How to Spend Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day to you!

I hope that your heart has been feeling full lately, and if it hasn't, know that I am sending you love, support, and a gentle reminder that all of the things that you want are already on their way.  

From one of my favourite poets, Rumi: "What you seek is seeking you." 

Further to my last e-mail to you, Valentine's Day used to be a tough one for me.  February is already a pretty dark and bleak month, and then society is going to throw on another layer of expectations and pressures to us?!   

For years, I couldn't figure out what I thought about the day.  I'm such a lover so loved the idea of a whole DAY dedicated to sharing love with everyone, but didn't connect with commercial aspects of it, and didn't know how I wanted to spend it. 

I remember in my last relationships I actually wanted to celebrate Valentine's Day.  Not in a "get me a present and let's devour these chocolates" way - but in a "I really love the idea of acknowledging our love for each other today" way, and I remember my partners were not about it and didn't like the holiday and I always found it a disappointment. In retrospect, I wish I had spoken up so that we could have met in the middle, but I never did. 

So eventually I had to get it together and chose to decide what Valentine's Day means to me.  I've chosen for the last few years to turn the entire month of February into an opportunity to deep-dive into self-connection and love, and have spent the last few Valentine's Days intentionally doing all of the things that light me up.  

We are constantly given opportunities to design what we want our lives to look like and be like, and holidays are not different! You get to choose. 

You do what feels right for you today.  

And then you do what feels right for you in your life.  

Truly, truly - the most loving thing that you can do is give yourself full permission to be who you really are and do the things you really want to do.   

To powerfully step into becoming your true, authentic self - the most radiant, beautiful, aligned, and bursting with love version of you - that is the radical self love. 

To love yourself in the messy, courageous, beautiful, and confusing journey to become the you that you came here to be - that's the radical self-love too. 

Self-love to me is cultivating the courage to be who you really are, to remember your power, and to live in a way that feels magical, while also learning to cultivate gentleness and compassion toward yourself in the process. 

It's also about loving ALL sides of yourself, and learning to be gentle with yourself as you shift, grow, make mistakes, fumble, and rise back up again and again. 

On tonight's Valentine's Day, try:
1. Doing three things that you LOVE to do; 
2. Writing out 5 things that you appreciate about yourself; 
3. Ask yourself: what do I really want right now? And then do that; 
4. Consider if there's something you really want to do but have been avoiding doing because no one will do it with you and then DO THAT THING. 

How your body wants to move and be MOVED

As we explore our true selves more - the deepest, most authentic and heart-led parts within us, we can sometimes get so excited to explore the spiritual and emotional realms that we forget to nurture our physical bodies. 

We invest in self-help books, crystals, retreats, coaching, and meditation cushions, but can fail to invest equal time and energy into our bodies. 

As we change, what our physical bodies needs changes as well.  The work that we do to shift and expand our minds and hearts needs to be grounded in our bodies - this is how our vibration literally changes.

If we fail to do this, we can get a little too stuck in the "air" or higher realms.  When that happens, it can be difficult to birth our creations into the world because they are stuck up in idea-land.  We can't show up as powerfully because our presence isn't as potent because we aren't fully in our bodies.

You know those people that just have an ENERGY or MAGNETISM about them?  They walk into a room and you FEEL it. 

These are people who not only have done the work to excavate their hearts and minds, but then have had the discipline to ground their work into their physical bodies.

Do you also know those people with a lot of great ideas or spiritual wisdom, but when you are in front of them there's just an...airiness about them and they can't seem to turn any of their ideas or dreams into anything tangible?

Basically, our bodies need to catch up with all the great work we do in the spirit and emotional planes. 

Here is the key to doing this - our bodies need different types of physical movement depending on what we most need to balance/ground/nurture right now. 

While pilates may have been your go-to before, you may be craving HITT or spin class.  Similarly, if you are used to an intense vinyasa yoga practice, you may be craving more yin or restorative yoga. Let what you need change with whatever season you're in.  We're all cyclical. 

Tune in with your body and what it is really craving right now.  It should show you what type of movement it needs to nurture/ground yourself the most based on what you're working with at this point in your journey. 

Different types of movement will nurture your physical body, emotional body and spiritual body.

For example, when I am doing deep spiritual work I crave a lot of yoga, because it nourishes me and my connection to the divine. 

When I am diving deep into the range of my emotions and feelings, I love dance/pilates release classes like Fusion from Misfit studio (side note: this class/all their classes are sooo amazing to get you into your goddess flow.  For those of you not in Toronto, you can stream some of their classes here). 

As my coaching and retreat offerings expanded, I started to crave a lot of intense strengthening like spinning and Barry's Bootcamp to make me physically stronger to energetically hold space for so many people's transformations. 

When I am most in balance, I am rotating between all three to ensure that my physical body is nurtured on all three levels. 

Try the self-reflection questions below to see how you can get back into balance with your physical body so that you can show up as the most powerful YOU moving forward. 

How to Eliminate Self-Doubt and Fear

There's a big wash of people experiencing feelings of overwhelm lately, so know that you aren't alone in it. 

If you've been receiving my e-mails for a while, you know that full moons are a time where we tend to FEEL more deeply.  Think of the full moon as a big old tidal wave, and with it it'll often bring up feelings of inspiration and clarity, or it'll bring up old doubts, fears or feelings of overwhelm for us to process.

This full moon is in Taurus, which is a sign that is very much about living the good life. 

What is the "good life" to you? For everyone, success and living a well-lived, beautiful life looks different. 

When we set intentions back in May, 2018 at this moon, I was asking you to think about peak experiences of beauty, joy and richness and what a vision would look like for you. 

Now that we are in the full moon period, you may be feeling overwhelmed about whether or not your physical or emotional needs are being met, whether your goals are being hit, or whether your vision of living your best life could actually become a reality. 

Whatever F E A R you are feeling right now, remember that its just a thought in your head and it is "false evidence appearing real."  

The truth is, anything that you want for yourself in your life is possible for you, and the only thing that's standing between you and making your vision a reality is you. 

This is why I am so JAZZED to share this mindset hack that has been a game-changer for me and my private coaching clients to literally rewire the brain to feel more confident in yourself and like you are totally able to make your dreams a reality.  

Try this!!!!

Step 1: Write out what you really want/how you want to feel instead of the way you feel now - ie: write out the vision of yourself as your best version, living your best life.  Maybe for you this is simply to feel more at ease and confident with managing stress. 

Step 2: Write out what your ego/mind has to say about why this could not happen, or would not be possible, or historically hasn't gone to plan.  Write out "this is what my ego has to say about this...." ie": “you don’t have enough time or money to make that happen.” “you always…” etc.

Step 3: Think of what a more empowering story would be to now insert every time that limiting belief or voice of fear comes up.

ie: “I am capable of handling and all challenges at work…” “Even though things are uncertain right now, I trust that everything is unfolding in perfect timing…” “I am worthy and capable of achieving my dreams…” “I find creative ways for money to find me and people love to pay me…” “my soul’s work needs to be supported…” “I am beautiful and radiant, and can’t wait for love to find me when its time.”

