The Circle is a place for you to turn inward, reflect, cultivate deeper self-love and connect with your soul.

circles are moon ceremonies and women's gatherings created for the modern age.

every online circle is an opportunity to learn, share, grow, heal and evovle.

Circles are inspired by themes of current astrological events and moon cycles, personal growth, spiritual practice, and divine feminine wisdom. 


The Circle Membership includes access to a new and full moon Circle each month, plus two new meditations, two goddess flow practices, and new journal prompts every month


What We Do

Each online Circle is an hour long and incorporates guided meditation, an exploration of an inspiring theme, journaling reflections, intuitive guidance, intention setting and sharing of healing and growth focused tools all designed to leave you feeling uplifted, refreshed and centered.

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How Do I Join?

You sign up as a monthly subscription.  If you have never come to the Circle, use the code "freegift" to come to the first one free.

When you sign up below, you will get access to all upcoming Circles, as well as bonus materials such as special meditations and teachings, and access to the Circle community.

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What are Typical Themes?

Every Circle has a different theme.  Aside from drawing inspiration from the new and full moon's astrology, sample themes are:

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- Mindfulness and cultivating presence
- Conscious relationships and friendships
- Money mindset and abundance
- Resiliency 
- Seeing challenges as learning opportunities
- Cultivating deep self-love 
- Pleasure and luxurious laying
- The goddess archetypes
- Masculine and feminine energies
- Creating a powerful vision 
- Intuition
- Menstrual wisdom

When are They? 

There are two Circles held online each month: one around the time of the new moon and one around the time of the full moon at 7pm EST.  They are recorded and the replay is housed in the membership portal.

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When are They? 

Upcoming Circles are on the following dates, typically around the times of the new and full moons:

July 27 at 7pm
August 10 at 7pm
August 25 at 7pm
September 7 at 7pm
September 28 at 7pm
October 7 at 7pm
October 26 at 7pm
November 9 at 7pm
November 23 at 7pm

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Do I need to be spiritual?

Circles are opportunities for you to pause and connect with yourself more deeply. 

While there are spiritual themes and language sprinkled into a Circle, you do not have to be spiritual to attend. 

Ultimately this is about creating a space for you to continue to nourish yourself, find your center, and feel supported.

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Who is it for?

The Circle is for women who are on a personal development and spiritual journey and seeking an aligned and supportive community of soul sisters and a way to stay accountable to their personal growth.

I will never forget when I first started my own spiritual and personal growth journey. I felt really alone in it. 

I was a single female lawyer, living in downtown Toronto, and longed to wanted to meet others who also wanted to talk about the Universe, or were passionate about meditation, the new oracle decks or crystals they just bought, the sign they just saw, or the new breakthrough they had in their journaling sessions.

I eventually created what I so deeply desired: a community of other inspiring and cool women who were also into spirituality and personal growth. 

Circle is a space for women to come home to themselves and their feminine essence each month, to cultivate greater self-love and self-awareness, and to connect with other like-minded souls. 


The Circle was created as a space for women to come together to support each other in their rising into their fullest potential. 

The truth is, the spiritual and personal growth journey for women is equally as enlightening and exciting as it is messy and paradoxical. So much of our learning is about embracing the unknown and periods of uncertainty, healing and embodiment, and learning lessons through life experiences that awaken us further. 

This process is filled with highs and lows, and the Circle provides a monthly container to feel supported, find your center, and continue to rise through all of life's changes.

Whether you are a seasoned meditator and healer or just starting your journey to know yourself more deeply and connect with your intuition, this space is here for you.


"Tell me...what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"


Join the Circle Now

There are two circles every month.  You can choose the membership or class packages.

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