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New Moon in Pisces

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The new moon in Pisces is today.  

Pisces wants us to soften.  

Pisces wants us to heal.  

To find balm, comfort, and freedom by letting ourselves surrender to the ever-evolving currents of our emotional waters.   

To offer yourself comfort by attending to what you need.  

With this new moon, initiate yourself into a new way to extend to compassion to yourself.  

To acknowledge yourself for all that you’ve been growing into, all that you’re going through, the world is going through, and how you continue to keep on swimming in light of it all.  

I know that many of you right now are feeling inspired to start to go deeper within yourself and find a deeper anchor to your heart, in whatever way that looks for you. 

For some, this is establishing meditation practice or a deeper connection to your divine feminine or your own spiritual understandings.  

For others, you might be feeling called to dive into possible therapy or healing, or might be called to specific modalities that help to get to the root of trauma like IFS therapy or somatic experiencing, and compassionate inquiry.  

 For others, you might be having a call to take a break from more shadow work in order to integrate and really anchor into more lightness and peace.  

With this new moon, our intuitions are clear.   

Look to insights that come in quiet moments, meditations, in the scribbled thoughts of your journal, and your dreams.  

If greater healing is needed, you will be guided the best way to dive deep within yourself.  If greater inspiration is needed, trust that this is a potent time for your vision to clarify.  

If greater integration is needed, trust that you’ll be guided to care for yourself in actions that now feel clear.  

This is also  time for you to tap into your imagination, sit with the wisdom of your heart, and see what comes through.  

Do you have a clear vision of where you are going right now?  

Having a vision we are excited about – whether it’s peace in the world or greater healing in your community, seeing yourself this summer with girlfriends having a fun dinner out on a patio, a vision of you as a CEO, of you pregnant and thriving, or finally seeing 0 on all your credit cards, is such a powerful way for us to anchor our intentions and stay motivated to work toward it. 

Pisces is the final sign in the zodiac, followed by Aries, which is the first, and all about action, initiating and doing.  

Our astrological new year technically kicks off in Aries season later this month, which is why it’s fun that we have this time to linger in the energy of Pisces to heal, dream, imagine, and release whatever we need so that we can be ready to take action when both the glimmers of Spring and Aries fire energy kicks in.  

If you want to connect in with this new moon, the Circle is tomorrow at 5:30pm EST.   There is always a replay. I have now created an option in Rise: the Circle to do a drop-in package for those of you who want the option. 

What have I been seeing in my dreams recently, if anything?

What healing, support, therapy, coaching, or energy healing am I being called to?

In the alternative, am I being called to take a break from external supports right now to integrate?

What is coming up for my own healing right now, if anything?

What is being released right now, if anything?

What are my emotions showing me as symptoms of what is in dissonance or accordance with most alignment for me?

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