Reset Week

February 19-26, 2022


Reset Week is an opportunity to fully disconnect, reconnect with nature, with what matters, what you value and who you are.

Reset Week is a retreat in Pavones, Costa Rica that focuses on helping you to recalibrate and reset by disconnecting from your daily life, technology, and reconnecting with the ebbs and flows of nature, ourselves, and our health and well-being.  This retreat has an adventurous element as it is in a remote, lush jungle encased part of Costa Rica, which happens to be one of the best surf destinations in the world.  

This retreat welcomes a balance of activity with daily yoga, walking by the ocean, and optional daily surf, alongside integration with the community, and ample time to recharge, reflect, and reconnect with what really matters. 

The Location

La Ponderosa
Pavones, Costa Rica

Pavones is a small town known for it's surfing and raw nature in Puntanersa, Costa Rica.

It is a journey to get there, as it can only be accessed by a small plane and then car drive, but it is well worth it to be able to find yourself so deeply immersed in nature and simple living in such a small and quiet town with it's own unique charm. 

Pavones has a robust community of individuals who have chosen to make this gem their home that help us remember the benefit of simple living and truly living "pura vida."


What to Expect

We take over a small hotel run by a local couple for the duration of the retreat who provide a welcoming atmosphere and incredible healthy meals each day

We spend our mornings waking up with the sun and then waking up our bodies through morning yoga (if you haven't already hit the waves for an early morning surf). 

After yoga, you can participate on a daily workshop to help you gain clarity on your goals, values and intentions for the upcoming year, or take time to relax and recharge by the pool or ocean, head into town for a smoothie, or join us later for a sunset meditation.

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What We Do

This retreat allows you the option to be very physically adventurous and take part in river hikes, surfing, and yoga, or to simply relax, recharge, and just be. 

Ultimately the focus is on you doing whatever will serve you best to reconnect with yourself and help yourself to reset and recharge.  You can choose to be as active or as relaxed as you wish.   The companion to the whole experience is being so deeply immersed in nature, disconnected from technology, with no other distractions. 


Step out of your comfort zone and find yourself in a magical, remote part of Costa Rica where you will have an opportunity to fully disconnect. 

While the scenery is lush, raw and beautiful, and it's an incredible place to take your surfing or yoga to the next level (which includes a beginner's level!), my favourite part of this retreat is the opportunity to learn from and connect with the local community. 

Our hotel hosts, Angela and Marshall, have been living deep in the jungle for the last 30 years.  Marshall learned that the surf was incredible, and made the trek from Florida there at a time when boats could only get you to the break.  He loved the area so much he bought land and brick by brick, built the property we now get to stay in. 

His wife Angela reconnected with him when he was back visiting Florida, and decided to check-out Pavones on her adventures.  She never left :) 

They are such an incredible addition to our retreat group. 

As is Beto, the local chocolate maker who makes chocolate with such LOVE and comes to help us learn how to make our own chocolate too. 

Lastly, the retreats true MVPs are Amy and Alex - another couple who has been living there for over 30 years with incredible stories of how the winds of change brought them to the remote edges of the jungle. They teach use surfing and are two of the best teachers I've ever come across. 

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What's Included:

Once you arrive in Pavones, most of your expenses are included, aside from additional surfing and massages

7 nights accommodation at La Ponderosa 
3 healthy meals a day
7 days of daily yoga + meditation
1 surf lessons (including board rental)
Chocolate making workshop
Magical excursion - including river hike
Cacao ceremony
Breathwork experience
Inspired conversation + group coaching
Ample time to relax, recharge and explore...


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Pricing depends on rooms. If you wish to share, but do not have someone to share with, we will simply match you with someone else from the retreat.

Pricing details:

$2450 per person for shared accommodations

$2999 for private room

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