I went on my first transformational retreat in Costa Rica in November, 2015.  I had been to Costa Rica once before and while it was a great trip, I didn't have any intention of coming back.  However, then I felt this pull - the nudge nudge from the Universe that I was supposed to pack my bags and travel solo to this retreat.  

I remember getting into my shuttle from the airport to the retreat centre, taking deep breaths, and trying to wrap my head around what I was doing there. 

That retreat truly changed my life. 


I can't pinpoint any one aspect of it that inspired the magnificent changes.  Part of it was being away and disconnecting for long enough to hear myself think. 

Another part was being in magical Nosara, Costa Rica. 

Part of it was feeling so supported and authentically connected to the absolutely incredible group of likeminded individuals on the retreat. 

Part of it was connecting back with my body through the daily yoga, meditation and fuelling myself with fresh, organic food. 

Part of it was the reflections and breakthroughs I had during the workshops. 

Part of it was just letting myself let loose while dancing barefoot on the beach.  

Catherine and I are transformational life and soul coaches, soul sisters, meditation and yoga teachers, and curators of a magical experience we have created. 

Our intention is to create a space for you to reconnect with yourself, what you really want in life and remember that anything that you want for yourself in your life is possible.  This is a place for you to disconnect, reconnect, and enjoy the benefits of daily movement, meditation, and being in beautiful Costa Rica.  This is the catalyst for you to change your life.

Nosara is truly a magical place.  Every time we go, we have the most amazing, unexpected, and beautiful things happen. It's the type of place where opportunities are effortlessly attracted to you and breakthroughs occur in the most awe-inspiring ways. 

we are so excited for you to experience it. 

Past retreat attendees have made miraculous shifts and growth since the last Journey to the Heart retreat.  They have connecting with their inner wisdom, reignited their light, doubled their income, garnered the courage to make significant life changes like job or relationship transitions, and most importantly, remembered that anything they want for themselves in their lives is possible. 

Our intention by the end of Journey to the Heart is for you to feel radiant, connected and deeply at peace with where you are at in life and excited about where life is taking you.

If you are ready to join us, you can get in touch below. 



  • 7 nights accommodation at Bodhi Tree Resort

  • Daily yoga, meditation and group coaching

  • Surf lesson

  • Airport shuttles

  • 3 delicious, healthy plant-based, organic, locally produced meals per day

  • One dinner out at La Luna, the most gorgeous restaurant in Nosara

  • Group dinners of inspired and connected conversation

  • Daily workshops to inspire breakthrough, connection and reflection

  • Free Wifi

  • Daily housekeeping

  • A sacred space to fully be yourself and feel nourished from the inside out

  • Free time to just “be” and relax, read, nap, explore, surf...

  • The catalyst for magnificent growth


  • Flights to and from Costa Rica

  • Optional excursions ( i.e. ziplining, paddle boarding, horseback riding tours, monkey rescue sanctuary)

  • Spa services

  • Alcohol

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Are you interested? Let's CHAT about you taking the dive to come join us!! *
Are you interested? Let's CHAT about you taking the dive to come join us!!