Why I'm leaving my lawyer life...

I am leaving my law practice! It’s been such a long time coming and I’m so excited to now share with you more of my journey!
Over the next week I’ll be releasing some videos to help you gain clarity about how to connect with your inner voice/soul, figure out where it’s leading you, and how to get on your path to get there. 
I’ve often shared that back in 2013, I had a spiritual smackdown that led to a number of massive shifts in my life that you can read more about here or see here.
Soon after that happened, I got a vision in meditation.  I was speaking, teaching groups about how to connect with their soul and the universe, running retreats and helping others one on one on their journeys.  
It was clear to me from the beginning that while I loved being a lawyer, my soul was leading me in a new direction and I was going to have to surrender to it.

I had a pretty deep internal struggle with this – it was a classic mind over heart situation, that actually took a long time for me to process and work through. 
The primary issue with the vision was that I had no idea how I was going to get there and I was the type of person that loved clearly defined steps.  

In law, you just go to school, get the grades, pass the bar exam and get a job.  This was going to be different.  It seemed so far off and there was no clear blueprint how to get there.
I was so keen to make it happen, and remember asking the universe how I was going to do so and the answer was: “you need to do the work.”
"Ummm - Noted.”
I see now that I could never teach unless I was deeply rooted in my own practices, and had enough to teach based on having actually experienced it.

I spent that first year diving deep into myself, meditating, unravelling my mind to come back into my heart, and reading every book on spirituality and all things soul - this has only continued.   
Not knowing a clear road of how to get to where I wanted to go, I decided that I would just listen to my intuition and take the next right step as it was time.
Starting in 2014, this is what I did.  I began by teaching and sharing about the benefits of meditation.  This led to people opening up to me about their journeys, which led to a coaching practice.  Later I created the Circle community, started speaking publicly about my journey, and leading retreats.

Each step and offering built off the other, and each new opportunity only came when I was ready to handle and hold space for it (although its easier to see that now looking back - I had to learn to let go of timelines). 
I always said I would leave my law practice when I felt complete in it, and when my business was busy enough that I could no longer sustain doing both.  This happened, and now here we are.

So many of you are on your own journeys, and I am so excited to have more time to help support you in the best way I can, whether its working together one on one, coming on a retreat or to Circle, or using the tools and self-reflection questions I'll continue to post now that I have more time and space. 

Stay tuned for a video later this week on getting clear on your vision, followed by a video on how to balance surrender with inspired action to make it happen.

Remember, anything you want for yourself in your life is possible. 

Sunday self-reflection questions before. 

Lots of love,


P.S. Journey to the Heart Retreat has sold out!!! We may have one spot, so if you are still on the fence but considering it let me know as we're trying to see if we can reserve another villa. 

P.P.S.  This means that my next retreat with availability is Costa Rica February 18 - 23, 2019 with Samara of @mindfulnessmatters.  More details to come :)