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My Intuitive Liver Cleanse Results and Experience

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Some of you may be familiar with Anthony William. He is a channeller of spirit who has helped many people to heal through adopting advice channeled through him to others.

This post is not about channeling, however.  It’s about following my own intuition and inner guidance to do a reset and support of my system. 

Intuition and the Body – Intuitive Eating, Movement and Supports

I’m a big fan of letting our intuition guide how we interact with our bodies.  This means intuitive eating, but it also means intuitive movement (letting your body guide what it wants to do for movement instead of any rigid thinking), and intuitive support as it needs it. 

For me, my body has intuitively guided me through fasting practices, uses different supplements at different times, adopting different ways of eating, and then, this liver detox program.

Inspired by Anthony Williams and the Liver Rescue Book

Why I bring up the medical medium is that he wrote the book “Liver Rescue.”  The basic premise of the book is that our livers are such incredible organs, and that they are responsible for assisting us in our overall health. 

He shares how so many ailments can often be healed by getting to the root disturbance of having an overburdened liver. 

Prior to reading his book, I never really thought of my liver except when joking after a night of drinking. 

What I learned was how magnificent the liver is, how much love we should give it, and what we can do to support it. The book is really long and comprehensive, but I took a lot from it – some of which seemed like common sense and a good reminder, and some of which was new. 

I felt like my intuition guided me to the book so that I could make that shift to understand the power of my liver, and also to incorporate different supports and wisdom from the book to help it do its job and me to feel my best. 

I highly recommend the book if you want a comprehensive overview of how you can support your liver.

What I took From the Liver Rescue Book:

  • The liver loves foods that help it to support itself.  A few of those are blueberries, spinach, and apples! The liver absolutely loves apples. After reading the book I got back to my apple a day habit. 
  • The biggest thing that taxes our liver in modern society are actually the toxins and chemicals in our homes and environments, so limiting those or switching to more non-toxic products is helpful
  • The liver is an absolute ninja at regenerating itself.  This means that no matter how much you’ve over-worked your liver (like my entire University career slinging back shots), it’s resilient and can regenerate itself over time.  He suggests that after 90 days of truly caring for your liver, you can get it to a healthy place.
  • The liver is designed to support us, so quick liver “detoxes” aren’t really a thing.  What we can do, however, is to support the liver in doing what it loves to do
  • There are many supplements that help the liver to clear away toxins, but two that are really powerful and well known to support it are milk thistle and dandelion (you should take both, ideally, because they both work in tandem with one another).  The supplement I take, the Wing Man, from Hum Nutrition, is a combination of these two, alongside Artichoke which also helps to stimulate bile production (You can use this code 22A23A for $10 off your first order).

My Liver Detox/Support Experiences

With anything when it comes to my body, I listen intuitively to what it wants.  I don’t undergo anything with it unless I get an intuitive message to. 

Both Novembers the last two years I’ve been guided to undergo some type of liver cleanse, so wanted to share what I did and what happened.

Both times, the cleanses were inspired by my body adjusting to the new seasons, as well as to support everything I was clearing and shifting from the year up until that point.

Experience 1: November, 2020

Last year after having read the book around this time I did a liver support regime that was simple and entailed drinking dandelion tea, having 600mg of milk thistle supplement and drinking a concoction with bentonite clay each day until my body said to stop, alongside no alcohol, which was about 3 weeks.

The bentonite clay part had been inspired by part of Mama Medicine Deborah Hanekamp’s Liver Cleanse program.

The bentonite clay tasted gross, but is used to absorb toxins from the liver and kidneys and reduce our overall toxin load.  If you think about it, it’s just clay, and so it’s pulling out of your system the gunk that is ready to be released. 

I also did a lot of yoga that focused on twisting asanas that help to support, twist out and release toxins from our internal organs.

After that, I felt like I had more energy and my system just felt cleaner was the best way to describe it.  I didn’t have any adverse effects at all during the experience. 

I think for this cleanse, after adjusting to a year of not really leaving home, and being in urban environments more than my body was used to, my body just wanted a system reset. I also had been drinking more during the lockdowns and my body was feeling taxed.

I’m glad I did it because I went into the holidays feeling really grounded, clear-headed and vibrant.

Experience 2: November 2021

Then, this last month in November, I also felt inspired to do an intentional liver cleanse period.

This time I focused on doubling down on the supplements of dandelion, milk thistle and artichoke that I take.  I took 2-3x what I usually take each day for 3 weeks, so I took 1200-1600mg of milk thistle a day, 600mg of dandelion, and 300mg of Artichoke.

