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Six weeks to shine: you are a goddess program

This program is designed to get your confidence back, your vibrancy restored, your vision crystal clear, and rooted back in the knowing, deep within you, that you’re a GD goddess and that anything that you want for yourself in your life is possible.


Enrolment begins October 23, 2018 and closes November 6, 2018 at midnight!

We begin on November 7, 2018 (with the new moon, obvi - the best time to start anew).

Group Coaching Calls

Each week there are two opportunities to get on the group coaching calls - Mondays at 7pm and Thursdays at 6 - 7pm. If you miss a session, they will be recorded.

In each call, you will have the opportunity to chat about what’s going on with you, what came up in that week’s module, what is flowing for you, and what’s still feeling sticky.


Each module has a guidebook teaching you everything you need to know about that week’s topic.

In addition, each week contains a guided self-reflection section for you to work through in order to dive deeper into yourself and reconnect with your heart. This is the true “work” - you, your journal, your mind and your heart, unravelling, reconnecting with your inner voice and wisdom and then integrating all together.

This is why the group coaching aspect is key - together we will debrief on what’s coming up, how to navigate that, and how to move forward.


Each week has a different focus, so depending on what week we’re in, there are additional materials provided - from instructions for a new moon intention setting ceremony, yoga flow series to get your body moving, or guided meditations.


Module 1 - GODDESS WHO? clarifying your future vision for yourself and your life

In this module, we’ll get clear on the future you that you are stepping into and the direction you want your life to go in.

In this unit, we will get crystal clear on your future vision, and also learn about what exactly manifesting is and the four step process to co-create whatever reality we choose with the universe.

This program is beginning around the new moon in Scorpio, so this module also includes instructions for a new moon intention setting ceremony to complete.

module 2 - pURE GODDESS, purifying your vessel BY detoxing the body, mind and spirit

Our experiences are both grounded and held in our body, and so our next step is to gently detox our body and our minds from past gunk so that we can feel clear and vibrant.

This module also includes a 7 day gentle detox diet

..for the body, as well as a gentle yoga flow t program to move through each day, and daily recorded meditations. These can be continued as the program continues.




The next step is to start to bring more pleasure back into our lives through embracing our sensuality, our softness, and the pleasure and beauty that can be experienced through radical self-care.

In this unit, we will be focusing on awakening the sacral chakra area, which is the seat of all of our desires - from creative, sexual, and life experiences.

This module also includes challenges to connect with your sensuality, your sensual body, as well as tantric breathwork and movement.


module 4 - free goddess, letting shit go

Holding onto the past or harbouring negativity toward anyone is only poisonous and limiting to ourselves.

If you want to step into being the radiant goddess you are, you probably need to let some shit go - maybe it’s an ex, maybe its an old friendship, maybe its guilt or regret about something that you wished that you hadn’t done. It’s time to release and start anew.

This module also includes a releasing ceremony to use some magic to help you step into the new with bold fierceness.


module 5 - WARRIOR GODDESS, taking bold action toward your dreams

Forging ahead with your dreams is no joke, which is why you’re a warrior goddess.

This module is all about radical action to start to propel yourself toward your dreams, cultivating the courage to actually live life on your own terms and start to take action toward slaying your fears.

Here is the thing with fears and self-doubt, once we hit them face on, they tend to dissipate and cease to bother us.


module 6 - magic goddess, manifesting your beautiful life, working with the moon, and tapping into your intuition

Now that you’ve done the heavy lifting to reset your body, excavate your life of toxic forces and thoughts, and gotten clear about your vision, its time to harness the big universe to help us manifest our heart’s desires.

In this module, we’ll deep dive into the moon cycles, why they are important and can help us, and how to tap into our intuition to pick up and get signs from the universe and spirit.