Online Courses to help you 

change your life

if you're ready for a shift, there's a probably A course for that:

the big love course is for you.

metamorphosis is for you.

Private coaching is for you.

The renewal challenge is for you

soul school is for you.

six weeks to shine is for you.

Online Courses to help you
               change your life


Do you want to connect with your soul, strengthen your intuition,  and feel more centered?

Do you want to regain your confidence, focus on your connection to yourself, find your passion and feel more lit up and vibrant?

Are you ready to consciously call in your soulmate and big love relationship?

Do you want to make the leap between where you are to the life that feels more aligned, authentic and true for you?

Do you want to access your next level and expand what is possible for you?  

Do you want to start small with a 21 day challenge to feel more centered?


how COURSES work:


Access the course materials online at any time.  Materials contain exciting workbooks, video tutorials and recorded meditations.

connect with the community

No matter when you take the course, you can connect with others who have gone through it as well.

live sessions

Metamorphosis and Big Love also contain live coaching sessions where you can get personalized insights, learn and can connect with others.

Soul School

If you've wanted to learn how to strengthen your intuition, connect with your soul, understand the chakras, or how to start a soulful journaling practice, Soul School is for you.  It's an introductory course designed to help you create a daily soul practice to get centered, feel less stressed and empowered each day.

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Six Weeks to Shine

Sometimes we lose our confidence, our passion, and feel bored and disillusioned with life.  Six Weeks to Shine is a six week course designed to help you reprioritize your wellbeing to help re-ignite your light, your joy and your connection to yourself. 

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The Big Love Course

If you are ready to consciously call in your soulmate and claim the big love relationship you want, then Big Love is for you.  This holistic course will help you master manifestation and gain clarity on what you are calling in, and will also help you to heal your heart, shift old patterns, and ignite your feminine magnetism. 

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Metamorphosis: Group Coaching

If you are ready to make the transition from where you are to a more authentic and aligned life, then Metamorphosis is for you. Over the course of six powerful months, you'll create the space to finally become the woman you've been longing to be through group coaching and while following powerful six month online course. 

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