BE more and DO less

One of the biggest themes I've been seeing lately with coaching clients is a need to BE more and DO less.

 Sometimes you don't have clarity yet because the Universe just wants you to be right now.

 Being over doing. This is the new flow over hustle. This is the feminine, balanced approach to growth and development.

Are you a "doer"?

 I'm going to invite you this week to try "being."  Being means - doing nothing. It means stillness. It means appreciating, with gratitude, all that is good in your life.  It means doing the things that light you up simply because they light you up. It means practicing being okay with being still.

Because here's the thing - often we think that we are only worthy if we "do."

We think that we will only be successful or receive success if we "do."

We think that we will only be loveable if we "do" - but we are loveable simply because we are alive.

Let that sink in for a moment - you are worthy simply because you are alive, here on earth, in this moment.

 You don't need to "do" anything to be loveable, gorgeous, successful, incredible and worthy of all of the things that you desire - you already are.

 The trees aren't freaking out if they are worthy of having leaves.  The flowers aren't hustling to get more sun. Everything in nature is fully provided for because that's the way that the universe works.

 Tonight I want to invite you to create more SPACE in your week this week.  I want you to take the pressure off yourself. I want you to create more space to just "be" and not "do."  I want you to do less.

 It might be harder than it seems, but you've got this.  In that space, you will get radical, crystal clear clarity on the action you need to take.  Then you will know, will certainty, that that is the exact next thing you need to do.

Your self reflection Sunday question is simply - "how can I BE more this week and DO less?"


Love you - you deserve it all!