Tonight is the full moon in Capricorn AND a partial solar eclipse that relates to the same one that we had last year around this time.

Eclipses are nothing to fear - but they can be intense.

Think of it as a big PUSH in the direction of what you want - or a big unearthing of what you need to let go of in order to go forward toward what you desire.

When the push is this big there are only two options: resist it and be blown apart (spiritual smackdown style) or risk it all and allow yourself to be born anew from that place. 

Sometimes you have to lose a lot to gain a lot - and that's the risk of the game.

While the energy around this time can bring about abrupt changes, just remember that this is just an amplifying energy - meaning that these changes or shifts were inevitable, its just as if some rocket fuel or power was added to whatever was going to happen anyway. 

This moon is a big time for us to purge, release, and say goodbye to something related to a theme that began back last summer. 

Here's the fun part!!! Let's go through your cosmic journey the past while.

1. July 13-14, 2018 was the first eclipse in this series.  What happened in your life then? This was the first one so would have signified the first major theme of this story for you.  Did something big change for you then?

Look at work, relationships, family, friends, yourself, etc. If you were following along here, I would have shared with you what area of your chart was affected. 

2.  January 5-6, 2019 was the second one.  Same thing - what was happening then and how did it relate to what happened back in July the year prior?

3. Tonight! + the 17th  This is the final one so you're looking at how this has all culminated.  What final pieces need to be shed in order for this story to be complete? How has what happened back in July last year allowed you to be reaping the rewards or changes of what you're now experiencing? 

To make sense of this for you, I'll share - back on July 13, 2018 was when I told my firm I was leaving/officially shedding my law life and identity.  It was a massive change in terms of my lifestyle - even though I had been coaching and leading retreats for years. 

On January 5-6, 2019, I was getting on a plane to go work in Barbados because I was finally rooted in that location-free lifestyle of running my business full time, had happily been coaching, leading retreats and soul school and six weeks to shine, and the business had consistently been thriving such that I was able to gift my sweet parents to come on the trip as well. 

Today, I'm about to get on a plane later this week to go to France on vacation - with a new love.  When I was last in France at 21, I promised myself I would go back when I was a boss-lady and could actually have the means to fully enjoy the country's beauty and abundance. 

This is my first official/absolutely no work vacation just for myself in two years, and I am SO excited. 

But I see now how had I not let go of the law life when I did last summer in order to step into being employed by the Universe full time, I wouldn't have:

a) been in the financial place to take the type of trip I wanted/for the amount I am
b) been rooted enough in the flow of my business to be able to take off and have everything run smoothly to fully days disconnect
c) been able to open my heart and develop a relationship with someone who loves adventures but lives in a different city had I not created a life with a lot of freedom to travel built in

You see - it was all divine.  It always. 

Do you see how there was a story being woven of the themes of your life in the past while were all leading you to THIS moment?

Similarly - you might be seeing if you've been resisting making some changes in your life that began back in July, that the universe is giving you a swift KICK to actually do that now. 

How's it going?! Let me know!!!