Step 4: Write out these affirmations on a piece of paper or in a notebook and read them every single morning when you first wake up and right before you go to sleep. This is because we have “baby brain” during these times, meaning that our subconscious are ready to be inputted with new information.

Step 5: Every time you feel your limiting belief or fear come up, STOP, pause, and then insert your new affirmation. You might feel like a robot at first, but over time, it will become second nature. This is because you are literally rewiring your brain to have a different response to external stimuli (but neuroplasticity is a different story for a different day).

I hope this helps you!!! This is the type of work we will be doing in six weeks to shine, a group coaching experience that begins November 4. Are you IN? E-mail me INTERESTED if you are.




If you know much of my story, you know that I've flipped my world upside down a few times and been left with my confidence shaken, my light diminished, and clarity nowhere in sight (the smoke).  

I now have six week action plan that I lead myself through whenever this happens, and it works.  I've now created an online group coaching program that's based on everything I've learned and implemented. 

Enrolment will be opening on October 23, 2018 and closing November 4, 2018, so get ready!!!  I am so excited that I could explode. 

In the meantime, I wanted to help you out by sending out a few videos over the next week designed to help you start to connect with the goddess in YOU.

Remember from my last e-mail that the goddess version of you is just the best, most empowered, most radiant, most bad-ass version of you.  If you've lost touch with her, then its time to come back home. You can get more information about the program by clicking here.

In the meantime, ask yourself these questions:

  1. How in touch with you are you with your intuition or inner voice?

  2. How connected do you feel to the universe? Do you feel that you are guided and supported?

  3. How taken care of are you feeling? How nourished are you feeling through your self-care practices? Have you been pushing too much without giving enough time to take care of yourself?

  4. Have you been expressing your creativity? Have you been feeling called in any way to express yourself creatively?

  5. How turned on do you feel, in general? Do you feel connected to your sex drive or has it waned? How in touch with the pleasures of daily life are you? Are you out of balance in terms of your attachment to other forms of pleasure like over-eating, drinking, or seeking attention?

  6. Do you have a clear vision of the best, most radiant version of yourself? Are you actively becoming her?

  7. Are you in transition, or do you feel like you are about to be in one? Are you clear what’s on the other side of this transition?

  8. How often do you take time where you simply follow your heart’s desire and do whatever you feel like?

  9. Do you feel that there are toxic people in your life that you need to let go of? Why haven’t you released them yet?

  10. Is there an ex that you keep on thinking about? Are you ready to let them go?

  11. Are there friends that you feel like you’ve outgrown? Are you ready to let them go or are you scared?

  12. Do you give too much to others at the expense of your own? What tends to get you out of balance and causes you to give too much?

  13. We all have an inner troll/mean girl/saboteur. Is this voice of limiting beliefs, self doubt and fear loud right now or do you feel like you have learned to allow the softer, more gentle, loving and wise voice within you guide your daily actions?

  14. What was the last “smackdown” you got, where the universe was giving you a clear message that it was time to make a change? It may have been an issue at work, a fight, a break-up, or a health scare.

  15. Are you ready to end 2019 strong, like the radiant effing goddess you are?

Stay tuned. I hope you’ll join me!



Setting Intentions for New Moon in Libra

Its the new moon in Libra tonight.  As you know, at new moons we take time to go inward, take a pause, and set new intentions. 

Libra is a sign that heavily explores relationships, balance and justice. 

But I want to talk about relationships.

We learn so much by the people that come into our lives, as each are sent for a divine purpose to mirror back to us ourselves. 

Our most important is ultimately our relationship with ourself.  No matter how deep we are on our path, there is no better mirror for how deeply we are loving ourselves, where we need to heal, or where we are being called to step into our greatness than to have it mirrored back by another. 

How we relate to another shows us how we relate to ourselves

Where we shut others out shows us where we shut down parts of ourselves.  Where we shrink around others shows us where we have shut down parts of ourselves. 

Similarly, when we are in the presence of someone that we admire or look up to, we are merely being shown with a part of ourself that is being called to step into our own greatness in a further way.  Their beauty, power, or influence mirrors back of our own. 

It's a beautiful reflection to look at all the connections that are presently in your life and to evaluate why you think that your soul called them in.  What are they teaching you?

If you're in a period of hustle - are you calling in people who love to have fun and take it easy? They have a lesson for you. 

Similarly, are your co-workers highly critical of you? They may have a lesson about learning to cultivate greater compassion for yourself or to speak up more. 

In dating, are you attracting in emotionally unavailable men? If so, then its time to look at your own heart, sister, and figure out what part of you still isn't fully open to love. 

I have been pretty vocal about the fact that a ton of my growth, healing and expansion has come through relationships, to the point that one day I want to write a book all about it, so I'll save those stories for another day. 

By relationships I don't just mean romantic relationships. I mean all of our relationships  - friendships, co-workers, family members, or those who you have met only in fleeting moments. 

Each new connection been brought as a teacher from the universe, so the question is - how are you showing up? Are you allowing them to teach you, and you them, or are you shutting down?

With this new moon, take some time to reflect on your most important relationships.

I've written out some questions for my e-mail newsletter. If you want to get that, sign up for my mailing list below, but the key here is to look at how all of your relationships are working - from friendships, to work, to dating or partnership - and then set intentions around the ones that might need some work to make them more harmonious going forward. 

By the time that the Libra full moon comes to us in six months, how do you want to be feeling and showing up in your most important relationships?

Further reading on this new moon can be found on my favourite moon cycle website, Mystic Mamma, here

Full Moon in Aries - What Limits you from Creating Healthy Habits?

It's that time of the month - the time of the full moon.  This one is in Aries.  Back on April 15, 2018, we were working on themes of new beginnings.  Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, and carries with it a fire starter energy of getting up and DOING the THING.

Aries boldly moves forward through its fears, creates and implements healthy habits, and loves to implement new ideas and projects. 

As a result, back in April we were looking at what new version of our life we wanted to build.  What would it look like? What healthy habits were going to support us in our new life? 

And now here we are now on the other side - the culmination of what those seeds have become.  While some of you might be seeing a lot of success and beauty in your life, I've actually noticed a theme  right now of people feeling overwhelmed, agitated, or frustrated by getting hooked by their self-sabotaging habits. 

You know why this happens?

In order to step into a new life or a new way of being, we need to clearly be shown where we still hold ourselves back, where fear still keeps us stuck, or where we self-sewer ourselves through pushing whatever our chosen "stop button" is.  The "stop button" we push to avoid our feelings instead of sitting with them (I hear about the same ones all the time - usually it looks like bingeing of some sort - on food, or a series, or drinking...or any combination of the above). 

