What the Journey to the Heart Retreat is Like

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It’s time to let the light back in.

I keep getting this image of people living in their homes, some with their curtains closed. The rooms feel dark and stuffy, but for others, the lack of light feels comforting and safe.

For some, keeping the curtains closed right now feels like the right move.

And for others, it’s time to open the curtains back up.

It’s time to let the light back in.

That’s the energy I feel when I think of the Journey to the Heart Retreat: the energy of what it’s like when you finally open the curtains up and it’s a gorgeous, blue-sky, sunny, sunny day.

The feeling of when you see the sky so clear and so blue, see the sun, and feel it’s warm light up your face.

I want to share with you more about what it’s like to be on the journey to the heart retreat because it’s an incredible experience, and if you are called to dust off the cobwebs, gain clarity on your life, and reignite your spark and divine radiance…then this retreat is for you.

Where it Is

Journey to the Heart takes place in Nosara, Costa Rica.

Considered a Blue Zone of the world, which means it’s a place where residents typically live longer than the average person, so give us insight into what it means to “live well.”

While the weather is, of course, incredible – with ample sunlight, an incredible ocean to swim and surf in, and high temperatures to warm your soul, what I love about Nosara is the incredible energy vortex of healing it is.

Nosara is on sacred land that helps people to heal, shift, and awaken quickly.

It is the perfect backdrop and co-creator for our retreat to facilitate greater clarity, healing, and a return of one’s radiance.

You fly into Liberia and can take a shuttle, or can fly into San Jose and fly to Nosara on a domestic flight.

Where We Stay

The retreats are hosted either at the Blue Spirit Resort or Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort.

Both facilities are absolutely incredible and provide incredible rooms, healthy, organic meals to make eating for your body’s nourishment easy, beautiful pools to lounge by, spa services, and a healing space.

What to Expect

This retreat takes you on a journey into your heart, so that you can reconnect with the truth of who you really are, discover what aligns for you and what doesn’t, gain clarity on possible changes to make when you get home, and what is holding you back from being your best self.

It’s a journey to help you feel your most you, and to tap into the deep self-love and care for yourself that lives deep within you.

The journey is always different based upon the group that is called to come. This is why I always love the surrender part of our whole marketing strategy; Catherine and I really trust that the right people will always show up for the retreat who were meant to be there.

We have run this retreat 5 times now and every time the group has a unique cohesiveness of a theme they are all navigating, despite their differences in age, careers, locations, and life stages.

What you should expect is to go deep, to have a space to be vulnerable, and to be part of the community of the retreat group.

This is not a yoga retreat by any means.

Yoga and movement are taught each morning, yes, but the intention of the movement is clear: the practice is designed to help you come into greater union with yourself, to cultivate self-compassion with yourself, and to shift stagnant energy.

The focus of the retreat is helping bring you out of your head, and back into your heart.

As a result, much of the retreat focuses on supporting you to move through journal prompts, meditations, reflections, and discussions that help you gain clarity on who you are and what you want in your life.

There are also coaching circles almost every day designed to help you move through and gain support and coaching during your process.

Daily Schedule

Each day, there is a different theme that Catherine and I have shared. Past themes have been: “Grounding.” “Intuition.” “Radiance.” “Ease.” “Rising.”

These words help guide our days, and the movement, meditations, and coaching sessions we have.

You will start the day by waking up in a way that feels most nourishing to you, and to reflect on the journal questions for the day.

We meet for morning yoga practice at 7:30am, which is then followed by a healthful breakfast.

Following that, there is a short break before a coaching circle, where each participant has the opportunity to share more about themselves, where they are at, and receive coaching from Catherine and I.

After the coaching circle, there is lunch, which is usually followed by a free afternoon to rest by the pool, walk along the beach, or simply rest.

We then will meet again in the late afternoon before sunset to do a healing session (a sound healing, breathwork session, yoga nidra, or yin and restorative yoga) before dinner.

We all eat dinner together and then rest before another nourishing and rejuvenating day.

In addition to this daily rhythm, there is time for you to connect back in with what would actually feel best for you.

