Connecting with our Intuitive Voice

Connecting with our intuitive voice, the guiding voice, or the voice of our soul, is one of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves.

It has the blueprint for our life, and can help keep us in the flow of allowing that blueprint to unfold.

When things are happening easily, effortlessly, and with synchronicity, our intuition has been guiding us, telling us where to go, what to do, and what to say.

The intuitive voice is trying to speak all the time, but we block it out. It floats out as we get quiet, but then we allow the noise back in and for our mind to clamp in and dampen the voice of the deepest, wisest part of us.

A few years ago, I had an old friend keep popping into my head. We had lost touch and hadn't spoken in over a year. We were in different stages, and so I was honouring that there wasn't a resonance between us anymore, knowing that as life shifts, we would likely come back into touch again. 

Friendships always ebb and flow.

But I kept getting this feeling like he was frustrated for some reason. I assumed it was about me for that reason - was he mad that I had moved in a different direction with my life and that I hadn't been reaching out? But he could reach out too! He hadn't been.

And yet - I kept feeling that I should reach out to them. Maybe they were frustrated we had lost touch too but felt weird to reach out.  All I knew was that something was off with them.... and yet...

I still didn't reach out. For months. 

My mind kept blocking out the intuition, even though normally I always let it guide me. It kept saying "Why reach out? You're in different stages. He could message you if he's the one that's frustrated. You don't have time to maintain your connections with everyone.  Let it go." 

I later found out that at the same time several months prior that the friend kept popping into my head, he was dealing with a tragedy of the sudden loss of one of the closest people in his life. What I was picking up on was that he, himself, was frustrated and exhausted, and needed a friend.. and I hadn't reached out. I had no idea.

Spirit kept putting him into my intuition so that I could reach out, and I kept denying the call.

Luckily, I was able to reach out once I found out and we were able to reconnect.  

Often when someone pops into our head the reason is different than what we think - but trust that its always for a reason. 

An old friend might be going through a hard time, or someone you met once might be moving to a new place that you're supposed to visit.  An old boyfriend might be popping into your head not because you need to get back together, but because there's deeper work for you to unravel in your journal about what they meant to you.  

Spirit works in mysterious ways! 

Now I always maintain the rule - if someone pops into my head, I reach out to them right away. Often to just say hi - but there's always some divine reason. 

This week when you get that "tug tug" - that notion that you should reach out to someone, walk in a different direction, or say something to a stranger. Do it. Trust it. Trust that your intuition is never leading you astray and is always guiding you back to love - for yourself AND for others.

Love you,