You find yourself caught in an old pattern or habit and you're like - "really?! This again?!" 

This full moon is potent in that its illuminating for us some of our deepest core vulnerabilities and fears, and the habits or tendencies we have that limit us from stepping to the fullest expression of ourselves.

Instead of beating yourself up, try looking at what's been shaking down in your life with a new lens.

How do some of your limiting habits continually stop you from creating new, healthier ones?  Where does the ego still puncture you with all of its fears once your inner wisdom has gifted you with a new amazing idea? Where to you continue to unnecessarily push yourself instead of letting things flow?

The process of growth calls us to feel our fears and limitations, witness them, and then choose love - and choose to forge ahead anyway.  

It's not easy, but you can do it!!!! 

Why you're so tired right now - Eclipses/Full Moons/Retrograde

I know that I said more videos will be coming to help you create a plan to align with your soul's path, but with all this intense universal energy, I thought it would serve you more to share some insight on this instead.

Firstly, don't panic.

Those of you with Aquarius in your chart may be feeling this placement a little more intensely. Either way, for those of you who always follow along with the prompts I give, this moon coincides with the work we were doing back in February on deepening our self-love and radical self-acceptance.

In terms of what's up in the sky, think of all of these energies coming together as one big lightening bolt that's just casually going directly through you.

Whoa!! Its uncomfortable, exhausting, and can make us feel super sensitive and frustrated.

For my energetically sensitive people, you may literally feel like you're being low-key electrocuted. Otherwise, this current may have left you feeling totally exhausted.

Either way, its a massive influx of light, and its making everyone feel really tired because we are energetic beings and we are basically being upgraded with a new voltage, you know?

On the other side of this, with that voltage - all that new light - what do you want to create? I promise you that once you integrate what's happening right now, you will have greater feelings of love, bliss and joy to put your desire into motion.

In the meantime, what's being shown to you is where you still self-sabotage.

I love speaking about how we all have an inner mean girl/gremlin/sabteuuuer - she's so annoying. She constantly trips us up, gets us out of alignment, snaps when we wished we hadn't, or tells us we aren't good enough or should be doing more.

She reacts based on a series of patterns as old as time - and by time, I mean your childhood. What do you still do when you feel overwhelmed/stressed/uncomfortable that's no longer serving you?

Where is she still in the driver's seat in your life?

This full moon/eclipse/retrograde smackdown is giving you an opportunity to see where that sneaky saboteeuuuurr is still running amuck.

While as a coach and teacher I can help others to see where she's still stepping in, you have to do the work once you've seen where she holds you back to actually understand where that pattern came from, and then actively choose a new action. #dothework

Choose again. Choose gentleness over struggle.

Understand where those patterns came from. How cool to know yourself so well, and to realize its just a habitual pattern that can be unwound.

You got this. Rest. Drink water. Meditate.

Lots of love,


P.S. It's my great honour to help guide you on your path. If you feel a nudge for one on one programs (if you start August/September you'll be finishing December - February which is perfect), you can book in for a discovery call here:

Why I'm leaving my lawyer life...

I am leaving my law practice! It’s been such a long time coming and I’m so excited to now share with you more of my journey!
Over the next week I’ll be releasing some videos to help you gain clarity about how to connect with your inner voice/soul, figure out where it’s leading you, and how to get on your path to get there. 
I’ve often shared that back in 2013, I had a spiritual smackdown that led to a number of massive shifts in my life that you can read more about here or see here.
Soon after that happened, I got a vision in meditation.  I was speaking, teaching groups about how to connect with their soul and the universe, running retreats and helping others one on one on their journeys.  
It was clear to me from the beginning that while I loved being a lawyer, my soul was leading me in a new direction and I was going to have to surrender to it.

I had a pretty deep internal struggle with this – it was a classic mind over heart situation, that actually took a long time for me to process and work through. 
The primary issue with the vision was that I had no idea how I was going to get there and I was the type of person that loved clearly defined steps.  

In law, you just go to school, get the grades, pass the bar exam and get a job.  This was going to be different.  It seemed so far off and there was no clear blueprint how to get there.
I was so keen to make it happen, and remember asking the universe how I was going to do so and the answer was: “you need to do the work.”
"Ummm - Noted.”
I see now that I could never teach unless I was deeply rooted in my own practices, and had enough to teach based on having actually experienced it.

I spent that first year diving deep into myself, meditating, unravelling my mind to come back into my heart, and reading every book on spirituality and all things soul - this has only continued.   
Not knowing a clear road of how to get to where I wanted to go, I decided that I would just listen to my intuition and take the next right step as it was time.
Starting in 2014, this is what I did.  I began by teaching and sharing about the benefits of meditation.  This led to people opening up to me about their journeys, which led to a coaching practice.  Later I created the Circle community, started speaking publicly about my journey, and leading retreats.

Each step and offering built off the other, and each new opportunity only came when I was ready to handle and hold space for it (although its easier to see that now looking back - I had to learn to let go of timelines). 
I always said I would leave my law practice when I felt complete in it, and when my business was busy enough that I could no longer sustain doing both.  This happened, and now here we are.

So many of you are on your own journeys, and I am so excited to have more time to help support you in the best way I can, whether its working together one on one, coming on a retreat or to Circle, or using the tools and self-reflection questions I'll continue to post now that I have more time and space. 

Stay tuned for a video later this week on getting clear on your vision, followed by a video on how to balance surrender with inspired action to make it happen.

Remember, anything you want for yourself in your life is possible. 

Sunday self-reflection questions before. 

Lots of love,


P.S. Journey to the Heart Retreat has sold out!!! We may have one spot, so if you are still on the fence but considering it let me know as we're trying to see if we can reserve another villa. 

P.P.S.  This means that my next retreat with availability is Costa Rica February 18 - 23, 2019 with Samara of @mindfulnessmatters.  More details to come :) 

111, 222, 333... What Repeating Numbers Mean

Ever see the repeating numbers 111, 222, 333, 444, or just any combination of repeating numbers?

I know you have been because I've been getting a massive influx of messages on this subject and so wanted to address it. 

Quite simply, repeating numbers are signs from the universe/your spirit guides/angels that you are exactly where you are meant to be, and are trying to get you to pay attention and strengthen your connection with it/them.  

Be mindful of what you're thinking of when you see the numbers.  If you're in a negative mind state, the numbers would be a sign for you to shift your thoughts back to love.  If your thoughts are good and you're dreaming about something new that would be awesome, the repeating numbers are a sign from the universe that its a YES. 

Each number has a different vibration.  Doreen Virtue popularized the idea that different repeating numbers mean different things.  You can read more from her here.  However, my view is that they are just signs from the universe and your spirit guides to pay attention, trust the process, and to know that you are loving, guided and protected.

There's a line from a Course in Miracles that I love, which is "the presence of fear is a sure sign you are trusting in your own strength."

