Three Powerful Questions to Keep Self-Care on Track

Summer has come in HOT.  Seriously.  And Summer also comes with an onslaught of experiences, commitments, and distractions. 

In flowing with the waves of these experiences, commitments and distractions, we can sometimes get lost in what we really want, or to stick with our self-care practices amongst the storm of activity. 

As a further shake up, we also have a powerful Mars retrograde right now coupled with two eclipses this month that are creating really potent healing energy for us right now.  Delays, frustrations, and run-ins with the past and past versions of you are common right now.  

It's the type of energy where the universe is really testing us - "girl, I know you 'did the work', but did you do it sufficiently enough so that you're actually ready to leave your job? Are you actually ready to see your ex and not be triggered by it? Are you actually ready to go to a wedding and be present and take care of yourself?" 

Here are three powerful questions to ask yourself each morning to ensure that you stay on track, aligned with your soul, and keep living from that gorgeous heart of yours:

  • How do I want to feel today?
  • What do I need most right now?
  • What can I do today to feel the way I want to feel?

Using these three questions is a daily practice of mine, but ensuring I stick to checking in in this way is particularly necessary as my energy ebbs and flows with the flurry of activity this summer and the big changes about to unfold in my life.  Try it!