The Circle brings the tradition of women’s gatherings into our modern, urban lives. 

These sessions are for go-getter, growth-minded women looking for an experience to reconnect with themselves for a night, gain clarity, and tap into an incredible community of other soul-sisters. This is a non-judgmental safe space where women are welcomed to be completely, refreshingly, and authentically themselves, while exploring and reflecting on their lives and cultivating a connection with the universe.


Each Circle explores a new theme, inspired by the astrological alignment of the new or full moon.  During our gatherings, the group is led through guided meditation, journaling, time to gain clarity and come up with specific action steps to keep you on track, gentle movement, as well as some group sharing and discussion. 

I also share practical tools to help you stay on track, motivated, and connected to your inner compass and wisdom.

This is a community of the most incredible, open-hearted, and vibrant women of all different backgrounds coming together each month to connect, inspire and support one another in living our soul's highest potential.

This is a new kind of network in Toronto– a community of changemakers getting deep, supporting, encouraging and elevating one another to rise into their highest potential. 

Together, we rise. 

Not sure you’re a goddess? Well, you ARE – and it’s my mission to create the space to help women remember, deep in their core, how powerful, beautiful and magical they really are. 


A goddess is a woman who unapologetically stands in her power, loves boldly and unconditionally, forgives herself and others swiftly, allows herself the grace and space to fall apart when needed, and exhibits the resilience to continually get back up to keep pursuing her desires, knowing her faith in the journey is what allows the dreams she has for her life to unfold in ways that are beyond her wildest expectations. 

When are the next circles?

April 17 - tickets CLICK HERE.

Apri 23 - tickets click here.


I provide private circle experiences.