Course Correct, Learn and Own It!

There are a few things that I've been wanting to talk to you about...
(This is a liiiil long, but I have things to say!)

Deeper teachings and wisdom about modern spirituality and how to weave it into your life. (YAY)
Conscious dating, empowered singleness, relationships and relating. (More 1:1 coaching and an online program on being single, conscious dating and MAN-ifesting)
Embodiment, befriending the body, and learning to process un-processed memories and feelings through the body. (Sharing more of the embodiment work I've been doing with women with eating disorders with you too, and cathartic releasing of old, unprocessed memories).
The thing that's so interesting about being "employed by the Universe", is that I try not to get in the way of the messages I'm being called to share, or the creative process of the programs or retreat experiences I'm called to create.
Sometimes I get called to share deeper messages, and sometimes lighter ones.

I try and blindly follow the calls and "downloads", and trust that they'll land with the right souls at the right time.

I've wanted to share a lot more about conscious dating and break-ups, being single, relationships, and calling in the KING for so long, and only now feel called to.
Same goes with deeper teachings on modern spirituality, and embodiment work (which is about reconnecting with, trusting, and grounding back into your body).
After my vacation to France (which can we talkkkkk about the magic that went down there?!), I have an even greater commitment to simply staying in integrity with myself, my path, and the messages, programs and retreat experiences the big Uni asks me to share.

My true desire is that they help you in creating the soulful, aligned, abundant, and brimming with love life you deserve.

Alright, so tonight's message is about...

Course correcting!

In my last post, I wrote about Durga and then received an e-mail from a fellow member of this community highlighting how I had failed to acknowledge how Durga is a Hindu Goddess, and that my practices of chanting, calling her in, and contemplating her energy were all consistent with practicing Hinduism - which I failed to note.
While not intentional at all, I had totally failed to honour that. It gave me a good reflection point on making sure that I'm being mindful of my privilege, and to give full honouring and credit to the teachings I share.
When we make a mistake or get out alignment, here's the process:

Take ownership - learn from it - and course correct moving forward.

Similarly, later that day I was out in France with new boyfriend Chris and he left me outside while he went inside to order food.
In the 10 minutes he was gone, the guy seated next to me and I proceeded to get INTO IT about his life, how he wants to leave his marriage, and some other intimate details of his life. I was encouraging him to get honest with himself about what he really wants... when Chris came back to the table.
Un-phased, he was not remotely surprised that I was getting into a not-so-casual heart-to-heart with a stranger, but later said - "you know, do you consider that maybe people don't want to get into it so deeply all the time?"
Meaning, maybe the 30 year old dude just wanting to go out for a beer and get some food wasn't looking to bare his soul to a stranger that night.
I've gotten into the habit of just diving in with others every day in my work that it was actually such a helpful perspective to get back to "humanness" and to remember to really tune into whether someone is ready/wanting to open up or not before I proceed with questions.

Take ownership. Course correct. Consider it moving forward.

Is there something that you need to course correct right now?
Have you been heading in one direction that now you're kind of over? Have you been disconnected from your body and are ready to reconnect? Have you said something you wish you hadn't? Have you gotten out of alignment in any way?

Own it. Course Correct.

How can you pivot your ship and do better moving forward? Beginning today?
They key is not to judge yourself - instead, extend compassion to yourself for being human - and course correct again.

Lots of love,