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an online course to deepen your self-love, expand what's possible for you in love, and to attract a truly aligned partner and big love into your life.

The Big Love Course shares a holistic approach to love that helps millennial women meet their big loves and thrive.

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Learn how to manifest love and become magnetic.

the course integrates the mind, body and soul to call in a truly epic love.

It incorporates tools and practices to help you shift your MINDSET, open and heal your HEART, own your worthiness, and to embody your CONFIDENCE and FEMININE ENERGY to call in the relationship of your dreams. 

"This course changed my life. I am now with my soulmate who I started dating during the Big Love Course, having a baby and couldn't be happier!

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"This course helped me to feel so much better in dating, calling in my partner and finally trusting and surrendering more."

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"Despite all my career success, I didn't have the same success with love until coaching with Catie and this Course. I am now happily engaged to my big love!"

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This course is for incredible single women who are ready to consciously call in a partner

yes, i relate. this is for me.

do you relate to any of the following?

- Are at a point in your life where you're truly ready for a big love relationship?

- Have been prioritizing your career and other things in your life but are now ready to focus in on love?

- Are you good at giving love but find it hard to receive love or feel you are worthy of it?

- Are told that you are "too picky" or the opposite, too passive or put up with accepting too little when it comes to love?

- Are independent and successful in your own way and are looking for someone to match you and be on your level?

- Question whether you're too powerful, too old, too independent or "too much" to actually meet someone great?

- Are open but feel a bit jaded and wonder whether they are out there or whether everyone is taken?

- Don't want to settle, but wonder if you might have to because are concerned about your plans for a future family?

- Have gone through heartbreak and are looking to heal and move forward?

Module One

Module one focuses on key concepts of manifestation and teaches you how to get crystal clear on the relationship that you are calling it. This module is not like any other manifesting love framework you'll find - it features over 40 questions to help you uncover and understand what you are calling in. You will also learn the number one biggest block that stops love from manifesting and learn what your biggest block to love is. You will finish feeling clear-headed, more excited about love, and ready to begin the process to call them in. 

What You Will Learn:

Module Two

Module two guides you through a comprehensive love audit to understand what's *not* been flowing your love life and relationships, as well as focusing on what *is* working.  It will help you to identify patterns between your love life and other areas of your life so that you can shift ones that are no longer serving you.  You'll get out of any funky or stagnant energy to begin to feel more trusting, hopeful and confident about love, and will begin to make contact with the energy of your partner to consciously call them in (pure magic!). 

Module Three

This module teaches you how to drop out of your head and into your heart, how to soften in your feminine energy, and why being tapped into the divine feminine is the fastest way to manifest love, and how to stay balanced between your masculine and feminine energies.  You will learn how to build up your confidence, and to own that you are a Queen that is so worthy of love.  You will feel more at ease, receptive, and in flow when it comes to love. 

Module Four

This module is where deeper healing and breakthroughs occur.  There are so many blocks to love that are conscious (like a lingering resentment toward an ex, or the feelings you have for someone who is unavailable), but there are also blocks that come from limiting beliefs that we learned from our parents or society about love.  We also carry so much below the surface, and our bodies and intuitions will guide us to deeper healing of subconscious blocks once we are ready.  This module helps you to finally release the past so that you can move forward with confidence and grace. 

Module Five

This module focuses on cultivating deeper levels of self-care, 
self-love and self connection.  You will learn practical ways to magnetize love toward you, and will begin to create new boundaries and standards for yourself when it comes to who you are connecting with. You get to decide the type of love life you are going to have, how you will be treated, communicated with, and seen by others.  This module helps you to integrate all of the manifestation concepts into your real life, and helps you to ignite your radiance so you can shine from the inside out. 

Module Six

This module will teach you practical tools for how to stay motivated, trusting and sure that your person is making their way to you (if they haven't already!).  This module will help you to navigate modern dating realities like break-ups, rejections, and comparing your life to other's timelines.  You will learn how to continue a journey of connecting with your mind, body and soul so that you can call in a love that will meet you in the depth of love you are seeking.  You will know that your big love is right around the corner, and will be equipped to see your journey to meeting them as life's biggest gifts. 

Video TuTorials and MEDITATIONS for every topic SPANNING six modules 

These video tutorials are just like having a love coach right there with you, guiding you to reflections and new concepts and beliefs about love and partnership.  Meditations help you to access deeper wisdom and clarity. In addition, there are videos sharing real-life examples from my experience and past client's to help you deepen your understanding.

six guidebooks for each module containing journal prompts to guide your breakthrough and clarity

The journaling guidebooks contain a clear overview of the different topics, and guide you through various journal prompts to help you awaken to further clarity, wisdom, and breakthroughs around your love life. 


These monthly calls for the duration of the Course are your opportunity to integrate your learning, ask questions, connect with others on the same journey.

What the Big Love Online Course Contains






join the course if you want to:

Ready for this, Queen?

clear your blocks to love and limiting beliefs when it comes to love

meet your dream partner AND transform your love life to truly thrive while dating

learn how to navigate the realities of love with more grace and ease (like online dating, benig intimate and rejections)

up-level your standards and own your worth in all areas of your life

develop an even deeper sense of self-love, abundance, passion and confidence


You can stay single for another year - or you can do this course and consciously call in your Big Love.

