There was a time in my life where I felt deep down that there was more for me in my life, but I had no effing idea what that looked like or how I would get there. 

All I knew was that the sparkle in my life and within myself had dimmed.  I felt flat.  I knew I wanted to live a life where I felt excited about each day and was doing something I was passionate about it, but the issue was, I had absolutely no clue about what the would look like.  The last time I set out to create a vision for my life, it didn't exactly work out the way I planned. I looked around at my objectively perfect like, and was more disillusioned than ever.  

I spent a long time avoiding the fact that my life was not feeling great.  I spent a long time working, partying, and netflixing over my problems.  I eventually realized that I needed to get out of my relationship, but the break-up only threw me deeper into the hole.  If I wasn't that life I always wanted - with that boyfriend and that job - then who was I? and what was my life about?  

The break-up was my smackdown.  The heartache forced me to start to look within myself for answers. 

What I eventually realized was that the life I had once dreamed of I had actually created because it was what I "should" want as opposed to what I actually wanted.  Little by little, I deconstructed my life to figure out which things were actually lighting me up and I loved, and which things were no longer serving me, or I brought into my life because I thought I should.  

I eventually built out a life on my own terms, based upon what I actually wanted.  This is the life that I now live, and it is far beyond my wildest dreams and expectations.  I wake up every day feeling excited, joyful, and passionate about life. You deserve the same.  It would be my honour to support your through your process.  

in the coaching program is help you get really clear on three things:

1. Who are you? So that you can show up in the world unapologetically and confidently as YOU. 

2. What do you really want? Not what society or your family or friends told you your life should look like, but what do you really want? In other words, what does your heart want, not your head. 

3. What do you need to do to make that happen? Together we come up with ongoing action plans to keep you accountable and motivated on your journey to living your best life. 

Aside from our one-on-one conversational coaching sessions, I give you my signature workbook to work through, and offer the tailored tools, intuitive insights and spiritual guidance.  More than anything, I offer my compassion and experience because I know what it's like to feel like life isn't turning out the way you thought, and I used these very same tools and insights to transition myself into leading a life I am now absolutely in love with. 

It is a highly customized experience designed to help you not only design a beautiful life from the inside out, but also to feel confident enough to go after your dreams and shine in the world in the way that only you can.

Next Steps

I only take on a limited number of one-on-one soul coaching clients per month.  I would love to chat more to see if we are a good fit for the program. 

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