How to Use Affirmations to Rewire Your Mind

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Do you say affirmations to yourself each day? I keep a notecard with different affirmations in my journal.  Each day when I journal, I pull out the card and say or write the affirmations.  

Affirmations can be powerful in helping us to tap into our next levels, to create new beliefs for ourselves and to rewire our limiting mindsets.  

Our minds so quickly can dive into negative territory or despair, or we can get consumed by self-doubt.  It’s also hard sometimes to take ourselves to the next level by believing even greater and more incredible realities are available to us.   

I always find that affirmations are one of the most simple ways to create positive shifts and momentum in your life.  

Some of my favourite general affirmations are:

  • Everything is unfolding in perfect timing.  All is well.
  • I can handle any and all challenges.
  • I radiate positivity and joy.
  • Good people come into my life all the time.
  • My impact is growing every day.

Another way I love using affirmations is to rewire a challenge or create a new belief is using “I’m learning to…” or “Even though…” 

For example, “I am learning to be more gentle with myself.  I am learning to not doubt my abilities and instincts.”  

Or “Even though I feel bloated and run down, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.  Even though I regret what I said yesterday, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.” 

Or a combination! “Even though I feel like things are out of my control right now, I am learning to trust more in the process.”  

I also love to include affirmations around areas of my life I am working on.   

For example, when focusing on health I might have an affirmation of: “I am perfect health.  My body is vibrating with wellness.  I am whole.  I am listening to the intuitive wisdom of my body.  My body is a direct reflection of my consciousness. I am becoming leaner and stronger all the time.” 

When focusing on my business and increasing it’s growth, I’ve used affirmations like: “I am so grateful that business made X last year, and can’t wait for it to easily make Y this year for helping change people’s lives.  I deserve to experience all the good things this life provides.  The more I care myself, the more I am able to support others. I pay off debt with ease.  I spend with ease.  There is always more than enough.  I am always left with more than enough.”  

When I was calling in my big love relationship, I used affirmations like: “I am so grateful for the love that is in my life and cannot wait to share that with my partner.  I know and trust that my person is out there and I can’t wait to meet him.  Universe, please keep my soulmate safe while he makes his way to me.  I am so excited to meet my person at the exact perfect moment. I am love.  I receive love.  I give love.  I am complete.” 

(Sidebar: if you are wanting to call in your Big Love, the Big Love Course is for you).

I would encourage you to write out at least 5-10 affirmations that feel empowering to you, and then to say them or write them each day.   

Affirmations will help bring you to a higher, more positive state.  

Furthermore, they will help you to eventually believe the words that you are saying, and once the belief is locked in, the Universe will match that belief with external manifestation of whatever it is that you are desiring.  

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