Summer Comparison

Firstly, the early bird ends for Camp Soul Retreat September 28-30, 2019 on Wednesday.  Want to come? Imagine all things retreat but with the addition of fun camp activities! Ask me any questions.  Can't wait to see you there!!

Secondly, let's talk about Summer comparison.

You're scrolling through your social media, and you think "my life is not as cool as theirs..." 

Or you're walking down the street and you think "I wish I could wear that but... [enter limiting body belief/self-criticism]"

Or you're at a wedding and suddenly questioning your single status or evaluating your own relationship and whether you seem as happy as the other couples. 

Or you're feeling kind of wonky and comparing yourself to everyone else who is seemingly feeling so happy all the GD time. 

I see you.  I get it - and I've totally been there, but comparison is such a thief of joy and isn't serving ANYONE. 

Here's a sweet reminder - whatever you did this weekend - whether it was going to an epic backyard bbq and getting into the wine, of reading reclusively, or feeling overwhelmed, or travelling somewhere incredible, or unpacking your feelings over a recent break-up or having a little meltdown was PERFECT.

Summer can bring up a lot of "should have" or "my life seems boring in comparison to" or "I'm exhausted by I should probably push through because #fomo" or "my life seems so different from theirs now" or "it's sunny out now - why do I still feel so off?" 

There is a season for everything.  Wherever you're at right now is perfect - be with it.  Own it. But don't compare where you're at or your journey or choices to others.  Instead, own your choices Own and accept that your life is always, always, always unfolding exactly as its supposed to. 

The last two summers were really hard for me so I was a lot more introspective, and spent more time processing and healing than having fun and enjoying that easy breezy life - but it was a season - and instead of resisting it, I learned to embrace it. It was a season.

This summer, I've revelling in the sweetness of summer because my summer finally feels like a "summer" again with the themes of abundance and celebration, but for you - it might be more of a winter this year.  That's okay! 

The only person you ever should compare yourself to is yourself, and how each stage of your journey has brought you to the perfection of this exact moment. 

Your self-reflection Sunday journal prompt is to write out what you are grateful for from this last weekend.  Did your quiet time feel delicious? Did you time with friends feel expansive? Wherever you're at - light or dark - find the beauty in it. 

It'll all pass - so BE wherever you are. 

Love you, 


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