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Yesterday I gave you five questions to ask yourself to help you discover your purpose.  

Today, I’m sharing with you your next step, which is what to do when you’ve answered those questions.  

In going through those questions, you’ll start to get what I call “puzzle pieces.”   

You might see that you always have loved writing ever since you were a kid – that’s a piece.  

You might identify that you actually get super lost in flow and lose track of time when organizing – that’s a piece.  

You might now see that the biggest challenge you’ve had to date has been around fertility and planning for a family – that’s a piece.  

And that person you admire? It’s that she gets to go to a yoga class mid-way through the day and seemingly is always on her own schedule.  

You would LOVE to be able to have total control over your schedule too.  So, having a career that allows for total autonomy – that’s a piece as well.  

Write out all of your pieces.  

And then here’s the kicker where everyone gets stuck… Don’t try and put the puzzle pieces together yet.   

First, clarify all of your puzzle pieces.  Get more specific around them.   

For example, do you have any ideas around how that organizing piece could come into play?

Have you thought about starting some type of organizing work?

Do you always put up your hand in your job to help organize the projects?

Do you have any ideas of how you might create more opportunities to organize?  

See what I mean here?  

I want you to evaluate how much you are already doing this in your life, or not.   

I want you to consider if you have any ideas of how you might create a life that incorporates your piece more.  

I want you to start to dream a dream, exploring each piece, and how you might incorporate it into your life more.  

Tomorrow I’ll be back here with your third step.  

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