Your New 7 Year Cycle - Where Uranus is Moving and Why You Should Care

In second year University I put my hand up in a lecture room full of 200 other Political Science majors after the professor asked for examples of things that don't have a lot of proof but that you still believe in.  "Astrology." I said, dead-panned.  He looked at me, perplexed. "Astronomy?" "No. Astrology."... Crickets. Eye rolls.  My heart sunk.  I felt so sheepish. I abandoned my love of astrology for a long time after that until I rediscovered it a few years ago. 

While I know astrology can be a bit out there for some people, I'm all about providing you with the tools and insights that have helped me to become so jazzed about life and a manifesting queen. 

Why you should pay attention is because astrology has been an incredible tool for simply learning how to know yourself better, and, similar to the moon cycles, allows you to better understand the cycles and rhythms of your life.

This isn't about horoscopes and predicting the future.  Rather, it's about evaluating where you're at, where you're going, and the natural tools, gifts, or skills unique to you that might help you get there.

Remember, the same as flowers, you are not all the same, you are not meant to bloom all year, and you are not meant to stay the same.   

As this new cycle begins (technically it began May 15, 2018), you can take some time to reflect on this new you that you have become.  What does this new you want/desire/need? Dream a new dream for this YOU you have become.

Use the guiding questions below for you to reflect on where you want to be going in this new cycle. 



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What  are you changing or feeling called to change in terms of how  you support yourself financially?

What  aspect  of your  financial situation  do you feel you need  to be more organized, structured, or innovative with?

What new story about what it means to be financially secure, independent, and abundant are you ready to create?

 What  old story about your  self worth, self esteem,  wealth, work, or your financial  situation are you ready to release? Where did this story come from?

What do you really feel about people who make a lot of money? Are you ready to create a new story around it?

What does abundance mean to you?

What  might you  need to become more unapologetic about  in terms of your value, your worthy, your  work or your financial life?


How are you starting to see yourself and your life differently?

How  are you  experiencing  your identity  differently?

 What  old version or aspects of yourself are you ready to release or have outgrown?  

What would it mean to be unapologetically yourself?

In what way are you ready to step into yourself more fully, take up more space or become more yourself?

In what ways do you still play small?

What aspect of yourself or an interest of yours do you hide from others that you're ready to be more open about?


If your social connections have changed in the past year, what have these shifts shown you about yourself?

What aspect of yourself have you outgrown?

What area of your life or friendships do you need to break up with?

What are you secrets? Actually get honest and write out your secrets. 

What aspect of yourself, or what is normally hidden, is ready to come forward to be seen?

Where do you still put up a facade or a mask that "everything is good" when it's not?

What are you feeling called to learn more about yourself or others right now?

What aspects of spirituality or your soul are you feeling nudged to explore?


What type of community or social connections would be ideal for you?

How has your inner circle or community changed most recently? What does this tell you about yourself?

What are your lifelong or longstanding social issues that you feel ready to tackle?

What types of people do you need around you for you to feel most at ease, empowered and energized?

Who would be the most ideal person to work alongside? 

How can you make an impact in your community in the coming years?

How can you collaborate with your community to make an impact in the coming years?

Which people are truly inspiring you right now?


What shifts are you feeling in your professional life?

Are you ready for a career change?

What about your current job do you feel over?

What would be your most ideal job situation?

What are you feeling called to start getting loud, or stepping into the spotlight more about?

What are you most wanting to create in your professional life right now?

If you were really honest, what is your fear about your current professional situation?

What makes you anxious when it comes to your current job?

What would it look like for you to transition to a new career?

Would any aspect of yourself need to evolve in order for you to change careers or have the confidence to do so?


What ideas that you once held about yourself or your life are you breaking away from?

How is your relationship to spirituality changing?

What truth are you seeking? 

Where are you feeling called to travel in the next few years?

What are you feeling called to deepen your study in over the next few years?

Is there a journey that your heart is calling you to go on?

Are you feeling called to begin to share parts of your story in a more public way?


What would having strategic collaborations and partnerships open up for you in your life?

Who are you feeling called to collaborate with?

Do you have any fears around collaborating with others?

Do you believe that there is more than enough to go around, and that someone else's success does not take away from your own?

How are you being moved to partner in new ways in business or your finances?

What past hurt are you ready to understand, release, and let go of?

Is there someone or something that you are ready to forgive that you previously haven't?

What part of your life (wellness, sexuality, family, career) are you ready to do a deeper dive into?


What  new energy  is awakening  in your partnerships  or in regards to what  you are looking for in a  partnership?

How has what you need in a partner changed from before until now?

In order for you to shine as brightly as you can, what type of partner would you need?

What are the core feelings you are most desiring from your partner or future partner?

How would your career or life change if your partner was able to elevate, inspire and empower you?

Who  is helping  you to break  through old fears  around intimacy, exchanges,  and being vulnerable with others?

What fears do you have around showing someone your heart and who you really are? 

Who  in your  life is going  through a disruptive  time or creating turbulence  in the relationship? How can  you help yourself stay grounded  and connected to you no matter what  anyone else is going through?

Who are your most difficult relationships? How can you start to bring more compassion to these relationships?


How have you been exploring your creativity in the last few years?

How can you bring your creative gifts more into your work life?

How  can you  bring these  innovative gifts  into your work life?

How connected to your body do you feel?

Is there any health issue that has arisen or is arising?

How healthy do you feel?

How fit and strong do you feel?

Is there any aspect of your body that needs further healing?

How can you be more rebellious or take more chances in your current work life?

What new things are you innovating in your work life?

How can you start to incorporate technology more into your work life?

How can you start to incorporate technology into your wellness routine? 


What wants to be birthed from you right now?

If you could create anything right now, what would it be? This includes a new vision for your future!

How tapped into your sensual energy are you?

If you were to connect more to children and your family in the upcoming years, what would that look like?

How are you feeling called to express yourself creatively? 

How can you use your creative energy to share, in a disruptive way, aspects of yourself or your life? 

What type of legacy do you want to leave?


What  new awareness  is entering your  consciousness about  your role, relationship,  and function in  your family? Which  of these truths is the loudest  at the moment?  

What roles have you agreed to in your family that you're ready to release?

How will your family react when you let them know that you are going to take on a new role or relationship to them? 

Who is your chosen family? How can you strengthen this bond?

What support do you need from your closest friends and family?

How supported are you feeling by where you live?

If you were to make a move, what would that place look like? Where would it be?

Where do you picture yourself living, in an ideal scenario, that would allow you to flourish most?

What type of partner and family member do you want to be?

How do you want your friends and family to describe you? How can you ensure you are embodying this?

Do you want an unconventional relationship or family design? If so, what does this look like?

How is the structure of your family changing?

How is your home ready to change?


What are you ready to communicate on a much louder, more free way?

What are you now taking a stand for?  

What is your daily ritual or time for self-connection like? Could you increase its frequency or aspects of it?

Is there something about your daily plans or schedules that needs to change?

How are you adapting to the new changes to your schedules or plans?

How are you integrating the past few years of growth and freedom now that you are being called to stick to a schedule or root down more? 

Are you changing where you live? What aspect of your community is starting to alarm you?

Are you having any friction with members of your community? If so, why? What is this teaching you?

Are you taking enough time to ground yourself and your connection to your soul right now? 

How are your relationships with your siblings, close friends and family changing right now?

Are there new rituals you want to start to incorporate into your day to keep you happy and connected to your soul and in a s

Are you ready for a change to your closest sibling-like relationships? 

If you want more soul-sisters or brothers, what are the traits they would have? What would you do together?