The thoughts you think

I was in NYC last week taking the Class by Taryn Toomey (which you must check out next time you go), and she started the class by saying:

"The brain is an organ.  Its job is to think thoughts.  What thoughts are you thinking right now?"

The brain is an organ.  It is thinking thoughts - what thoughts are thinking and you believing right now? 

Some of our beliefs help us - and some hinder us.  

Some may have applied to us in the past - but don't apply to us now.

The key message I wanted to share is to see if you've gotten caught in a strongly held belief, thought, idea, or perspective - and to open up to a new possibility instead. 

Which one might you be carrying?   

Here's a hint - it might be one that begins with "I never..."  "I should..." "I always..." "X... is bad" " good"

Once you get which one you might be attaching to quite strongly, evaluate whether that thought or belief is actually helping you right now.

For example, I used to believe "I never run.  I hate running."  Then one day I questioned the thought, opened up to a new possibility since I had two legs, and started running.  I actually now love running by the lake. 

Another one might be "I can only meet a partner through (dating apps/no dating apps)" or "I should be doing more right now."

Is that true? Is it really true? What would happen if you allowed yourself to let that go and open up to a new possibility, that maybe that's not true?

Once you've figured out the belief, whether its helping you or not, the last piece of this puzzle is to allow yourself to see it from a new perspective. 

Write out "I'm ready to see this differently. I'm ready to let go of this perspective to see a new one."

It is SO liberating. To allow your thoughts to un-attach.  To create a new perspective. To open up to new possibilities. 

This tiny mindset work comes from a Course in Miracles and can be extremely helpful when we've noticed we've gotten caught in a thought. 

I hope this helps you - its time to allow your thoughts and beliefs to shift and evolve as you shift and evolve!