We are not alone in this journey.  You are so supported, so loved, and so divinely guided.  The more that you open up to the support and signs from the universe, the more that you'll be awake to the winks it continues to throw your way.  

Next time you see these repeating numbers repeat: "everything is working out in perfect timing.  I am completely taken care of." From there, reflect on what's happening - where are your thoughts? where are you? who's around? This will give you insight as to why the universe wanted to reach out to you at this point in time. 

If it's a seemingly innocuous time, like when you're driving or you see 111 on the streetcar, don't dismiss it! The magic IS in the tiny moments - those little moments day to day where we have the ability to shift our thoughts back to love and restore our perception to one of peace, openness and curiosity. 

If you have any further questions about this let me know!

Three Powerful Questions to Keep Self-Care on Track

Summer has come in HOT.  Seriously.  And Summer also comes with an onslaught of experiences, commitments, and distractions. 

In flowing with the waves of these experiences, commitments and distractions, we can sometimes get lost in what we really want, or to stick with our self-care practices amongst the storm of activity. 

As a further shake up, we also have a powerful Mars retrograde right now coupled with two eclipses this month that are creating really potent healing energy for us right now.  Delays, frustrations, and run-ins with the past and past versions of you are common right now.  

It's the type of energy where the universe is really testing us - "girl, I know you 'did the work', but did you do it sufficiently enough so that you're actually ready to leave your job? Are you actually ready to see your ex and not be triggered by it? Are you actually ready to go to a wedding and be present and take care of yourself?" 

Here are three powerful questions to ask yourself each morning to ensure that you stay on track, aligned with your soul, and keep living from that gorgeous heart of yours:

  • How do I want to feel today?
  • What do I need most right now?
  • What can I do today to feel the way I want to feel?

Using these three questions is a daily practice of mine, but ensuring I stick to checking in in this way is particularly necessary as my energy ebbs and flows with the flurry of activity this summer and the big changes about to unfold in my life.  Try it!



How to beat Summer FOMO (fear of missing out)

Summer brings about this flurry of activity, and with the endless scrolling of other people’s feeds, or interacting in endless conversations at weddings or gatherings about what other people are up, you might be feeling a little bit of FOMO and comparison paralysis.

”My life is boring.”
“Why am I not there?”
“If I had gone, my life would seem less boring.”
“Gahhh – my life really is boring.”
“Why did they get to do that?”
“That looks way cooler than what I’m doing right now...”
Fear of missing out on… what, exactly?  Fear of missing out tends to centre around the belief that we are not tapped in enough, doing enough, or are enough  - period.  It also is the fantasy that "if only X... then I would be cooler..."
I’m here to remind you that you are enough and you don’t have to DO anything to be the radiant, beautiful goddess that you are.  Trust in your choices, and trust that you are always where you are meant to be. 
We fear that if we were only there, we would be complete, or cooler, or our life would otherwise be better. This fear also stems from thinking that by honouring what’s best for us, we are somehow depriving ourselves from something that would be more awesome. 
But FOMO is just another trick of the ego/your inner mean girl and so remember that it’s just a commentary on what IS, and isn’t real.  It's your job to acknowledge your inner mean girl but then tell her to buzz off.  
A quick fix for this is to get super present and to acknowledge all that is beautiful and great in that moment (gratitude FTW). Then, own the season you're in and why you are where you're at right now. 
There is a season for you to be out a lot and socializing, and there’s also a season for you to be more contemplative, reflective, and rooting down with your family. 
There’s a season to be travelling, and there’s a season to enjoying backyard BBQs at your home.
There’s a season to be enjoying your life with your friends, and there’s also a season for you to be cultivating new friendships while taking some space from friends you used to connect with.
There’s a season to be out doing all of the things, and there’s a season to be resting, chilling and taking it easy.
Whatever season you’re in right now – own it.

Its Summer Solstice!!! Rituals and What it Means

It's summer solstice!!! I love this day.  This is officially the longest day of the year - we are infused with more sunlight than we will be all year.  Soak in the sweetness!

Nature is the wisest of the wise and we can take so many cues from her.  (and newsflash, if you forgot you are part of nature... ummm...totally normal, but just a reminder - you are inextricably linked to everything in the universe, including the animals, trees, flowers, sun and the moon). 

So let's think about it: the summer solstice is a day of pure LIGHT, so what do you think nature is trying to tell us? To celebrate! To shine brightly! To honour! To play! To love HARD.

This time also signifies our official transition into summer.  We are emerging out of spring, which was a period of birthing new ideas, beginning anew, and planting seeds of our dreams and desires.  We were stepping forward from the icy layers and gentle cocoon of winter's dark and shadowy months. 

Summertime is a time for manifestation.  Its the time for seeing the ripening of our ideas, witnessing them coming to fruition, and for enjoying the beauty that comes with appreciating the contrast between this time of light with the deep letting go, introspection, and shadow work that often comes in winter. 

If there is one tip for you right now it is to just ENJOY your life. Enjoy watching some of your dreams come true.  Enjoy the beauty around you.  Enjoy seeing the richness and abundance in your life. Let yourself laugh more.  Take off the mask and be a little more you. Celebrate your successes thus far this year. Honour your growth.  Bask in your beauty by doubling down on self-care and the things that make you feel gorgeous and loved.  

Your ritual / self-reflection and intention setting questions are below. 

Love you, you beautiful shining star!! 



Your Summer Solstice Ritual + Self Reflection Questions

1. Get yourself out into nature to enjoy all of the LIGHT that nature is coming in with right now. 
2. Buy or make yourself something that feels pleasurable and signifies "celebration" to you - ie: chocolate, prosecco, vegan ice cream, whateves.
3.  Acknowledge and write out all that you are most proud of yourself for doing so far this year.  What happened in the winter that you're now on the other side of and have released? Write about the courage you had in spring to start to step into your light a little more or take steps in the directions of your dreams.  Honour all that you are and where you're at on your journey right now. 
4.  Now indulge in your favourite treat and soak in the sweetness of your life!!! Celebrate YOU for being YOU. 
5.  Next, gather petals from flowers and put them in a big bowl of warm water.  You can also add some essential oils.
6. Think about your intention for the summer - how do you want to FEEL?  
7. Dip your hands into the warm water for a few minutes, closing your eyes, and saying "I honour my cycles of growth.  I release what is ready to be released.  I am open to receive the abundance of my life.  I celebrate myself.  I love myself."
8.  Now bring your hands on your heart or in prayer position and set your intention for the summer - again, how do you want to FEEL?
8.  Bring the water and dump it into the ground/soil and set your intention again, finishing it by saying "and so it is." 
9. Remind yourself you're a GD radiant warrior goddess queen. 

10. Want to get in touch with me??? Cool.  You can do that here. 

Name *

Let life crack you open

Let life crack you open.  Let yourself stay open even when you want to close. To shy away from vulnerability. To retract. 

