What in your life are you ready to imbue with new energy?

Last weekend's Revitalize Retreat in Prince Edward County has gotten me so excited for the upcoming weekend retreats! The theme was “revitalize”, which means to “imbue with new energy” and it was all about shedding the winter cocoons in order to feel energized, excited and shining bright for the Spring.

Today's thought: what in your life are you ready to imbue with new energy?

Retreats really are the frigging best.  I am so incredibly grateful to get to lead them as creating this container for you to connect with other soul sisters, gain clarity, take a breather from normal life, and gain a new perspective is such a joy.

The next two experiences I’m hosting are the Muskoka Magic retreat and Camp Goddess.  These two are near and dear to me because I've spent every summer of my life up north either at summer camp or at a family cottage in Muskoka - so I LOVE being able to share experiences here!

I didn’t think either were going to happen this year, but as per usual, the universe had other plans (more on that below).

Muskoka Magic Retreat – June 7-9, 2019, Woodfield

This is the same retreat offered last year in September that sold out almost immediately! There will still be baby goats, glamping, and ample time to star-gaze, hike in nature, get wild around the bonfire and do fun intention setting ceremonies and circles, do yoga outside, eat yummy food, and swim.

This retreat is about spending a few days knee deep in the MAGIQUE of being alive, and the magic of Muskoka.  

We will move, explore nature, do workshops/circles on bringing even more magic/magique into our lives (manifesting like a boss babe), dance under the moon, and reconnect with our wild roots in nature.

If you want to spend a weekend in Muskoka to kick off the summer feeling like magique and light is literally vibrating off of every part of you and like you are amped on life, then this one is for you.

I grew up going to an all-girls summer camp.  It was truly the best – we would swim, kayak, canoe, have a lot of laughs, sing, go weeks without washing our hair, and otherwise just have the best time.

Because of this, I had this idea of doing an adult version of camp with the same fun activities, but where we also do things like intention setting ceremonies, soundbaths, and circles.

Basically, camp with a side of spirit.

The story of how these came to be…

I LOVE Woodfield, which is why I hosted my retreat there last year.  However, for a while they weren’t planning on hosting private retreats anymore, so I was scrambling to find a new place to host Muskoka Magic and had no luck.

Then in January, I kept feeling nudged to reach out to a friend I lost touch with who worked for Woodfield.  I e-mailed him, and then later that day I was on my way to a pop-up class in random warehouse when I ran into him.

He let me know that Woodfield had just decided to host private retreats again, using all the proceeds to pay for families with kids with terminal illnesses to attend in the off-season, and that I could have the first pick of any weekend available. Done.

Then, I had been simmering on this Camp Goddess idea for over a year when my new friend Hannah approached me after Circle in February and asked if I had ever considered doing an event or retreat at a camp.

“Um, yes, actually.  I have! I had been looking for the right camp this week but nothing has felt right yet.”

“I just spoke with a friend of mine today who owns a camp…”

As it turned out, her friend who owns the camp is a woman who I used to hang out with when we were both living in Australia over a decade ago! She lived with a friend of mine, and so whenever I would go and visit Sydney, I would stay with them.

We had lost touch but the universe now brought us back together for this!

I really hope that you and your friends join us!