In the exclusive one on one soul-coaching program we get right down to business to excavate your life from the inside out and bring you from your head back into your heart. 

Often my clients are in the middle of "spiritual smackdowns" where life has given them a curveball or massive change, or are feeling disconnected and like there's more to life but aren't sure where to start, or have reached a certain level of success and are looking to level up their life.

we reignite your spark and get you excited about manifesting the life you dream of. 

Yes, I will help you gain clarity around your vision for your life, and come up with a concrete action plan to get you there, but we will also peel back what is keeping you from manifesting your dreams as your reality, being unapologetically yourself, and shining as only you can.  

Soul coaching brings clarity around what your next steps are, what your soul is calling our for, and brings you back into your heart. 

It is a highly customized experience designed to help you not only design a beautiful life from the inside out, but also to feel confident enough to go after your dreams and show up in the world as the rockstar you are.

I give you clear guidance and provide personalized self-reflection activities and tools to empower you to take action toward your dreams, and also to gently unravel your mind in order to get back into the heart. When we live from the heart, everything flows.  

We are vibrant, awake, open, and easily magnetize to us everything that our soul desires.

Life feels magical, marked by signs and synchronicity, and you experience true happiness and peace.  

Next Steps

I only take on a limited number of one-on-one soul coaching clients per month because you get everything I've got.  If you are interested, I would love to chat more to see if we are good fit! You can schedule an initial Discovery call to hear more about the program:


"Catie has the uncanny ability to see right to the heart of a person. When you are in her presence, you can't hide. With so much love and respect, she will call you on your BS and guide you to an awareness of where you are not living in your own truth. Catie is also practical and once she breaks open your heart-she gives you the tools and her presence to get you to stay in your new reality. I credit Catie with pointing me towards where I was not being honest with myself and through her patience and gentle nudging, I'm a better and happier person for having worked with her." - Vanessa, VP Communications and Business Strategy