I have worked with and helped thousands of people reconnect with their inner wisdom to get back into alignment with who they are and who they want to be. See what they have to say about their experiences below.



Catie has a soulful, heart centered yet extremely real-world grounded message. The way she shows up in every situation inspires others to step into their truth and power.

Catie has helped me talk through some challenges in my life and business. She is able to hold a non-judgmental space while also giving so much perspective and asking me brilliantly detailed questions that help me arrive at my own conclusion that feels good to me. She doees the work on herself and when she shows up to every situation to help you can be sure she is clear, solid and has nothing but intentions and commitment to transformation.




I see myself as a teacher and guide to many people through their own personal development journey and spiritual unfoldment, yet Catie is one of the few people I rely on and entrust for guidance when it comes to my own challenges. I consider her a coach's coach and a leader of leaders, full of insight, wisdom, and raw realness. She has an incredible gift for shining a light on my blind spots and highlighting where the work is, while reminding me how powerful I am, and all with a warm energy of love and acceptance. If you've been looking for a powerful coach who can initiate immediate shifts, you've found her.




I crossed paths with Catie in April of 2017.The day I met Catie, my life changed. Catie opened my eyes to what I have always known, but was constantly second guessing. She has a very special way of cracking your heart open and freeing you of everything and everyone that has held you back. I’ve always referred to Catie as my ‘Spirit Guide’ because she supported and encouraged me on my new found path. Over the past year, Catie has been a constant guide in my life, spiritually and emotionally. Her guiding style is very direct and to the point in a way that allows you to truly believe. She will make a believer out of anyone because she is the embodiment of how believing will transform your life into whatever you want it to be. 

She is reliable, attentive, and knowledgable. You will leave any session with Catie Fenn feeling inspired and ready to conquer the world. I would highly recommend anyone just starting out on their spiritual path to connect with Catie. I would also recommend anyone already tapped into their path to also connect with Catie as her energy is contagious and her knowledge on spirituality will have you connecting on a deeper level with yourself and with spirit. Catie is the Magic in the world that we need more of. 




Vanessa MCDONALD President Marketing, Union Station

Catie has the uncanny ability to see right to the heart of a person. When you are in her presence, you can't hide. With so much love and respect, she will call you on your BS and guide you to an awareness of where you are not living in your own truth. Catie is also practical and once she breaks open your heart-she gives you the tools and her presence to get you to stay in your new reality. I credit Catie with pointing me towards where I was not being honest with myself and through her patience and gentle nudging, I'm a better and happier person for knowing her.



Catie is a bright light and beacon to so many. She truly sees the best in you, and helps ground you in your own confidence to see and feel it too. She's helped inspire and empower me through many transitions, and I feel so blessed to have her as one of my greatest cheerleaders!





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