The best tool when you are uncertain of what decision to make

Tonight I wanted to share my absolute favourite tool to use when I need to make a decision and am feeling stuck.

Many of you are considering six weeks to shine, considering that investment in yourself, considering whether you can make it happen, and considering whether its the right move for you.  If that's you, you can try this tool right now!

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If not, think of an area in your life that you are feeling unsure of what decision you want to make. 

Okay, now onto the backstory of how I found this tool and the tool itself...

You always have the answer within you.

I know, I know.  It’s been said so much that maybe you’ve forgotten to believe it.  But you do. 
Some of the most valuable people in your life to have are those that do not provide the answer, but rather, create the space to lead you back home to yourself and your own inner wisdom. 
After years of learning to follow the nudges from my heart, look for signs, and meditating daily, I had learned to hone my intuitive voice such that it would come through with in such a clear, authoritative, direct, precise, and loud nature that I couldn’t miss it.
In this place, living in flow is easy.  You know the right place to go, you always meet the right person at the right time – and everything is magical.

After a little while of living this way, the universe started to test me by bringing me opportunities or new ideas that I needed to make decisions about that I would get tripped up on. 
When I got the vision for Circle back in November, 2016 I wasn’t sure when to start it.  I wanted to push it off until I was “ready” but my intuition kept telling me “right away.” I kept flip flopping.
In early 2017, I decided I wanted to reach a bigger audience.  That led to me getting an offer to be on the Bachelor, but I was conflicted.  My intuition said to follow the flow, but my mind said “no one is going to understand.  This is the worst idea!!!  There are so many possible outcomes here.” Again, I kept flip flopping.
My mind was spiralling with so many thoughts and narratives that I couldn’t access my truth – until I paused long enough to drop back into my body. 

The body never lies, and is an incredible tool to access your answer when making a big decision.

Try this:
Close your eyes, and imagine each possibility you are deciding between.  You can imagine vividly, or you can just imagine each option as a colour, light, or symbol.
When you feel into that option – does your heart feel open or closed? Does your heart feel constricted, or does it feel expansive?
If it feels OPEN and EXPANSIVE it’s a YES.
If it feels closed or constricted in any way – it’s a NO.
You can apply this to anything in your life.  I still use this tool all the time!
I hope this helps you!
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