- Radical Authenticity: What Reality TV taught Me about the Courage to Be Yourself

In this talk I share tools with the audience about how to take steps to show up in the world unapologetically as themselves, the science behind the power of authenticity and vulnerability, and how I challenged myself to be radically authentic in the most contrived setting - reality TV (the Bachelor)

- Happiness from the Inside Out: How Achieving it All Isn't the Answer and How to Find True Success

At the age of 25 I achieved the life I always envisioned for myself - a Bay St. law job, loving and successful partner, beautiful condo downtown and trips around the world - but was left feeling disillusioned and lost. i watched as this carefully curated, box ticked life I worked so hard to achieve blew up in my face when I realized that outward success was never going to equate inner peace and happiness, and how I subsequently rebuilt her life into one that felt magical, expansive and deeply fulfilling.  

The audience will be equipped with tools to be able to start to deconstruct their stories around what is possible for their lives, and feel inspired to design a life on their own terms. 

Private workshops allow for a more intimate and deeper learning experience. I lead private workshops on the following topics:

- Meditation and Stress Relieving Hacks for the Workplace 

- How to Create a Magical Life through Intention and Flow

- Feminine Leadership: the Powerful Female 

- Cultivating Self-Love and Creating Healthy Relationships