On the path of self-growth, healing and all things soul and the universe and looking for a community of other soul-babes to connect in with?  This signature experience brings the tradition of ancestral women’s gatherings into the modern day. 

This is a new kind of network in Toronto– a community of changemakers getting deep, supporting, encouraging and elevating one another to live their highest potential. 

Together, we rise. 

The format is generally the same - the theme is based upon the themes of the current universal and astrological energies, and based on that we meet and get real about where we're at and what's shaking in our lives, set intentions, meditate, move, let some shit go, and dive into our journals through guided self-reflective questions.  I'll always share practical tools and wisdom designed to help you feel more connected, inspired and amped up about life. 

This is a place for you to be 100% you - 100% real and be supported and inspired by a community of other women boldly rising into their potential, conquering their fears, and opening their hearts to share their light in their community. 

Goddess Circle a women's only community of you guessed it - total goddesses. 

Not sure you’re a goddess? Well, you ARE – and it’s my mission to create the space to help women remember, deep in their core, how powerful, beautiful and magical they really are. 

A goddess is a woman who unapologetically stands in her power, loves boldly and unconditionally, forgives herself and others swiftly, allows herself the grace and space to fall apart when needed, and exhibits the resilience to continually get back up to keep pursuing her desires, knowing her faith in the journey is what allows the dreams she has for her life to unfold in ways that are beyond her wildest expectations. 

If deep connection, divine feminine energy and sacred soul expansion sound like your jam, I look forward to you joining this community.

When are the next circles?

Goddess Circle at misfit studio, 761 Queen street west in toronto:

Where do I buy tickets?

Tickets are available on Eventbrite. They must be purchased in advance as the events usually sell out.

What do people say about the circle?

Good question. 

I've seen women transform over the course of attending several circles, gaining the confidence to go after their dreams, leave relationships with grace, open up to new soul connections, or travel the world.

"Have you ever attended one single event that was simply transformational? Have you ever spent an evening connecting with yourself, reflecting and growing, all at once? Mind you, what I'm speaking about occurs alongside nearly 30 women who are strangers, but simultaneously feel like your sisters.  I wasn't sure that something like this existed or that this was possible... until I lived it!...There remains to be a stigma surrounding vulnerability and yet there is an innate need for humans to feel and express emotions. I am thrilled to have found a place free of this stigma" - Read more on Erica's blog "Erica Exposed."

"Not sure what to expect, I popped over and had an awesome night filled with intention and connection to rad women living right in my neighbourhood." - K.O.

"These events are an opportunity to show up exactly as you are and share what's real in the safety and comfort of a room filled with loving, empathetic and relatable women." - G.E. 

"At first I was a little skeptical and maybe even judgemental of the name; but after talking to Catie about what I could expect from the gathering, my mind opened and my heart warmed up to the idea...It felt really good telling myself I deserve peace, and love and happiness.  It felt good to listen to myself, connect with myself and actually believe myself and in myself.  Powerful moments in privacy are exactly that, powerful... It was an incredible, magical, safe space." - Read more on Hannah Papernick's Blog, More Me Less You