Sometimes the path we're on isn't feeling right. We feel stuck, our confidence has waned, we're lacking clarity, or feel like our sparkle has dimmed.  Other times, life throws a huge curveball like a job or relationship ending - a smackdown - and we have no choice but to look at what's working and what isn't in our life.  

Since you’re here, life might be leading you to a new chapter - a chapter where you truly glow from the inside out, courageously follow your passions, are in touch with your soul's wisdom and live in a way that feels magical.  

I guide others back to becoming the most vibrant, confident versions of themselves and help to redirect them onto a path that feelings exciting and fulfilling.  

I work one on one with individuals looking to reignite their light, connect with their soul, and gain the confidence to step into a life marked by passion and magic.

I lead events for women to learn how to unconditionally love themselves, reconnect with their inner wisdom, revisit their dreams, and step fully into their power to remember just how special and beautiful they really are and how infinite the possibilities for their lives are.

I run multiple transformational and inspirational retreats a year in Costa Rica and Muskoka.

I am a speaker and am regularly featured in the media sharing about living life on your own terms, surrendering and saying yes to life, navigating the demands of high-performance professions, feminine leadership and how to live a joyful and magical life.

I am a Toronto lawyer that helps other high-performers incorporate tools such as meditation to combat stress and maximize productivity by running workshops and programs for Canada's top law firms, investment firms and consulting agencies.

Let's get in touch. Let me know how I can help you. *
Let's get in touch. Let me know how I can help you.

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