a four module journey to learn to connect with your soul and the universe

By the end of the course, you will have a daily meditation and soul connection practice to stay centered and at peace every day.

Soul School

In Soul School, you will learn how to mediate, journal your way to greater self-connection and awareness, explore the chakras and your energy systems, as well as how to use oracle cards to support strengthening your intuition.


What you Learn

In module one, you learn different styles of meditation in order to find the one that works best for you. 

You will also explore how to journal with more intention and soul using a framework of over 500 journal prompts for you to play with and explore.

In module two, you learn about the chakra system of the body, and how you can use these 7 chakras to become more aligned and energized. 

Chakras also can give you insight into where there may be blocks stopping love's natural flow to you.

Module three is an exploration into self-care on a deeper level. 

What nourishes you? What inspires you? What are your needs?  Where do you over-give to others before honouring yourself first? This modules provides the journal reflections and practical tools to love yourself on a deeper level.

Module four teaches you about astrology, and how to use your full chart to understand your soul's purpose. 

You will also learn about oracle cards, crystals, energy clearing techniques, and how to begin to channel more intuitive messages and receive signs from the Universe.

module one: mindfulness

module three: self care

module four: astrology and spirituality

module two: chakras and energy

you can begin today to feel more inspired, centered, and connected to your soul.

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