What An Astrology Reading Taught Me About Timing

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I did an astrology reading recently when I was in Nosara, Costa Rica following my retreat.

I’ve done astrology readings before, but this one was fun because she reads charts in a different way than the last person who read my chart, as well as the main astrologer I’ve learned from, Chani Nicholas.

If you’ve never done an astrology reading, I recommend getting one first where someone explains your chart placements to you (where your sun, moon, rising, venus, etc. all are), and then later get someone to explain to you the transits you are coming into.  

In this reading, she focused on the transits I had been in and what I was going into. 

What I wanted to share from this reading was that I’m getting married right as I enter into a “partnership” transit, and then following that, enter into a family and relationships transit.  

She said it was rare for that to happen, and so showed that my partnership was divinely timed, which I loved – especially given how long it took us to find each other!

While I’m in those transits, I’ll be opposing all of my major planets, which means it’ll be a time ripe for growth, challenges, and triumphs. 

She shared that the last time I went through this same type of transit, where I would oppose all of my planets, was when I was 22-27.  

At that time, however, I was in a transit where I was going through my houses of identity and self. 

I thought back to those years to give me some insight into what might be coming up in the next few years.  

Divine Timing

Steve Jobs famously said that it’s only by looking back that we can connect the dots, and I had fun looking back at those years and seeing how everything really did happen in perfect timing.  

Whenever we are looking to practice more trusting in the timing of things, I highly recommend looking back in your life to times where things worked out for you and you had the right thing happen earlier or later than you thought, or someone came into your life at the perfect moment. 

This is how we can train our minds to trust more in divine timing, versus our souls who know that everything is always unfolding in perfect timing.

I loved that the lens of this astrology reading helping me to see how while it didn’t always feel that way, that not only can I look back and see how everything happened in divine timing, but that astrologically, had I known, everything was also in perfect timing. 

How it Began – 22 to 27 and Divine Timing

I turned 22 when I was in doing my first year of law school in Australia.  

It was the first time I lived abroad, the first time I lived alone in my apartment, the first time I had been on a plane alone, and I found myself having an incredibly fun (one of my favourites!) birthday on the other side of the world with all new friends. 

Moving to Australia and starting law school were two massive changes in my life that brought so much… growth, challenges and triumphs. 

My move to Australia allowed me to explore parts of Asia I had never been, allowed me to explore a completely new country and culture, and helped meet some really fascinating people.  I met one of my best friends that year and she and I were inseparable. 

We moved in together while in Australia, and then moved together from Australia back to Canada to do  years 2 and 3 of law school at Queen’s in Kingston, Ontario.  

I’ll never forget us living together because it was a dream, but also because it lso hilarious because she was literally training me how to be an adult. 

When she first came over to my apartment when I lived alone she found me eating “chicken salad” which consisted of a fresh chicken breast I had…microwaved.  Eggs…which I had microwaved.  Some iceburg lettuce.  And then the dressing? Sweet chili sauce. 

My other meal of choice had been cans of tuna.

Zoe, who not only is a foodie but is an incredible cook, laughed her ass off at my lack of ability to cook or nourish myself, took me under her wing to not only learn how to cook, but also would often cook for me. 

We have so many stories from living together where she would catch me doing something weird, like having no “places” for things (organization 101), splashing water all over the washroom, or splattering all over the kitchen when I did attempt to cook.  

Little by little, she taught me all sorts of life skills like how to cook, how to clean up after myself and how to organize my life.  

When I was too scared to get my needles for our trip to Asia, Zoe called up the health centre and booked the appointments for me and let the team know I was anxious and brought me there.  They brought me a lollipop afterward.

When I had never traveled to Asia before, she fearlessly led the way and showed me how to backpack safely as a woman, use streetsmarts, and negotiate with vendors. 

It was because of her I grew so immensely as a person that first year living abroad, and all those years afterward. 

Divine Timing of Meeting My Friend

It was divine timing for us to meet when we did.

Even though we had gone to the same high school only two years apart, we weren’t meant to meet until then so that we could be each other’s pillars throughout law school (and life!) but also because she was supposed to play this incredible role in my growth as a person. 

We ran into each other out one night at a bar a week before we were both supposed to leave, and while both washing our hands at the sink looked up and said “you! everyone has been telling me to meet you! you’re going to Australia too!”

Talk about divine timing of meeting.

Meeting My Next Boyfriend

And then, after a year of being single in law school, I got back to Canada to begin law school. 

On my first weekend home, I went out with Zoe where I met her friend, who would become my boyfriend. 

I dated in Australia, and really wanted a boyfriend, but it wasn’t time. 

