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Coaching, Strategy and Spirituality for the Modern Professional.

Outer success begins with inner transformation. I offer dynamic coaching sessions, courses, and workshops to help you access more fulfillment and personal alignment.

I'm a multi-passionate person who believes that we are meant to trust our intuition to take the path less travelled in order to discover the life that's meant for us. 

I teach others how to guide meditations, coach, and facilitate circles, share tools and strategies to live a more aligned and authentic life, and practice law. To me, these things are not conflicting, but rather, are the most authentic expression of who I am.  

I truly believe that anything we want for ourselves in our lives is possible, and I hope to inspire and support you on your journey to fulfillment.

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Online Courses to Actually Change Your Life

I teach courses to equip you with tools and practices to help you truly transform and become your happiest, most authentic and aligned self.  They range from beginner to more advanced - and are designed to help support you as you journey deeper and deeper. 


Get Started: Free Journal Guide and Future Self Meditation

In this free guide, you'll receive over 40 journal prompts and questions designed to help you re-center and reconnect with your truth once again. 

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