Life is full of opportunities to close.  Someone says something we don't like and we want to ice them out.  Something doesn't go to plan and we choose to scrap the whole project.  We open ourselves to another and they reject us.  Someone takes advantage of us and we feel defeated. 

The challenge is to keep your heart open even when you want to close it.  To push through that moment where you want to shut down, and instead to breathe into it, feel into it, and stay open anyway. 

As you evolve and center more into the heart, it can truly feeling your heart is cracking open.  Let it crack open. 

I promise you that on the other side  of each cracking is an even greater experience of love, bliss, and abundance than you have touched before.

However, in the moment it can feel uncomfortable to stay open and in your heart through loss, rejection, change, and hurt, or to allow yourself to feel fully into how amazing life can be due to the fear that things will change... but stay open anyway.  

Many of you are going either going through big challenges, or enjoying big peaks of joy right now after having been put through the wringer earlier this year.  Wherever you're at, be in it completely.  Be alive and awake to whatever your experience is right now. 

For those of you in a wave of good, allow yourself to feel into just how incredible life can feel on the other side of your growth.  This is not a trick - you've earned it.  

For those of you in the smoke, see your challenge as a gift.  While it might not seem like it, this is the exact thing that you need to open you even more, and to transform you into the person you are becoming. 

When you are feeling tender or sensitive, be gentle with yourself.  Treat yourself like you would a little child.  Mother yourself.  Tell yourself everything is okay.  Wrap yourself in cozy blankets and make yourself tea like you would for any other little being.  

You are held by the universe.  You are safe.   You are on the precipice of magnificent change and growth.  

You will soon look back on this time and the radical transformation you will make -  and you will be absolutely blown away by all of your growth. You are right where you are meant to be. 

As always, I'm here to support you.  Often the women I work with are going through similar uncomfortable periods in life transitions, or are on the other side of massive growth and are now ready to integrate that experience and share their light with the world in a bigger and more powerful way.  You can book a Discovery call to chat about it here:

Your New 7 Year Cycle - Where Uranus is Moving and Why You Should Care

In second year University I put my hand up in a lecture room full of 200 other Political Science majors after the professor asked for examples of things that don't have a lot of proof but that you still believe in.  "Astrology." I said, dead-panned.  He looked at me, perplexed. "Astronomy?" "No. Astrology."... Crickets. Eye rolls.  My heart sunk.  I felt so sheepish. I abandoned my love of astrology for a long time after that until I rediscovered it a few years ago. 

While I know astrology can be a bit out there for some people, I'm all about providing you with the tools and insights that have helped me to become so jazzed about life and a manifesting queen. 

Why you should pay attention is because astrology has been an incredible tool for simply learning how to know yourself better, and, similar to the moon cycles, allows you to better understand the cycles and rhythms of your life.

This isn't about horoscopes and predicting the future.  Rather, it's about evaluating where you're at, where you're going, and the natural tools, gifts, or skills unique to you that might help you get there.

Remember, the same as flowers, you are not all the same, you are not meant to bloom all year, and you are not meant to stay the same.   

As this new cycle begins (technically it began May 15, 2018), you can take some time to reflect on this new you that you have become.  What does this new you want/desire/need? Dream a new dream for this YOU you have become.

Use the guiding questions below for you to reflect on where you want to be going in this new cycle. 



PS - for another comprehensive review and perspective on this shift head over to


What  are you changing or feeling called to change in terms of how  you support yourself financially?

What  aspect  of your  financial situation  do you feel you need  to be more organized, structured, or innovative with?

What new story about what it means to be financially secure, independent, and abundant are you ready to create?

 What  old story about your  self worth, self esteem,  wealth, work, or your financial  situation are you ready to release? Where did this story come from?

What do you really feel about people who make a lot of money? Are you ready to create a new story around it?

What does abundance mean to you?

What  might you  need to become more unapologetic about  in terms of your value, your worthy, your  work or your financial life?


How are you starting to see yourself and your life differently?

How  are you  experiencing  your identity  differently?

 What  old version or aspects of yourself are you ready to release or have outgrown?  

What would it mean to be unapologetically yourself?

In what way are you ready to step into yourself more fully, take up more space or become more yourself?

In what ways do you still play small?

What aspect of yourself or an interest of yours do you hide from others that you're ready to be more open about?


If your social connections have changed in the past year, what have these shifts shown you about yourself?

What aspect of yourself have you outgrown?

What area of your life or friendships do you need to break up with?

What are you secrets? Actually get honest and write out your secrets. 

What aspect of yourself, or what is normally hidden, is ready to come forward to be seen?

Where do you still put up a facade or a mask that "everything is good" when it's not?

What are you feeling called to learn more about yourself or others right now?

What aspects of spirituality or your soul are you feeling nudged to explore?


What type of community or social connections would be ideal for you?

How has your inner circle or community changed most recently? What does this tell you about yourself?

What are your lifelong or longstanding social issues that you feel ready to tackle?

What types of people do you need around you for you to feel most at ease, empowered and energized?

Who would be the most ideal person to work alongside? 

How can you make an impact in your community in the coming years?

How can you collaborate with your community to make an impact in the coming years?

Which people are truly inspiring you right now?


What shifts are you feeling in your professional life?

Are you ready for a career change?

What about your current job do you feel over?

What would be your most ideal job situation?

What are you feeling called to start getting loud, or stepping into the spotlight more about?

What are you most wanting to create in your professional life right now?

If you were really honest, what is your fear about your current professional situation?

What makes you anxious when it comes to your current job?

What would it look like for you to transition to a new career?

Would any aspect of yourself need to evolve in order for you to change careers or have the confidence to do so?


What ideas that you once held about yourself or your life are you breaking away from?

How is your relationship to spirituality changing?

What truth are you seeking? 

Where are you feeling called to travel in the next few years?

What are you feeling called to deepen your study in over the next few years?

Is there a journey that your heart is calling you to go on?

Are you feeling called to begin to share parts of your story in a more public way?


What would having strategic collaborations and partnerships open up for you in your life?

Who are you feeling called to collaborate with?

Do you have any fears around collaborating with others?

Do you believe that there is more than enough to go around, and that someone else's success does not take away from your own?

How are you being moved to partner in new ways in business or your finances?

What past hurt are you ready to understand, release, and let go of?

Is there someone or something that you are ready to forgive that you previously haven't?

What part of your life (wellness, sexuality, family, career) are you ready to do a deeper dive into?


What  new energy  is awakening  in your partnerships  or in regards to what  you are looking for in a  partnership?

How has what you need in a partner changed from before until now?

In order for you to shine as brightly as you can, what type of partner would you need?

What are the core feelings you are most desiring from your partner or future partner?

How would your career or life change if your partner was able to elevate, inspire and empower you?

Who  is helping  you to break  through old fears  around intimacy, exchanges,  and being vulnerable with others?

What fears do you have around showing someone your heart and who you really are? 