As you now know, that time was supposed to be spent focusing on getting excellent grades and focusing on school, and learning how to be an adult. I can see that looking back.

Once that process was well-underway, it was time for me to grow more through relationship. 

I can’t imagine having met him before I did. I need that time in Australia to grow up and experience what I did before him.

It was also divine timing meeting him right when I got home, of course we met the weekend I was home, before I could crush on any of the hunks in my law school class. 

We started dating and were together from when I was 23-26. 

Remember that the transit I was in was all about exploring who I was and helping me to land into my adult self.  He was very much an adult, and inspired me to mature while we ere together. 

How That Relationship Was Perfect At the Time

I honestly have so much to say about him and that relationship. I’m so incredibly grateful for him and it for inspiring so much growth and having truly changed my life for the better. But for today, I’ll just share that in the period we were together, I learned about who I was. 

I developed a passion for exploring restaurants and new cities.  

A passion for wellness, and in particular, paleo eating and how it can heal inflammation of the body.  

I was inpired by his discipline, drive and focus, and became more disciplined, driven and focused in the process.  

It was because of that that I proved to myself that I wasn’t an imposter in law school, and could get the straight A report card I dreamed of. 

The time that we were together was perfect, until it wasn’t.

Divine Timing of Getting Hired at My Law Firm

During the time we were together, I had to learn a lot about trusting the timing of opportunities.

During the infamous “articling hiring” process and on-campus interviews with Canadian law schools, I made it SO close to getting hired at a few firms I thought I was an easy shoe-in for.

During the first recruitment period, this one law firm’s team had told me I was hired, but then the managing partner decided against me (talk about a lesson in not taking it personally!).

During the articling recruitment process, I was in the running for 3 firms, and ended up at the one I did after it was my second choice, but one of the partners told me it was sincerely the best law firm she had ever worked at, after working for many.

It was truly the best law firm! I absolutely loved working there for the six years I did, and I often thought about how if I had not had the experiences with the other firms, I wouldn’t have ended up at the exact perfect firm for me once articling began.

Articling and becoming a lawyer another also obviously a ripe time for growth and expansion, just like the astrology said.

Becoming a lawyer and learning to practice was one of the most massive exercises I’ve undergone to date in terms of those themes!

I see why my soul chose to go through these experiences when it did, always in the perfect timing, to help shape me into the woman I was becoming.

Divine Timing of the Break-Up

Once I started my job as a lawyer and moved back to Toronto, things started to shift, and I began to hear my intuition speak to me and let me know that our chapter was coming to a close and that new things were on the horizon for me. 

This coincided with when I finished the transit that was about finding out who I was and growing into my adult self. 

We were together for the entire time I was in law school in Canada, and my first year of law, which were all ripe with challenges. Having him as a partner was amazing during all of that, and when it came to an end, it was time for us to go our separate ways.

The break-up devastated me because while I loved him deeply and there was nothing “wrong”, I had to trust my inner truth that the relationship needed to end and that there was a different path I was meant to go on with a different person. 

And that break-up, doing it, and healing from it, inspired massive growth…expansion and, ultimately, triumph. 

Only Once the Relationship Ended Did Clarity Around My “Purpose” Begin

Around the same time that I ended that relationship and had been called to the bar, I began a new transit and started to get the inner knowing that my job as a lawyer was not my “purpose” and began a journey to discover what my purpose was. 

After that, I went on a whole other long transit period which coincided with me exploring my purpose and building the coaching, course creation and retreat business I run today. 

There’s so many stories of divine timing in that, but they aren’t for today.

And you know what though? I met Chris right at the very end of that period of exploring what my purpose was.

I had gone through the transit, which apparently also coincided with when I left law, and then met Chris. 

While I wish we had met sooner, I see how we both were on our own journeys and weren’t supposed to meet until we did. 

And now I can see, the astrology confirms it. 

Astrology Says It’s the Perfect Time to Commit to a Marriage

Now, Chris and I are now getting married literally as I enter into this partnership transit followed by one that has to do with family and relationships.

According to the astrology, I’ll be learning the same things but instead of it being about me, it’s about: what does it mean to be in partnership? What does marriage mean? What does marriage mean to me? What does it mean to be a wife? Who am I as a wife? What does it mean to be a parent? Who am I as a parent? And a whole new exploration and deep dive into those themes.

I’m so excited.  Growth. Challenges. Triumphs. 

Divine Timing Thoughts

The best thing that we can do is remind ourselves of when people and opportunities came into our lives at the perfect time, to inspire exactly the medicine and growth we needed at the time.

The more that we connect the dots looking back, the more able we are to connect them moving forward.

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