now. 

I now live my purpose every day.  I radiate joy as I do the work that fuels my soul and helps change women's lives for the better.  

And - none of this was by accident.  I completed the necessary inner journey to discover my purpose,  and create a life that truly fulfills me and fuels my passion.  I now happily guide others to do the same.

coaching WITH ME Is a  good fit if you:

are FRUSTRATED BY a lack of progress year after year...

Often we sit with the feeling that something could be different in our lives, and yet years and months pass by without us making any changes due to fear, a lack of clarity, not knowing our next steps,  or it not being the "right time."  Coaching will ignite a fire within you to commit to discovering your purpose, taking action and living with more passion and alignment. 

have a few ideas of other things you want to do, but aren't sure how they come together or how you would make money

Maybe you want to teach yoga or meditation, do some type of coaching, and incorporate your love of travel, but aren't sure what that would look like.  Maybe you have 5 ideas that seem completely disconnected to you.  Maybe you know exactly what you want to do but aren't sure if you could make money doing it.  My superpower is helping you get clear on your ideas, see how they could come together, derive a cohesive plan and vision, and then take action forward on it. 

are MOTIVATED TO TAKE action and make changes in your life

If nothing changes, nothing changes.  If you are in a place where you are ready not only to do the inner work around uncovering your purpose and knowing yourself on a deeper level, but also feel like you are in place to be able to take action to move yourself forward, then coaching is perfect for you.

Next Steps:

add me to the Waitlist

There is currently a waitlist. To get on my waitlist for 1:1 coaching, please send an email to: 

If you want to start working with me RIGHT NOW, please see the Courses page for Metamorphosis and Rise,  where you will be able to learn from me and access many of the same strategies and techniques I use in my 1:1 coaching.


katie finally started her coaching business

"I took massive action that I would never have been able to before."

 You get so much value in Metamorphosis. It's been the coolest journey and I've connected with so many amazing women - highly, highly recommend! Absolutely loved it.

jolene finally got unstuck

"I went from being stuck and going through the motions to creating a life I love with a clear vision for the future."

I realized I hadn't been living my truest or most authentic life, and through this work, had the courage to create the life of my dreams and see what that would be.

This could be you....

angela got her confidence back

"I went from lost and alone to confident, thriving in my career, and living in a space that lights me up."

! I got clear on my life's mission, I was able to truly access my intuition, I got clear on the role that spirituality plays in my life, I was able to embody my feminine energy in a way that I never had before, I show up so confidently. I have the right tools in my toolkit and feel like I can navigate whatever life brings to me.

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