Who  in your  life is going  through a disruptive  time or creating turbulence  in the relationship? How can  you help yourself stay grounded  and connected to you no matter what  anyone else is going through?

Who are your most difficult relationships? How can you start to bring more compassion to these relationships?


How have you been exploring your creativity in the last few years?

How can you bring your creative gifts more into your work life?

How  can you  bring these  innovative gifts  into your work life?

How connected to your body do you feel?

Is there any health issue that has arisen or is arising?

How healthy do you feel?

How fit and strong do you feel?

Is there any aspect of your body that needs further healing?

How can you be more rebellious or take more chances in your current work life?

What new things are you innovating in your work life?

How can you start to incorporate technology more into your work life?

How can you start to incorporate technology into your wellness routine? 


What wants to be birthed from you right now?

If you could create anything right now, what would it be? This includes a new vision for your future!

How tapped into your sensual energy are you?

If you were to connect more to children and your family in the upcoming years, what would that look like?

How are you feeling called to express yourself creatively? 

How can you use your creative energy to share, in a disruptive way, aspects of yourself or your life? 

What type of legacy do you want to leave?


What  new awareness  is entering your  consciousness about  your role, relationship,  and function in  your family? Which  of these truths is the loudest  at the moment?  

What roles have you agreed to in your family that you're ready to release?

How will your family react when you let them know that you are going to take on a new role or relationship to them? 

Who is your chosen family? How can you strengthen this bond?

What support do you need from your closest friends and family?

How supported are you feeling by where you live?

If you were to make a move, what would that place look like? Where would it be?

Where do you picture yourself living, in an ideal scenario, that would allow you to flourish most?

What type of partner and family member do you want to be?

How do you want your friends and family to describe you? How can you ensure you are embodying this?

Do you want an unconventional relationship or family design? If so, what does this look like?

How is the structure of your family changing?

How is your home ready to change?


What are you ready to communicate on a much louder, more free way?

What are you now taking a stand for?  

What is your daily ritual or time for self-connection like? Could you increase its frequency or aspects of it?

Is there something about your daily plans or schedules that needs to change?

How are you adapting to the new changes to your schedules or plans?

How are you integrating the past few years of growth and freedom now that you are being called to stick to a schedule or root down more? 

Are you changing where you live? What aspect of your community is starting to alarm you?

Are you having any friction with members of your community? If so, why? What is this teaching you?

Are you taking enough time to ground yourself and your connection to your soul right now? 

How are your relationships with your siblings, close friends and family changing right now?

Are there new rituals you want to start to incorporate into your day to keep you happy and connected to your soul and in a s

Are you ready for a change to your closest sibling-like relationships? 

If you want more soul-sisters or brothers, what are the traits they would have? What would you do together?

Ending a 7 Year Cycle - Uranus in Taurus

“You’ve changed” they’ll say.

Well, yeah, you have. I see you, dreamer. You’re changing and evolving and here’s the thing: you’re just not the person you once were.

I posted on instagram stories about how so many of us were running into exes, friends from the past or situations that were perfectly designed to show you just how much has changed and how different you are now.  Running into people from the past shows us this contrast.

The theme right now is on completion - what are you done with? Can you honour how much have you changed?

Uranus enters Taurus tomorrow for the first time in seven years - this simply means that you’re seeing (in an often disruptive way) that a chapter is coming to a big close.

This energy doesn't always feel comfortable - but it shakes you to awaken you.

Newsflash: you’re not the same person you once were. sometimes we need to be faced with something from the past to show us how much things have shifted. This can be both beautiful and heartbreaking.

Look back to where you were in March 2011 for an indication of when this last Uranus cycle began.

What has been the primary focus for you in the last seven years? Work? Relationships? Creative expression? Travel and expansion? this chapter is coming to a close and Uranus will shift to a new area of your chart.

Viva la Revolution!!

Aries: This was all about how you take action in the world.  You've learned to be assertive, take action, and forge a path for yourself.

Taurus: You've proven you can spring back eventually from any unforeseen disaster and forgive others.  You've weathered some big storms and have proved you can still stand.

Gemini: This was a friendship and relationship transit.  Friends may come and go, but you will always retain your faith in the goodness of human beings, even as your associations have changed.

Cancer: You were changing your work and relationships, and specifically, how you relate to others at work.  Can you bring compassion to a place that needs it the most? It’s about how people think of you and how they look up to you after you have touched them and they you.

Leo: Yours was in the house of higher learning and travel. How your mind has grown and your behaviour developed! All of your relationships have risen to a higher level.

Virgo: You've been on a deep healing journey.  Although you may have had to deal with what seems like insurmountable debt, setbacks and pain, be proud of how you have grounded into who you are and a more fulfilling expression of your soul.

Libra:  This was a large transit around relationships and learning to balance between partnership and independence.  You have been learning that granting freedom and independence to those you love is not abandonment at all. It shows a new way of bonding and understanding the needs of others.

Scorpio: This was a health and career transit for you.  Taking care of your health, listening to your body and finding alternative measures was a large focus. You’ve also revolutionized what you want to do in the world.

Sagittarius: This was in your house of creative expression.  How have you tapped into your creativity over the past 7 years? How have you explored expressing yourself in new and unique ways?

Capricorn: Your transit was disrupting your house and work structures - all of the structures that kept you in place, particularly your family dynamics.  You also have had some turblent changes. No matter how you try to hold it together and disruptive it may seem, the growth of disruption and transformation is not only inevitable. It is healthy.

Aquarius: You were gifted with a humanitarian vision or new vision for your future, which may be quite outside the box.  You have learned flexibility and have gained a new respect for honesty and communication.

Pisces: This was a lot about finances for you.  Finances are linked to self-worth - how do you value yourself and your wealth? It may seem strange, but even if you were the richest person in the world or the thriftiest seven years ago, you have been challenged to tap into your resourcefulness. As a Pisces, financial security may not be your ultimate goal but it sure has been a trip to stay even close to being on top of the money thing.

Speaking to the Universe

The universe is always speaking to us, it’s just whether we are actually listening or not.

How does the universe speak to you? Are you listening?

There are a number of ways that the universe and your inner guide (the deep, knowing voice within you) will speak to you.  Maybe it’s through seeing different visual signs with the exact message or image you needed to see, or a conversation with someone who provides the exact insight you need, or maybe it’s a nudge to reach out to a person, or that “tug tug” feeling to apply to write for a blog.  Whatever it is, it’s when we are following these nudges and signs that life starts to feel magical.

The reason why life feels magical is because things are in complete flow.  When we are in flow, things seem easy.  It seems like everything is conspiring in our favour to make our dreams happen.  In this state, the next step is clearly laid out for you, and you just need to say yes.  You meet the exact person at the exact moment that you need to.  The money that you need is provided right in the moment that you need it.  As a result, things feel like they are unfolding in one magical flow, and you are simply paying attention and acting on the puzzle pieces until you learn where they are all leading.  This is the beauty of the journey – all of the nudge nudges and hints and signs telling you where to go next in order to make your vision come true.  