This process works.

 A year from now you will wish you had enrolled today.

so let's get  them started!

"I LOVED the weekly modules and looked forward to them.  I learned so much in this Course."

I already knew about manifestation but learned so much more in this course, including how to apply it to love.  I loved the thought and intention that went into this Course, and especially enjoyed the meditations.

 (Vanessa is now happily in a Big Love relationship) 

vanessa, LAWYER AND FINANCIAL ADVISER, mastered manifestation

"I met my Big Love, the exact person I intended to manifest as a result of this Course one year later."

After this Course I was so excited to be single to continue this heart and soulful work because it was so fun and interesting.  I actually wanted to stay single I was so happy! But the Universe had other plans and I met my Big Love exactly a year later and couldn't be in a better place.

anna julia, aviation expert, met her big love after the course

"I fell so much more in love with myself. It helped me understand my evolution as a woman and who I was as a person, a parent, a daughter, and a friend."

"Over the course I felt broken open and empowered all at the same time. I’ve learned so much about who I aim to become and how important it is for me to make time for that and nurture myself. I’ve always looked outward for self-worth and placed so much importance on moulding my to act like the person who I’m into thinks I should act. Right now I’m trying to staying grounded and prioritizing my needs."



“The Big Love Course helped me to heal my heart, trust love again and access new levels of abundance and confidence in all areas of my life - not just love.”

- nicki, singer-songwriter

“I am now happily engaged to the man I started dating right when I enrolled in this Course. I shifted my patterns, cleared my blocks, learned to trust and open my heart, and couldn't be happier! ”

lauren, lawyer and fashion blogger.

“I am now happily in a relationship with the exact person I was manifesting meeting when going through the Big Love Course. Magic.”

- luisa, brand manager

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I created a framework that led my me meeting my fiance, who is exactly the person I dreamed of meeting.  

The framework includes everything I learned about manifestation, soul work, embodiment, feminine energy, mindset reprogramming, tantra and somatic healing, alongside my lived experience of having been a lawyer turned entrepreneur looking for love. 

This framework has now helped hundreds of other women to find their big loves too. 

If you are reading this right now, I urge you to be open to receiving guidance and support through this course.  It's helped so many women to find the love they always wanted.   I've also seen too many women stand in their own way and refuse to be open to a new approach like this, who find themselves single year and after year. Which will you choose?

While I now find myself in the epic relationship with the soulmate I always wanted to meet,  I had to learn a lot of lessons along the way.  Dating and calling love as a successful, independent woman is a unique  process, but I cracked the code and now I'm here to help you.

A note from me to you...

I'm passionate about helping powerful, successful women find their big love partners.  There is a unique approach to finding love and dating that most successful women are not aware of (because I do not know any one else who teaches it but me!), and that can truly transform their love lives and help them meet their big loves. I would love to help you through this course. 

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Will I meet my person during this Course?

The work that you do in this Course can absolutely quicken that process, or do the necessary healing and shifting work you may need to do in order to call them in.  Women HAVE met their partners during this Course, or soon afterward, but I believe that it's the work itself that will set you up to manifest the person at the perfect time. I believe in divine timing - which means that you and this person will meet when it is supposed to happen.  What I can guarantee is that when you finish the course you will be feeling empowered, excited about trusting when it comes to love.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect?

You can expect to have fun while you learn about yourself more, and set yourself up to have an incredible love life.

I always like to make my courses a mix of fun and playful alongside being practical, healing, and strategic. 

You can expect to dive deep with yourself in a really beautiful and compelling way.  It's a gift to yourself.

What if I'm currently in a relationship?

I am working full-time.  Do I have time for this Course?

Can I access the content immediately?

Is there an app?

I've done "manifesting love" courses before, what if this is too similar?

What if I don't like the course? Is there a refund policy?

If you are currently in a relationship but are questioning it, the Course can help you to get clear on whether the current relationship is what you are desiring or not, and will hopefully help equip you with more of the confidence and courage to do what's right for you.

Yes. Most of the people who have been through this course are working full time, and in demanding and time-consuming jobs at that.  The course is broken down to move through at your own pace as you need.  Most of the lessons are only 10 minutes or less for you to complete.  

Yes. The benefit of this course is that you can begin it today and stop waiting for your soulmate to show up on your door :) and actually get moving on taking action to call them in.   The Course closes for registration on February 22, and the first live call is on February 28.

Yes. You can view the content easily through an app on your phone.  Download the Kajabi app to do so.  Kajabi is the server that this course is run on.

The manifestation part is only one small part of this course.  It is truly comprehensive and incorporates principles from mindfulness, mindset work, somatic healing, soul-work, tantra, feminine and masculine energetics, practical dating tools, and so much more.  With that being said, if you enrol in the course and find it duplicative after reviewing its content you can get your full money back.

We offer a 15 day money back guarantee.

To be eligible for a refund you need to do the following:
- You must request your money back within 15 days of the purchase. We won't provide refunds after the 15th day from your date of purchase.
- Should you have finished more than 20% of the content - you waive your rights to request a refund for all and/or part of the course fees.

You can email us your refund request to team@catiefenn.com. That email must contain the date of the purchase, the email and name associated with your purchase.

Any other Questions?


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