I'm Catie.  it's nice to meet you. 

I believe that we are here to live in a way that feels exciting, magical and deeply fulfilling.  We are meant to be happy and inspired, with open hearts and open minds.  If you've gotten caught up in your head, its time for us to bring you back to your heart. 

I am a lawyer, a meditation and soul coach, and an inspirational speaker.  I lead workshops, speak publicly about my transformational journey toward finding inner peace, and coach others to tap into their own deep wisdom to live life on their own terms.  My mission is to inspire others to step fully into their power to create the life they desire, learn to open their hearts, and to love themselves more unconditionally through radical self-acceptance and authenticity.

I passionately share the stories of my own unraveling and becoming, and the transformational tools I have learned along the way, in order to help others to live their most exciting, purpose-fueled lives.  I created and lead The Circle, a popular community event of changemakers supporting one another to rise to their full potential. I host transformational international retreats, and I am at the helm of a significant social media community Love Warriors - all while working as a downtown Toronto litigator. 

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