If you feel that you’ve gotten out of the flow, ask the universe to show itself to you.  

Ask for signs.  Ask for the answer that you need.  Be specific about what you are seeking clarity and guidance on right now.  

Many of you know that the sign that I look for, to know I’m on path, is a rubber ducky.  It’s a completely random object, which is why I chose it.  Sure enough, every time I am travelling for something work related, I see a rubber ducky.  On my most recent trip to LA, I couldn’t keep up with all the rubber duckies I was seeing, which indicated to me that I had made the right move in choosing to go on that trip and join a business group that meets there.

You might ask the universe to show you that you’re still on path, or to you show you what your right next move is.  After you do this, your job is to pay attention to the signs.  Pay attention to your body’s cues about where it’s nudging you to go.  Pay attention to the conversations that you are having or the people around you.  Pay attention to the things you feel called to research or look into.   Trust that these are all the gentle winks from the universe, showing you, helping you, and guiding you to make whatever it is you desire come to fruition.

This doesn't have to mean that the Universe is going to show itself to you in the most epic, life changing way.   Often the Universe will show itself to you in some seemingly random moments where you feel "okay, yes. I am exactly on path."

The other weekend I sought guidance on what I needed to do next in my business.  A day later, I got this nudge: “Update your website with testimonials.  Go work at the coffee shop on Queen.”  What an interesting message, I thought.  I sat down at the coffee shop to work with my laptop, when a guy across from me sat down.  He asked me what I was working on and I replied that I was updating my website to have testimonials.  As it turned out, he is a marketer and used to work for massive companies doing their testimonials pages.  He was exactly the person I needed to meet at the exact moment that I needed to meet him.  

As he went to pull up my website on his computer, a woman walked by.  She saw my website and recognized my picture because she had been following along on my social media.  She is a break-up coach that works with men in the 30s after they have gotten divorced to learn how to navigate that heartbreak.  “I knew I would run into you eventually!” she said.  We were able to connect, and it was amazing we met because we both coach individuals going through transitions, but have different niches.

Those two nudge-nudges, first to add testimonials to my website, and then to work at a particular coffee shop, at a particular time, led to me getting expert feedback on how to update my website for free, two new friends and connections, and someone steadily referring me new clients. Had I not followed the nudges, I would have been without the support, guidance and connection that I needed in order to help me on this next stage of my journey.

Follow the nudges. Follow the signs.  They are always leading you to exactly where you need to be.

The Beauty of Letting gO

“Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on” – Eckhart Tolle

I was walking home the other day looking at the trees.  Trees in the dead of winter.  Trees with no leave on them.  Trees in their rawest, most vulnerable state.  But then there it was – the tree with several brown, dried up leave still clinging onto it.  They looked out of place.  It was so apparent that the leaves served no purpose anymore, and yet the tree hadn’t let go. 

Letting go is vulnerable.  It leads you to your own winter.  That time in your life where you’ve let go completely and are standing bare in facing the unknown, but trusting that by letting go, eventually the new buds will appear come the Spring.

Is there anything that you haven’t let go of yet? Think of yourself as that tree.  It seems so foolish, so obvious that it should just let the leaves go.  The tree doesn’t realize or remember that eventually the Spring will come and new buds will come, making the tree more beautiful and larger than it was before.

Each time the seasons pass, the trees grow larger.  Every time something is released in nature it is so that something larger and more expansive can come from it.  Trust that you, like nature, are only going to grow into a better, more vibrant, and beautiful version of yourself by letting go of what is stagnant.

So as we are, still in winter, take cues from nature.  Winter is a time for us to go inward, to reflect, to think about what we want to create but also what we want to release.  What have you still not let go of?

Now can you set the intention to release it?

My favourite way to release is through ritual.  It makes it more ceremonial and this act alone can be deeply healing. 

Write out a letter stating whatever it is that you’re ready to release.  A behaviour.  A past situation. An idea of the future that you’re clinging onto too much.  A past relationship.  An idea that you have to be a certain weight or size. Then sign the letter and say “thank you inner guide/soul/spirit/heart (whatever word works for you) for helping me to release what is no longer serving me.”

Now here comes the fun part: set it on fire.  The act of setting the paper on fire really does add a ritualistic element to it that can be so helpful.

This exercise can be particularly helpful about a job or relationship that ended abruptly.  Write out all the memories you have about the job or the person: all of the good, and all of the bad.  When I did this exercise over a past relationship, I realized that while I had previously released all of my negative memories about this relationship, I hadn’t been ready before to release the positive memories.  I was still holding onto the good memories we had together, but in doing so, I was still holding onto to that relationship, that person, and that version of me and my life.

As such, I was called to write out all of the beautiful memories I had with this person.  It was sad to write it out.  It was so bittersweet to remember all the amazing memories that we had together, but it was only through releasing the good memories that I was able to release myself of my attachment to this person and this relationship. I had to set myself free.

Perhaps, similarly, you’re holding onto good memories to a past situation that you need to release in order for something new to come into your life.  This doesn’t mean that you are going to forget about this person or place or job, but it does mean that you’re going to rid yourself of your attachments to it. 

But let go of all those amazing memories of that job you once loved alongside the bad memories.  Let go of how light you felt when you fit a certain size, so that you can allow yourself to love on where you’re at now and instead focus on how healthy your body feels.  Let go of your good memories at a certain vacation spot so that you can allow new memories in new locations to call out to you.

Letting it go is not just for past hurts or too much attachment to the future, it’s for anything that’s keeping hooked, thus keeping us unhinged from the present moment. 

Set yourself free.  

Radical Self Love: Loving Yourself suffering and joy

You may say that I have some experience in learning to love myself unconditionally.  Last year, I decided that it was the right move for me to uproot myself from a business that was steadily growing, a law practice I loved, and the friends and family that support me in order to enter into the entirely manufactured world of reality television.

At the time I left in April of 2017, I was in a deep space of self-love.  I had done years of internal excavation to really connect with myself.  Hours on the meditation cushion.  Pages and pages in journal reflecting.  Time of being single, living alone, learning who I really was and wanted to be, what fuelled me and inspired me, connecting with my inner light and determining who I was and who I wanted to be in the world.  I had been hitting soul-cycle and yoga like it was my job and was feeling super healthy and strong.  I had just gotten back from an epic vacation in Tulum, Mexico with a new group of friends that felt like family followed by another trip to Florida with my family.  I felt like I had really hit my stride in my law practice to feel that I was truly capable of handling any and all challenges at work and had a strong professional reputation.  My business of coaching, leading corporate meditation and happiness workshops, and leading the Circle was really taking off. 

“So we’re just going to put that on hold and head into the unknown” said my heart. 

My mind, obviously, had a lot of resistance: “what in the god damn hell??”

