Its Summer Solstice!!! Rituals and What it Means

It's summer solstice!!! I love this day.  This is officially the longest day of the year - we are infused with more sunlight than we will be all year.  Soak in the sweetness!

Nature is the wisest of the wise and we can take so many cues from her.  (and newsflash, if you forgot you are part of nature... ummm...totally normal, but just a reminder - you are inextricably linked to everything in the universe, including the animals, trees, flowers, sun and the moon). 

So let's think about it: the summer solstice is a day of pure LIGHT, so what do you think nature is trying to tell us? To celebrate! To shine brightly! To honour! To play! To love HARD.

This time also signifies our official transition into summer.  We are emerging out of spring, which was a period of birthing new ideas, beginning anew, and planting seeds of our dreams and desires.  We were stepping forward from the icy layers and gentle cocoon of winter's dark and shadowy months. 

Summertime is a time for manifestation.  Its the time for seeing the ripening of our ideas, witnessing them coming to fruition, and for enjoying the beauty that comes with appreciating the contrast between this time of light with the deep letting go, introspection, and shadow work that often comes in winter. 

If there is one tip for you right now it is to just ENJOY your life. Enjoy watching some of your dreams come true.  Enjoy the beauty around you.  Enjoy seeing the richness and abundance in your life. Let yourself laugh more.  Take off the mask and be a little more you. Celebrate your successes thus far this year. Honour your growth.  Bask in your beauty by doubling down on self-care and the things that make you feel gorgeous and loved.  

Your ritual / self-reflection and intention setting questions are below. 

Love you, you beautiful shining star!! 



Your Summer Solstice Ritual + Self Reflection Questions

1. Get yourself out into nature to enjoy all of the LIGHT that nature is coming in with right now. 
2. Buy or make yourself something that feels pleasurable and signifies "celebration" to you - ie: chocolate, prosecco, vegan ice cream, whateves.
3.  Acknowledge and write out all that you are most proud of yourself for doing so far this year.  What happened in the winter that you're now on the other side of and have released? Write about the courage you had in spring to start to step into your light a little more or take steps in the directions of your dreams.  Honour all that you are and where you're at on your journey right now. 
4.  Now indulge in your favourite treat and soak in the sweetness of your life!!! Celebrate YOU for being YOU. 
5.  Next, gather petals from flowers and put them in a big bowl of warm water.  You can also add some essential oils.
6. Think about your intention for the summer - how do you want to FEEL?  
7. Dip your hands into the warm water for a few minutes, closing your eyes, and saying "I honour my cycles of growth.  I release what is ready to be released.  I am open to receive the abundance of my life.  I celebrate myself.  I love myself."
8.  Now bring your hands on your heart or in prayer position and set your intention for the summer - again, how do you want to FEEL?
8.  Bring the water and dump it into the ground/soil and set your intention again, finishing it by saying "and so it is." 
9. Remind yourself you're a GD radiant warrior goddess queen. 

10. Want to get in touch with me??? Cool.  You can do that here. 

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