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Hi, I'm Catie. I love humans, chatting, and how to live life of meaning and purpose.  

I started this blog as a way for me to share more of my writing about everything from how to strengthen your intuition, find your purpose, and call in partnership, to my favourite travel destinations and tips. 

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On this blog, I share stories from my life, lessons I'm learning, or things I'm experiencing, with the hope that they help you too.   



The first retreat that I ever went to was at the Omega Center in upstate New York. I had been a big Gabby Bernstein fan, and I credit her a lot with being a massive catalyst in helping me commit to a meditation practice and open up spiritually. When she announced that she was doing […]

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I never meant to move to NYC. And a caveat to that, I certainly never meant to move to Hoboken, which is where I now live. Hoboken is directly across the Hudson River from the West Village in Manhattan. It’s a 7 minute subway ride to the West Village, a 20 minute drive to the […]

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I lose my keys often. I also misplace my wallet a lot. I have notoriously left my credit cards accidentally at my hotel right before boarding a flight to the opposite end of Vietnam, leaving me stranded with no money and no cards by myself once (You can read that whole story here). One year […]

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