I was also taking my daily detox supplement, which has additional dandelion and milk thistle, in addition to other liver supports like alpha lipoic acid and spirulina. I absolutely love Hum the nutrition company for making such high quality supplements that give you the best of so many in one little capsule. You can use this code for $10 off at (22A23A).

In addition to that, I was eating a plant-based, fresh diet because I was living in Costa Rica for those three weeks.

I primarily abstained from alcohol (I consumed 3 glasses of wine total in these 3 weeks).

When I was there, and for the duration of this cleanse, I also did yoga every day which always helps support our bodies efforts to rebalance.  

Why I Did It This Round

This time, I think my body guided me to do this cleanse because my body was ready to embody my new consciousness.

I had recently been exploring activating and releasing suppressed anger in my somatic (I do compassionate inquiry by Gabor Mate) and IFS therapies, and the liver is connected to anger in traditional Chinese medicine. 

There was a lot that I released in that work right before I began this protocol. 

Anger, shame, frustration…while these are all valid and beautiful emotions, are lower frequency. As I released old anger, shame and frustration, my consciousness went back up to the higher frequencies of more joy, happiness and contentment. Our bodies need to catch up to the work we do, and my body was ready to release that toxic emotional gunk that had been stored in my body too.

So, knowing that, what is wild to me is that my skin extremely broke out this time for 3 weeks!  As someone who struggled with acne in a big way when I was younger, these weren’t pimples. It was this mix of irritation, redness and bumps on my skin.

These photos are at the end of the 3 weeks! Before that I also had serious redness underneath my left eye as well and the bumps were worse. 

Because I believe that our bodies are messengers, I connected that the skin irritation was frustration and anger being released from my system, alongside whatever other toxins the liver was expelling. All of it was connected.  

In You Can Heal Your Life, Louise Hay suggests that most skin conditions are an inability to express stress, frustration, or anger.  This means that if your skin randomly flares up, it’s a message to you from your body that you might be storing up anger or frustration. 

So similarly, in the context of this protocol, I saw the skin breaking out as the release of previously stored anger and toxins.  

It was such a cool experience, even though it was uncomfortable at the time to be with my skin and my body as it was doing this releasing. 


Now I’m on the other side of it and my skin is totally back to normal and feeling glowy and healthy.  I’m feeling good and definitely have more energy. 

The ability to release past anger and inability to speak up for myself and express that anger has now allowed me to express anger and frustration in healthy ways as it arises, as well as bringing in a new spiciness 🙂 to my coaching style. 

It’s been healing for me to own this fiery/Scorpio energy, and it’s been incredibly activating and healing for my clients too.

The flipside to feeling so vibrant and healthy is that my vibration feels higher and I’ve noticed I’m feeling more sensitive to lower energies than I usually am.

For example, I notice when I go into a lower frequency place I yawn a lot (which is a form of energy release) or feel like I need to leave because the energy feels uncomfortable for my system.

I’m also more sensitive to heavier, denser foods (I tried to eat a burger and my system expelled it), and alcohol.

This is also a great thing because it shows that my body is in a different frequency now, which is exciting. The higher frequency our bodies are, the more we are able to ground into and actually be beacons of the energies of love, joy, abundance, and peace.

How You Can Do an Intuitive Liver Detox

I really believe in doing everything in a gentle way, so let your body guide how that would look for you.

If you’ve been feeling sluggish, have done a lot of internal soul or somatic work, or having been over-working your liver through an abundance of alcohol, chemicals including processed foods, cleaners, products, etc., or living in an urban environment or the like, I highly recommend it.

You might be guided to spend some time really focusing on incorporating into your diet the foods that are suggested in the Liver Rescue book.

You might want to focus on supplementation like the ones I used and recommend (The Wing Man is such a good combination all of them, IMO).

You might focus on getting body work or energy support like acupuncture to specifically focus on liver support.

You might take an extended break from alcohol and remove excess toxins from your environment by switching to a non-toxic beauty routine.

You might want to focus on supporting the liver through twists in yoga asana.

You might want to drink or apply bentonite clay to help support your organ.

There are many ways! As you can see from my experience, you can do a combination as your intuition guides.

What I also think is really cool is to let your body guide how long you will do it for. For me, this usually ends up being about 3 weeks, but for others, it could be much shorter or longer.

This is how we can begin to build more trust, connection and communication between our bodies.

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