We all have things we care deeply about.  I know that you have LOTS you care about, because most the individuals in this community are big-hearted love warriors, and I assume that you are no different. 

This cancer new moon is one that is bringing on the FEELS. 

Cancer is the sign of HOME, but is also the sign of caring. 

Cancer cares a LOT.  Cancer wants to take care of us, and won't allow us to deny our needs.  Cancer will see when we are tired or overwhelmed, and be in tune enough to bring us exactly what we need - whatever that is. 

Cancer will invite us into their homes, cook for us, hug us, protect us, and create a safe container for us to get real and honest about what's really true for us. 

Cancer is dependable in that way - they're always there as a soft landing space for us.  A container for us to feel whatever we're feeling without conditions. 

Cancer will remind us that feeling all the feelings across the emotional spectrum are normal...and that without despair and confusion, we would never fully appreciate the highest highs of joy and bliss. 

As a result, Cancer creates a space where you are allowed to go THERE.  To feel into and express your deepest needs - the needs of the most innocent, sweetest part of you that's sometimes to scared to speak forward. 

This new moon ushers us to bring awareness to our needs and how we can best care for ourselves, so that we can then care for the others in our life and in our community that need it. 

As you journal through this one, consider...

1.  Take out a photo of you as little you - and look at her.  Consider "what does the sweetest, most innocent part of me need in order to feel happiest?"

2.  What do I need most right now to make myself feel loved and cared for?

3. What self-care practices do I need to implement more of in the next six months?

4.  How has my life changed recently, and how does that affect the type of self-care I need? The idea here is that as our lives change, the type and quantity/quality of self-care I need? 

5. How am I feeling right now? If I were to get radically honest with myself... how am I REALLY feeling?

6. Who feels like "home" to me? Reach out to them to let them know how much you appreciate them.

7. Is there a social justice or community issue you deeply care about? What underserved group in your community do care deeply about? Set some intentions for how you might help support an organization that assists with this in the next six months

8. When it comes to my sense of home and self-care, what would I really love to see happen in the next six months?