“Why give up a good thing? Life is really flowing and feeling amazing!”  The amount of love I was feeling each day for myself and for other was off the charts.  Why mess with a good thing?

“Tug-tug” my heart kept on saying, “this is the next right move.”

Here’s what I’ve learned: we should always follow our heart/gut/inner guide and the voice of the mind, the fear voice, is primarily there to keep use safe, comfortable, and otherwise stagnant.  Knowing this, I decided to bust through my mind’s fears and uncertainty and take a risk.

The beauty is that there will forever be footage of how that experience ended for me. My jaw drops and my eyes bug out of my head.  Ever been blindsided before? Let me tell you – it does not feel good.  Ever had your heart broken? Ever had that breakup replayed to millions of people? Let me also tell you – it does not feel good. 

The summer when I got home from that experience I was in the smoke, as I call it.  I did not yet understand why my heart led to something that was ultimately painful.  Doesn’t your heart just always lead to the magic? The magic comes in the suffering too, I learned.  Of what it feels like to learn to love yourself more deeply from an even more raw place. 

When we fail, when things don’t go to plan, when we are blindsided or life throws us a curveball – we have a choice.  We can choose to berate ourselves, get down on ourselves, play the victim, and otherwise make ourselves suffer, or we can choose to love ourselves through it. 

Initially my mind, the ever-inner-critic, wanted to berate me. “How did you not see this coming?” “Why did you choose to do that experience?” “You’re going to look so foolish, and you DID THIS.  You chose to put yourself into that experience.”

I was really “in the smoke” as I call it; those times when things have happened and you’re just not sure why they have happened yet.  While I stood in the smoke and waited for it to clear, what could I do?

I chose to learn to love myself anyway.

To choose to love myself even though I had uprooted my life, flung myself into an insane experience, and come out the other side of it with a broken heart, the impending unknown of watching a wider audience evaluate my experience and share personal things I knew were going to be misconstrued (#soulmatechris), shaken confidence from having aspects of my personality made wrong, fears around my reputation and a business that had stalled by being put on hold. 

I chose to learn to love myself even when my body fought back from all the stress with an autoimmune issue this summer.

I chose to love myself even when I had no idea why I had put myself through that.

I chose to love myself for not having seen it coming. 

I chose to love myself from having chosen to take a risk and having had it not work out the way I imagined.

I chose to love myself when I was told aspects of who I was weren’t okay.

I chose to love myself when I was met with criticism online when the show aired. 

I chose to love myself through my heartbreak, through my fears, through the unknown and through the uncertainty.

It’s one thing to love yourself when things are going well, and there’s beauty in that.  It’s next level shit to learn to love yourself when things aren’t going to plan.  That’s true, unconditional love for yourself.

I got tested, and maybe you will too.  If things are going amazing right now, love yourself there.  Soak it in, baby.  However, if life is really testing you right now, can you learn to love yourself there too?

Here are my top tips for learning to love yourself:

1. Love where you’re at

Don’t resist where you’re at.  Fully accept the present as it is. Resisting what is will only create dissonance.  Be all in with where you're at.  It's only by radical acceptance of what is that we can learn how to navigate it.  When you are in a difficult time, admit it, but then don't expect to know why that is happening.  Trust that this struggle is teaching you things, and it's your job to wait it out for the smoke to clear in order to learn why this has happened. 

2. Fake it til you make it - train your brain to think more loving thoughts

Tell yourself every day one thing that you appreciate about yourself or your life.  This will create neural pathways in your mind that will eventually trigger to find more and more things to love and appreciate about yourself. 

3.  Drop the F Bomb - Forgive Yourself - HARD

That thing you did in the past that you regret?That action you took? The person you hurt? That time you drank too much? That time you screwed up? 

Forgive yourself.  Let it go.  

You were doing the best you could then with what you now know.  What lesson were you learning? Why did you act in that way? Now forgive yourself and move on.  Love yourself for being how you were - how you didn't know better or how you knew but but you still faltered and love yourself for that. You're human.  We all are.  We make mistakes, we learn from them, and we let them go. 

Forgive yourself and then forgive yourself some more. 

4. Do the things that light you up

What makes you feel your best? What lights you up the most? When our energy is up and our vibration is high, we naturally feel more vibrant, expansive and loving.  The more that you focus on doing the things that light you up, the more that you'll find there are things lighting you up and the more loving you will feel. 

I hope this serves you.

Love you,


You Are Complete Because You Are Complete - Learning to Love Yourself

I am typing this from the jungles of Costa Rica with shoddy internet in a break from my retreat because this message came through loud and clear for you: you are complete because you are complete. 

Again - You are complete because you are complete. 

Not five or ten or fifteen pounds from now.  Not when the relationship comes, or you end the relationship.  Not when the new job comes or your boss starts to appreciate you more.  Not when your friend starts to text you more, or when you launch the website, or when you can feel comfortable enough to post more regularly on social media.  No, now. 

You are complete right now, in this very moment, simply for being you. 
You are beautiful.  You matter.  You are deserving of everything that you wish to have for yourself in your life. 
Yes, you are on a journey.  A journey of growth.  A journey to know yourself more deeply.  A journey of expansion.  But along the journey, you won't become complete.  You are are complete, whole and perfect.  Our issue is just that we forget how beautiful, special, and whole we already are. 
Look outside.  See those trees? You don't walk around looking at the trees thinking that it should be taller, or stronger, or deeper, or different than it is.  You just appreciate it.  You appreciate it for being exactly as it needs to be.  The way that its age has changed it.  Wisened it.  Made it grow.  
Appreciate yourself.  Love yourself.  Even if you don't believe it yet, say to yourself: "I deeply and completely love and accept myself." 
If you needed reminding, here it is: your life doesn't begin the second something shifts - it's happening right now, in this moment.  You are already complete.  You are already whole.  You are already on the adventure.  You are already magnificent. 

I've outlined below a tool for you to use to "fake it until you make it" if you feel like you're faking having a deep, overwhelming and pure love for yourself below.  

Step One: Acknowledge the Negative Thought or Feeling

What we resist, persists.  How are you feeling? Guilty? Like you aren't worthy? That you're imperfect until your body changes? That you should've known better? Whatever it is, it needs to be heard, even if you wish you could silence that voice completely immediately. 

Step Two: Choose Again 

Choose to over-ride that thought with one that is from your higher self - the part of you that actually does completely love and accept yourself. 

Step Three: SAY IT AGAIN

Now say to yourself in meditation, or with your eyes closed, or just focusing on your breath: "even thought I feel X (guilty/ashamed/like I could have done better, etc.) I deeply and completely love and accept myself."

Say it again - and again - and again - and again. 

Eventually our brain will be tricked into believing this to be true, and will override the negative thought pattern more quickly, but more importantly, we will choose to allow the voice of our heart/soul/inner guide that is unconditionally loving and accepting of ourselves to guide us instead.