Why you're so tired right now - Eclipses/Full Moons/Retrograde

I know that I said more videos will be coming to help you create a plan to align with your soul's path, but with all this intense universal energy, I thought it would serve you more to share some insight on this instead.

Firstly, don't panic.

Those of you with Aquarius in your chart may be feeling this placement a little more intensely. Either way, for those of you who always follow along with the prompts I give, this moon coincides with the work we were doing back in February on deepening our self-love and radical self-acceptance.

In terms of what's up in the sky, think of all of these energies coming together as one big lightening bolt that's just casually going directly through you.

Whoa!! Its uncomfortable, exhausting, and can make us feel super sensitive and frustrated.

For my energetically sensitive people, you may literally feel like you're being low-key electrocuted. Otherwise, this current may have left you feeling totally exhausted.

Either way, its a massive influx of light, and its making everyone feel really tired because we are energetic beings and we are basically being upgraded with a new voltage, you know?

On the other side of this, with that voltage - all that new light - what do you want to create? I promise you that once you integrate what's happening right now, you will have greater feelings of love, bliss and joy to put your desire into motion.

In the meantime, what's being shown to you is where you still self-sabotage.

I love speaking about how we all have an inner mean girl/gremlin/sabteuuuer - she's so annoying. She constantly trips us up, gets us out of alignment, snaps when we wished we hadn't, or tells us we aren't good enough or should be doing more.

She reacts based on a series of patterns as old as time - and by time, I mean your childhood. What do you still do when you feel overwhelmed/stressed/uncomfortable that's no longer serving you?

Where is she still in the driver's seat in your life?

This full moon/eclipse/retrograde smackdown is giving you an opportunity to see where that sneaky saboteeuuuurr is still running amuck.

While as a coach and teacher I can help others to see where she's still stepping in, you have to do the work once you've seen where she holds you back to actually understand where that pattern came from, and then actively choose a new action. #dothework

Choose again. Choose gentleness over struggle.

Understand where those patterns came from. How cool to know yourself so well, and to realize its just a habitual pattern that can be unwound.

You got this. Rest. Drink water. Meditate.

Lots of love,


P.S. It's my great honour to help guide you on your path. If you feel a nudge for one on one programs (if you start August/September you'll be finishing December - February which is perfect), you can book in for a discovery call here: https://catieappointments.as.me/