What I Do

Whether it's coaching, a moon circle, a training, a workshop on how to be happier at work, or a retreat, there is a lot for you to choose from. 

All of my work centers around empowering people to break through their limiting beliefs, heal their hearts, and to embody the truest, most authentic versions of themselves.


You're capable, strong, and have a lot working in your life.

  And yet - why do you feel stuck? 

If you're anything like me, you may need a little help to get unstuck, find your true purpose and bring you to your next level.

People find their way to my work through a variety of circumstances, but usually I boil it down to one thing:

That might be calling in an epic relationship, becoming less stressed and overwhelmed, finding your dream career, or finally having the courage to be your authentic self.

  You are unique and on your own journey, but if you've found your way here - I'm probably here to help you in some way.

HEre's how I can help:

the life you are meant to live is calling to you. 


online courses

Online courses  are an incredible way to be provided with tools and frameworks to change your life in incredible ways..

circles and workshops

Goddess circles and workshops are led online and in person, both in corporate settings and privately.

coaching and mentorship


Private coaching is available by application online.  The best place to work together is through an online course.  

Retreats take place in Costa Rica and Mexico each year, alongside online weekend retreats and other exciting locations.

Online Courses

From finding love to creating a new way of nurturing and being with yourself, to finally creating your dream life, there's a course for that.



Workshops are available for women's groups, offices and law firms, spanning the topics of workplace wellness, women's empowerment and leadership, and the avoiding burn-out.

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Coaching and Mentorship

For personalized support on your journey, mentorship, private embodiment and coaching sessions are available.



Retreats are 4-7 day experiences designed to create a space for you to reset, heal, shift and commit to your wellbeing in Costa Rica and Tulum, Mexico as well as online.

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It's never too late



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Send me an e-mail below letting me know more about you and your inquiry. I look forward to connecting with you.

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