How to beat Summer FOMO (fear of missing out)

Summer brings about this flurry of activity, and with the endless scrolling of other people’s feeds, or interacting in endless conversations at weddings or gatherings about what other people are up, you might be feeling a little bit of FOMO and comparison paralysis.

”My life is boring.”
“Why am I not there?”
“If I had gone, my life would seem less boring.”
“Gahhh – my life really is boring.”
“Why did they get to do that?”
“That looks way cooler than what I’m doing right now...”
Fear of missing out on… what, exactly?  Fear of missing out tends to centre around the belief that we are not tapped in enough, doing enough, or are enough  - period.  It also is the fantasy that "if only X... then I would be cooler..."
I’m here to remind you that you are enough and you don’t have to DO anything to be the radiant, beautiful goddess that you are.  Trust in your choices, and trust that you are always where you are meant to be. 
We fear that if we were only there, we would be complete, or cooler, or our life would otherwise be better. This fear also stems from thinking that by honouring what’s best for us, we are somehow depriving ourselves from something that would be more awesome. 
But FOMO is just another trick of the ego/your inner mean girl and so remember that it’s just a commentary on what IS, and isn’t real.  It's your job to acknowledge your inner mean girl but then tell her to buzz off.  
A quick fix for this is to get super present and to acknowledge all that is beautiful and great in that moment (gratitude FTW). Then, own the season you're in and why you are where you're at right now. 
There is a season for you to be out a lot and socializing, and there’s also a season for you to be more contemplative, reflective, and rooting down with your family. 
There’s a season to be travelling, and there’s a season to enjoying backyard BBQs at your home.
There’s a season to be enjoying your life with your friends, and there’s also a season for you to be cultivating new friendships while taking some space from friends you used to connect with.
There’s a season to be out doing all of the things, and there’s a season to be resting, chilling and taking it easy.
Whatever season you’re in right now – own it.