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What Supplements I’m Taking to Destress (and Why)

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I recently had a full work-up at my doctor’s and had one number that came back high, which suggested that my adrenals were fatigued.

I was surprised by this because I don’t feel that stressed day to day.

I also do a LOT to combat stress…

I meditate and journal, do yoga or a gentle run to move my body, and eat pretty clean every day.

I have designed my life and work schedule to be best suited to my natural ebbs and flows of attention, and have a ton of freedom over my time.

And yet – the body doesn’t lie.

I didn’t “think” I was stressed, but my body suggested that I was.

It was an interesting reflection to get to check in with myself and look at the things that were stressing my system.

In reflection, what I noted were that:

  • I had just been at home the month before for the holidays staying with my family which definitely brings up a lot of stress;
  • I had gotten my booster shot and it was really taxing and disruptive to my system this time;
  • NYC is a really intense energy for my nervous system and while I get the reprieve of my cozy life in Hoboken, it’s still a LOT for my system to handle the few days of the week I’m in Manhattan; and
  • While somatic therapy is incredible and I’ve been writing a lot about it, it’s also a lot for your nervous system to handle when you’re working to basically re-trigger it in order to heal. I needed more time for integration in between sessions.

From this, I came up with a plan of how to mitigate some of these stressors. With the two biggest stressors having come and gone, the next thing was to focus on managing my environment to help me stay calm after my nervous system gets activated and to create more space for integration in my own healing.

As part of that, I researched and found two supplements to help support my adrenals that I wanted to share.

  1. Ashwaganda
  2. Rosea Rodalia

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