Let life crack you open

Let life crack you open.  Let yourself stay open even when you want to close. To shy away from vulnerability. To retract. 

Life is full of opportunities to close.  Someone says something we don't like and we want to ice them out.  Something doesn't go to plan and we choose to scrap the whole project.  We open ourselves to another and they reject us.  Someone takes advantage of us and we feel defeated. 

The challenge is to keep your heart open even when you want to close it.  To push through that moment where you want to shut down, and instead to breathe into it, feel into it, and stay open anyway. 

As you evolve and center more into the heart, it can truly feeling your heart is cracking open.  Let it crack open. 

I promise you that on the other side  of each cracking is an even greater experience of love, bliss, and abundance than you have touched before.

However, in the moment it can feel uncomfortable to stay open and in your heart through loss, rejection, change, and hurt, or to allow yourself to feel fully into how amazing life can be due to the fear that things will change... but stay open anyway.  

Many of you are going either going through big challenges, or enjoying big peaks of joy right now after having been put through the wringer earlier this year.  Wherever you're at, be in it completely.  Be alive and awake to whatever your experience is right now. 

For those of you in a wave of good, allow yourself to feel into just how incredible life can feel on the other side of your growth.  This is not a trick - you've earned it.  

For those of you in the smoke, see your challenge as a gift.  While it might not seem like it, this is the exact thing that you need to open you even more, and to transform you into the person you are becoming. 

When you are feeling tender or sensitive, be gentle with yourself.  Treat yourself like you would a little child.  Mother yourself.  Tell yourself everything is okay.  Wrap yourself in cozy blankets and make yourself tea like you would for any other little being.  

You are held by the universe.  You are safe.   You are on the precipice of magnificent change and growth.  

You will soon look back on this time and the radical transformation you will make -  and you will be absolutely blown away by all of your growth. You are right where you are meant to be. 

As always, I'm here to support you.  Often the women I work with are going through similar uncomfortable periods in life transitions, or are on the other side of massive growth and are now ready to integrate that experience and share their light with the world in a bigger and more powerful way.  You can book a Discovery call to chat about it here: https://catieappointments.as.me/