111, 222, 333... What Repeating Numbers Mean

Ever see the repeating numbers 111, 222, 333, 444, or just any combination of repeating numbers?

I know you have been because I've been getting a massive influx of messages on this subject and so wanted to address it. 

Quite simply, repeating numbers are signs from the universe/your spirit guides/angels that you are exactly where you are meant to be, and are trying to get you to pay attention and strengthen your connection with it/them.  

Be mindful of what you're thinking of when you see the numbers.  If you're in a negative mind state, the numbers would be a sign for you to shift your thoughts back to love.  If your thoughts are good and you're dreaming about something new that would be awesome, the repeating numbers are a sign from the universe that its a YES. 

Each number has a different vibration.  Doreen Virtue popularized the idea that different repeating numbers mean different things.  You can read more from her here.  However, my view is that they are just signs from the universe and your spirit guides to pay attention, trust the process, and to know that you are loving, guided and protected.

There's a line from a Course in Miracles that I love, which is "the presence of fear is a sure sign you are trusting in your own strength."

We are not alone in this journey.  You are so supported, so loved, and so divinely guided.  The more that you open up to the support and signs from the universe, the more that you'll be awake to the winks it continues to throw your way.  

Next time you see these repeating numbers repeat: "everything is working out in perfect timing.  I am completely taken care of." From there, reflect on what's happening - where are your thoughts? where are you? who's around? This will give you insight as to why the universe wanted to reach out to you at this point in time. 

If it's a seemingly innocuous time, like when you're driving or you see 111 on the streetcar, don't dismiss it! The magic IS in the tiny moments - those little moments day to day where we have the ability to shift our thoughts back to love and restore our perception to one of peace, openness and curiosity. 

If you have any further questions about this let me know!