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Words from the Heart: How to Release Negative Energy

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 This week’s download is about releasing energy that is not yours to hold.  

And now, on to how to release energy that is not yours.  

I walked into a new hair salon recently to get my hair coloured.  I had always walked by this one salon in Soho and it was always so bustling and full of energy, and so when my new colourist I found at a different salon moved away, I decided to try it out.  

My new colourist was great and the whole experience with her was really fun, but the second that I got home afterward I felt exhausted.  Really down.  Negative. Dark.  

It was so strange, since I was feeling pleased with my new hair and looking forward to a cozy night of catching up with my girlfriends over Zoom. I paused – why am I feeling so dark and negative?  Oh wait…is this mine?

Then I realized: I was carrying energy that wasn’t mine. I then remembered the woman who was seated next to me for a few hours who had an air of pretentiousness, and barely acknowledged the people who tried to engage with her as she stared into her phone.  

Then I remembered all the people there on their laptops anxiously, I assume, replying to e-mails and tap, tap, tapping away.

They all seemed so stressed, probably mixed with some guilt for having a hair appointment in the morning while trying to “work from home.” 

Next I remembered some of the other faces of the people I saw on my subway ride there, and on my walk, and thought – ah, yes.  I’ve picked up on energy, but it’s not mine.  The same thing happened last week when I was flying into Costa Rica to host the retreat I’m hosting (follow along on instagram if you want to see!). 

There was a man standing behind me in the 3 hour long customs line who was so agitated that I felt my entire chest start to well up with pressure.  I breathed into my chest to transmute it, but there was so much intense energy around that my body was picking up on. 

 As I breathed, I looked over and saw my sign: a rubber duckie!

It was a sign for me to just stay grounded, present, and anchored in trying to control my own peace.  

Both of these examples were around the time of the 2/22/2222 portal, which was bubbling up a lot of energy collectively that we would later see revealed in a number of world events that followed, most particularly in the Ukraine.  

If you are an energetic being, you might, in this moment, be feeling a lot.  

And in that space, especially within our Pisces season, it might be hard for you to pull apart what is yours and what isn’t.  

You may also simply be out and about in your life or in public spaces and there are lots of people around you with their own darkness that you might be picking up on unknowingly.  

Learning to discern when something is our emotion, and when it’s just energy that we’ve picked up from others or the collective is so important.  

We can learn to tell whether we are carrying energy that’s not ours by placing our hands on our heart and asking: “Is this mine? Am I feeling this way? Or is it possible I picked up on something that was not mine?” 

Another great way is to set an intention or prayer for yourself to clear any energy that is not yours. 

Lastly, I love making a ritual out of my showers or baths by spraying a cleansing scent (I have a palo santo and patchouli scent), lighting a candle, placing my hands on my big Amethyst and asking that all energies be cleared that are not mine before I enter.  

With so much happening energetically right now around us all the time, maintaining our energy and taking ownership around what is ours to process, move through and be with, versus what is not ours to hold or carry, is an incredible gift.  

If these shifts of energy are inspiring you to make positive changes in your life, Metamorphosis is open for registration, with our first coaching call on March 29, 2022. 

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