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With the fresh energy of Spring slowly starting to awaken us, it’s time to start to rise ourselves from our slumbers and tap into that spicy Spring energy.  (If you want to come to the Circle – it’s tonight at 8pm EST).  It’s time to watch ourselves slowly revive parts of ourselves or our lives that were dormant over the winter. 

I like to imagine each of us with a magic wand, being our own fairy godmothers, and flipping our wrists to tap our wands in front of the things around us that we are ready to bring new life into.  That’s the energy right now.  

Being your own fairy godmother, and remembering that you have the power to make your dreams come true – whatever they are.  

But sometimes with this type of energy we can end up getting into a bit of “analysis paralysis.”  

In other words, we don’t know where to direct our energy and then end up spinning in circles.  

So to help with that, let’s keep your attention focused.  

The magic wand needs to be directed where to go.  To help determine that, a great place to always go back to is the simple inquiry of: “what would feel good?” 

This helps us to get out of what we “should” be doing or focusing on, and instead to connect in with ourselves in order to determine what, in this moment, is feeling nourishing, uplifting and supporting.  

We can trust that if we follow what feels good, we’ll be led to exactly where we need to be.  

Whenever in doubt of what to do, ask yourself, “in this moment, what would feel good?” 

Interestingly, I always find when I ask this question of “well, what would feel best for you?” in coaching sessions, I’ll get an answer like: “I don’t know.” or “Let me think about it.” …Think about what would feel good for you?!?! The answer to what would feel good comes from within.  

There is no thinking.  It’s a feeling.  So come into the embodiment.  

Feel back into your body now.  Hands on your heart.  What actually would feel good for you right now? 

And answer is there waiting for you. You know what happens next? 

Second-guessing. People will say things like “I want to sleep.”  or “I want to just be in a quiet room by myself for a while.”  or “I want to go on a trip somewhere.” or “I want to stretch my body.”  

And then they look at me as if they have just uttered something insane. Like that the desire to rest, be quiet, stretch, or spend some time outdoors is a lame idea.   

It’s not, and sometimes it’s the most simple of things that help to restore our energy and open us up to inspiration. 

Whatever would feel good for you is whatever feels true for you in this moment.  Honour it.  Trust yourself and your inner wisdom.  

Does continuing to see the person that you’re dating even though you don’t see a future with them feel good for you right now? Then see them. 

Does actually bailing on your upcoming holiday plans feel good for you? Then honour yourself and your boundaries with your family.  

Does it feel good for you to plan out a whole weekend of doing absolutely nothing, ordering your favourite foods, and watching your favourite shoes feel good for you right now? Then do it, Queen.  

Let yourself get into the practice of checking in with yourself on what would feel good instead of what you should do or what you habitually do.  

Now is a season of change.  Of new beginnings and new ways of doing things.  Let this question of: “what would feel good?” lead you to new experiences, ways of doing things, or ways of spending your time.  Let this help you develop a new relationship with yourself.  

A relationship of caring.  A relationship built on love and self-trust.  

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