Online Courses to help you 
change your life

if you're ready for a shift, there's a probably A course for that:

the big love course is for you.

metamorphosis is for you.

the pure magic method is for you.

soul school is for you.

six weeks to shine is for you.

Online Courses to help you
               change your life


Have you wanted to connect with your soul, strengthen your intuition,  and build out a spiritual foundation? 

Do you want to get your confidence back and feel lit up, vibrant, and passionate about your life again?

Do you want to transform your love life and call in an epic relationship while thriving while single?

Do you want to dive deep with yourself, shift old patterns, and finally build out the life of your dreams?

Do you know you are here to make an impact  and want to share your gifts with the world?

how COURSES work:

taken online

Access the course materials online at any time.  Materials contain exciting workbooks, video tutorials and recorded meditations.

connect with the community

No matter when you take the course, you can connect with others who have gone through it as well.

live sessions

Metamorphosis and Big Love also contain live coaching sessions where you can get personalized insights, learn and can connect with others.

Soul School

If you've wanted to learn how to strengthen your intuition, connect with your soul, understand the chakras, or how to start a soulful journaling practice, Soul School is for you.  It's an introductory course designed to help you create a daily soul practice to get centered, feel less stressed and empowered each day.

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Six Weeks to Shine

Sometimes we lose our confidence, our passion, and feel bored and disillusioned with life.  Six Weeks to Shine is a six week course designed to help you reprioritize your wellbeing to help re-ignite your light, your joy and your connection to yourself. 

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The Big Love Course

If your love life has been feeling boring, non-existent, or frustrating, and you long to call in your soulmate and big love relationship, then Big Love is for you. In those course, you'll heal old patterns, reclaim your power, and learn how to manifest and create an epic love life while also thriving while single.

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If you've been dancing around the sidelines of the life you want to live, step into the container of Metamorphosis.  Over the course of six powerful months, you'll create the space to finally become the woman you've been longing to be through group coaching and a powerful six month framework.

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katie finally started her coaching business

"I took massive action that I would never have been able to before."

 You get so much value in Metamorphosis. It's been the coolest journey and I've connected with so many amazing women - highly, highly recommend! Absolutely loved it.

jolene finally got unstuck

"I went from being stuck and going through the motions to creating a life I love with a clear vision for the future."

I realized I hadn't been living my truest or most authentic life, and through this work, had the courage to create the life of my dreams and see what that would be.

This could be you....

angela got her confidence back

"I went from lost and alone to confident, thriving in my career, and living in a space that lights me up."

! I got clear on my life's mission, I was able to truly access my intuition, I got clear on the role that spirituality plays in my life, I was able to embody my feminine energy in a way that I never had before, I show up so confidently. I have the right tools in my toolkit and feel like I can navigate whatever life brings to me.

but first

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