Self-Guided Retreat

Happy Sunday! How was your weekend?

This was the first weekend in forever that I've been in the city - and consciously made "no plans plans." In the past, this would have driven me bananas, but I've learned to value creating space in my life.
As a result, what I ended up doing this week was leading myself through a mini-retreat and I wanted to share how you can do one too.
Your self-reflection question this Sunday is simply... do I need to create more space in my life to just BE?
Retreating/spending time consciously creating quiet and space with the intention to gain clarity by connecting with your intuition and the Universe/God/Source/Guides is a spiritual practice to reconnect and recalibrate your energy.
While self-created retreats are awesome, one of the biggest benefits of retreats is to be in the container of other likeminded people and to learn new things, so I would love for you to come join for my next retreat.

Alright, now I'll share the retreat I did this weekend below. I find doing it both days over the course of a weekend is great, but 24 hours is also perfect!
On the second day, I also added fasting, which is a practice where you refrain from eating for anywhere from 16-36 hours to give the body a rest, to cultivate discipline and to signal rest.
Are you going to do it?
Let me know how it goes!

Lots of love,

Self-Guided Retreat

1. Let yourself wake-up whenever you want to
*** Check your phone and social media because you're about to go dark on it
2. Meditate
3. Journal whatever if on your mind that day, what you're grateful for, and what you're really wanting to happen
4. Go to a yoga class - get there in silence, doing a walking meditation of observing the sounds/watching people
5. After yoga, come back and drink lots of water and make a tea
6. Create space for the afternoon to do whatever most calls of you within your living space, but keep yourself in silence/a quiet space, or else listen to calming, ambient music. (you can find my playlist - dream the dream - on Spotify). The key here is to restrict external stimuli, which is why you stay cocooned primarily in one space
*** Make sure you're staying off your phone, or only looking at it at conscious, specific times once every few hours just for the purpose of responding - no social media!
7. Spend part of the day reading something inspirational and uplifting or a spiritual text
8. Spend time cleaning and clearing your space, showing reverence to your space
9. Nap, rest, stretch as your body intuitively guides you to
10. Reflect on the question "what do I need to know right now, and are there any actions for me to take..." - ask this each hour or two
*** The reason you ask this question later in the day is because you should be finding that you are more clear to hear the whispers of your intuition/inner voice
11. Free write the answer to that question above, and wait for any other spontaneous insights to come
12. Later in the afternoon/early evening, do yin yoga or restorative yoga - either go take class, or lead yourself through practice or follow a video
13. Come back for further quiet and rest - spend time in quiet reflection, meditation, journaling, or reading.
14. Have a long hot shower or bath - cleansing yourself and your energy body as you do - with the prayer of "please release and shed any energies not serving me in this moment..."
15. Do a self massage by rubbing warmed oil all over your body, thanking your body for housing your beautiful soul and for all it does
16. Put on a hair mask and sleep with it in (you can use your regular conditioner or a deep one, or coconut oil)
17. Put on a face mask (I love the new detox me from FRE - (CATIEFENN25 will give you a 25% discount), or the GLOW peel off ones from Aveeno).
18. Write out the things that you are grateful for in your life in your journal before bed
19. Make magnesium calm or another hot bev, drink it - and then head to bed....

The key here is that you have consciously created SPACE by minimizing as much distraction as possible - for example, by primarily staying within your living space, rotating your activities through ones which calm and focus your mind such as journaling, meditation, yoga, and cleaning.