hi, i'm catie.

I'm a coach who believes we all have a purpose that can fuel our passion, and that life is meant to feel fulfilling.

My story began when I found myself in my "dream" life yet had never felt more lost and stuck. 

 I realized that I had fallen prey to the illusion that if I had the perfect job, the perfect relationship, the perfect condo, and the perfect trips, I would be successful and therefore complete.

I was a classic over-achiever and learned through one too many episodes of after school Oprah that I was responsible for my life. As a result, always the planner, when I was seventeen I wrote out my vision for where I wanted to be when I “grew up”, which entailed working as a lawyer on the prestigious Bay St in Toronto, living downtown near the CN tower, dating a guy that most definitely wore a suit (because that's what I equated with success), and taking trips around the world.

It was only once I ticked every item on my life checklist that the sparkle in my life began to fade and I was left feeling disillusioned and lost. If this is what I was working toward for so long, I thought, why didn’t it feel that good once I finally had it?

Who was I to not feel happy with the life that was objectively a great success? I felt a deep lack of connection or purpose, despite everything I had built.

Not even through my twenties, I thought “is this all there is?” 

I Had worked so hard to get to there, but why didn't it feel that good once i arrived?

I didn't want to admit to myself that the life I thought I wanted might not be the life I actually wanted.

I was so stressed with the demands of my law practice and other commitments that I thought that I didn’t have the time to spend figuring out why I was feeling so stuck, and so instead, I did what many of us do, and I distracted myself and  worked over, scheduled over, socialized over, Netflixed over, dated over, and drank over the feeling of discord.

That was, until I got what I now call a spiritual smackdown.

It was February 1, 2014 and I woke up hungover. I had spent over a year running from my biggest fear, which was admitting that I wasn’t happy even though I finally had the life I always wanted for myself.

As I walked outside and felt the Winter air pierce my skin, and watched the sun illuminate the white snow around me, a voice came over me that clearly dictated: enough. you are not supposed to be living this way.

It was the voice that knew that while our lives are constantly evolving, they should feel exciting, magical, and deeply fulfilling. If it is not, then something has gone amiss and we’ve been led astray.

It was time to stop running.

Meditation and self-inquiry through journaling were the first tools that changed my life

Meditation was the first game changer for me because it helped slow down my over-active mind and find my balance at work, but it later became a tool for greater self-reflection, alongside my journaling practice.

I later became insatiably curious about mindfulness, consciousness, the brain, optimizing human performance, goal mastery, yogic philosophy, the law of attraction, the science of gratitude and happiness, what it meant to live a life of purpose, and spirituality. 

I wanted to know "how can I find meaning and purpose in my life, without leaving the life I've built?"

What I felt was missing in the discourse on personal growth and wellness was how to integrate them into a life that was extremely busy and demanding with little free time, as opposed to say, quitting your job and running off to live on a beach (which is also awesome, but ultimately was not aligned for me."

 I wanted to figure out how, exactly, I could bring a sense of vitality, happiness and meaning to my life, while still keeping up with the pace and responsibilities in it.

That's what I did.  I figured out how to apply all of these tools into my very demanding, very busy life.

For many years, found myself as a happy, well-adjusted, and mindful lawyer.  I wrote extensively on lawyer well-being, taught workshops on lawyer happiness, and taught meditation workshops to lawyers and other professionals. 

All the while, I was also coaching women and leading goddess circles in the evenings, and running retreats in Costa Rica on my vacation time. 

This pace actually felt fun for me for a long time!  I was equally as fulfilled in my law practice as I was in my coaching practice and the personal development industry.

And then...it was time to move forward.

I practiced law for six years, and for five of those years also built a coaching, retreat, and digital course personal development business.

My transition from law to being fully aligned with my purpose took five years, but not everyone's does.  I love coaching women to streamline the process to figuring out their purpose and aligning with it in a quicker way.

My work continues to support women in finding more meaning and purpose, manifesting big love relationships, and helping women connect with themselves in a deeper way through spiritual and somatic healing practices.

I truly live a life now that is aligned with who I authentically am and what I value and enjoy, because it is my purpose.  My mission is to help as women as possible expand into being, doing, and having all that they want in their lives, and to discover and align with their purposes so that they can feel the joy and passion that naturally arises from living in this way.



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the divine feminine and intuition.


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"I have a deep and inarticulate desire for something beyond the daily life."




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