Full Moon in Aries - What Limits you from Creating Healthy Habits?

It's that time of the month - the time of the full moon.  This one is in Aries.  Back on April 15, 2018, we were working on themes of new beginnings.  Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, and carries with it a fire starter energy of getting up and DOING the THING.

Aries boldly moves forward through its fears, creates and implements healthy habits, and loves to implement new ideas and projects. 

As a result, back in April we were looking at what new version of our life we wanted to build.  What would it look like? What healthy habits were going to support us in our new life? 

And now here we are now on the other side - the culmination of what those seeds have become.  While some of you might be seeing a lot of success and beauty in your life, I've actually noticed a theme  right now of people feeling overwhelmed, agitated, or frustrated by getting hooked by their self-sabotaging habits. 

You know why this happens?

In order to step into a new life or a new way of being, we need to clearly be shown where we still hold ourselves back, where fear still keeps us stuck, or where we self-sewer ourselves through pushing whatever our chosen "stop button" is.  The "stop button" we push to avoid our feelings instead of sitting with them (I hear about the same ones all the time - usually it looks like bingeing of some sort - on food, or a series, or drinking...or any combination of the above). 

You find yourself caught in an old pattern or habit and you're like - "really?! This again?!" 

This full moon is potent in that its illuminating for us some of our deepest core vulnerabilities and fears, and the habits or tendencies we have that limit us from stepping to the fullest expression of ourselves.

Instead of beating yourself up, try looking at what's been shaking down in your life with a new lens.

How do some of your limiting habits continually stop you from creating new, healthier ones?  Where does the ego still puncture you with all of its fears once your inner wisdom has gifted you with a new amazing idea? Where to you continue to unnecessarily push yourself instead of letting things flow?

The process of growth calls us to feel our fears and limitations, witness them, and then choose love - and choose to forge ahead anyway.  

It's not easy, but you can do it!!!!