Full Moon in Aquarius

Tonight's a full moon in Aquarius.

What I find interesting is that this full moon corresponds with the new moon from February 4, 2019. In February is usually where a lot of us are focusing in on self-love, and relationships of all sorts take the centre stage.
Sure, Valentine's Day brings it to the forefront, but we can't really escape a focus come February for relationships - to ourselves, and to others - to be at the centre of our minds because I think February can be quite a lonely month across the board.
Think about it - the holidays end with celebration, then January is all about refocusing and inspiration...
And then comes February, the dust has settled, its cold and dark, and nature is beckoning us to draw inward.
In that inward space, its just you and you... and so if there's something that you're longing for in your relationships, or you're not connected to a deep sense of self-love, then February can bring up a lot of uncomfortable feelings around that.
As a result, back in February I would have prompted you to get clear on what radical self love for yourself might look like, and what you wanted all your relationships to look like by now.

So what's shaking in your relationships with others? What about your relationship to yourself? Let me know!

Full moons show us the beauty (so it could be a time of celebrate for actually having embodied the self-love you wanted to, or to have manifested the relationship you were seeking), or might also show us where we're still getting caught or blocked from those things (such as being overly critical, or consistently calling in emotionally unavailable partners).
Take some time with this full moon to reflect on your status of your relationships - and then to re-centre back into an intention to choose big love for yourself and your life.
You deserve to have epic, unwavering, unconditional love for yourself.
You deserve to be treated with kindness, respect and support.
You deserve to be adored.
You deserve to feel like you deeply and completely love and accept yourself - all of yourself.
You deserve to have the great love that you are looking for.

Love you, moon goddess!