So often in our daily lives, we are on a schedule we designed without a full coherence of our needs.

Retreats provide an opportunity for you to connect back in with your needs, your wants, and what actually would nourish and support you best in every moment.

The schedule is “loose” and helps to give you ample time to do your own thing if that is what you want, or time to connect more deeply with other participants, if instead, that is what you want.

Other special activities include a surf lesson, time to spend at the beach and explore, as well as a two on one coaching session with Catherine and I to help you integrate the retreat experience.

The retreat will provide you with an opportunity to practice positive daily habits so that you can then continue to practice them when you get home to keep the momentum going.

Coaching and Transformation on Retreat

Catherine and I are truly there in full support of our attendees. Each person gets time each day to be coached in the coaching circles by both of us, as well as to have a 2:1 coaching session with the two of us.

The beauty of this is that you get ample time and space to receive support from two coaches with differing but complementary styles.

Catherine has a deeply soulful, intuitive, and nurturing presence and ability to see the truth of who someone is and help them on their spiritual journeys and step into their full power, and I have a spicier, more strategic style that can help others to see to see their blocks and patterns clearly, rise into their radiance and vibrancy, and reactive their divine feminine essence.

Together, we mix a balance between the yin and yang energies, which are played off depending on what each person needs.

This is why we absolutely love running this retreat together because it provides a really balanced approach for each attendee – plus, we have such a deep friendship and connection and it’s just such an incredible experience to be able to host something like this together and play off each other.

While the coaching sessions and circles are there for you to receive more support and insight, the true transformation comes from the mix of being away and on retreat in beautiful Costa Rica and having that spaciousness for yourself, the insights from your meditation and journal practice, as well as the insights that come from the healing sessions.

As a result of the retreat, people are able to truly come home to themselves and find greater alignment, change their lives in positive ways, create new positive patterns and habits, and make shifts in their live to come home feeling better than ever, and refreshed and renewed.

Who Comes on The Retreat

We have women of all ages and backgrounds come on the retreat, mainly from the USA and Canada.

Sometimes before signing up they question: “Am I going to be too old for this?” or “Am I going to be the youngest one there?”

Other times, people think: “I’m actually feeling great, I just want to take some time get away from my busy life, to chill and be a goddess in Costa Rica” while others think “I am in the middle of a crisis and need to get away to gain some clarity and center myself.”

All experiences are welcome!

The beauty is that the group is usually quite varied, and part of what is so incredible in a retreat is getting the opportunity to learn from other women in different life stages.

Some of them want to take a week to deeply love up on themselves and treat themselves.

Others come and are seeking clarity and healing in a life transition.

Others want to deepen their spiritual connection, or use the week as an opportunity to clarify what they want in their lives next, or how they could get to their next level.

We typically find that despite any differences, there are far more connections and similarities between each attendee, and each retreat group we have hosted has such a unique and special flavour to it based on the unique mix of personalities, backgrounds and life stages of each person.

My Favourite Things About the Retreat

My favourite thing about the retreat are the connections that are made between the attendees – it becomes a true sisterhood.

In addition to that, my favourite thing is seeing women truly let go of what’s no longer serving them so that they can go home and really step into a whole new level of power and radiance.

I absolutely love seeing women at the end of the retreat feeling so at ease, and looking so glowy and full of love. I kept joking last that time I needed to go on my own journey to the heart before my wedding day because that’s how these women look! SO full of love, so in celebration of themselves, and so full of light.

I also love bringing people to experience Costa Rica, a place which has been so healing and special to me on my journal.

Many of the women end up returning to Costa Rica again with their friends or families, and continue to build their connection to this special land.

Retreats are such an incredible gift, and I am so grateful to be able to host them.

This retreat is unlike any other than I know of given it’s unique mix of coaching, soul-work, healing, women’s circles, ocean and jungle magic, and time for thoughtful reflection in a beautiful resort.

If you are inspired, please reach out and ask any other questions!

The next Journey to the Heart retreat is March 5-12, 2022 and we have 3 spaces left. The next one is November, 2022.

This is a gift to yourself. If you are feeling called to come on this retreat, please learn more here.

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